Museum Blogging

Tomorrow evening I’ll be blogging live from The American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Is there anything more nerdy I can do with my life?


You’d go if you were invited to a sneak preview of this super fabulous exhibit, wouldn’t you? 

Please tell me I’m not the only nerd in bloggersphere that actually likes going to museums.

Besides how can I pass up the chance to see the smallest mammal ever! 

I even get to interview a scientist.

Perhaps I should look up the definition of a mammal first…just kidding.  I will need an extra shot of caffeine so I don’t ask questions like “How exactly can that Ambulocetus pick his nose if his arms are that short?”

Well, if nothing else, I’ll have a dirty water dog straight from the cart outside the museum.  That will be a blog-worthy post in itself.

hot dog cart

Did I ever mention that I want to be a hot-dog vendor?


18 thoughts on “Museum Blogging

  1. misscaron

    I love museums … when visiting my friend in Chicago we had to spend the day at the Field Museum and I didn’t see it all and was so sad. I sure hope the Pirates exhibit isn’t gone by the time I get a chance to go back. I loved the pics of some of the exhibit you were able to visit … very cool.

    P.S. I love dirty water dogs …

  2. JanMary, N Ireland

    I like a wee dander/wander round a museum, but my dh has to study every single item, in great detail, and read every world written on the little signs. I usually get bored and find the cafe or the shop! I realize this may not be showing me off in the best light!

  3. robinaltman

    How fun! I can’t wait to read about it! I’m not even going to google what the smallest animal is. I’m going to wait till you tell me.

  4. KathyB!

    I think this is very cool! I love museums. I’m looking forward to your report… now the hot dog vendor-thing I’m not so sure about 🙂

  5. David

    It’s official… you’re a dork! But I must be one too because I can’t wait for your live blog! Do you eat sauerkraut on your hot dogs? What is a dirty water dog?

  6. TCKK

    No you are not the only one who would go. I would too. Now I have to ask. What is a dirty water dog? I assume it’s some type of hot dog, but what makes it a dirty water dog?

    1. thedomesticfringe Post author

      It’s a hot dog swimming in dirty water, hence the term ‘dirty water dog’.


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