Extreme Mammals

I’m blogging to you live at  The American Museum of Natural History.  A photographer with the museum just took my picture!

Holy Cow! I may be famous by the end of day.  I’ll be selling autographs tomorrow.

Lots of exciting stuff going on, but I can’t spend all my time blogging.  I’ve got important stuff to do like talk to scientists.  I just finished a nice little chat with Will a scientist from England.  He’s been in the states for 6 years and has worked on this exhibit for over a year. 

His specialty: walking upright

Finally something I can talk intelligently about.  I’ve been walking upright since I phased out of the crawling stage, approximately 33 million years ago.

I have scores of pictures.  Hopefully I get one good one. We’ll see.  I would download them now, but my technology is a little slow.  I’m sitting with my full monitor and personal PC on my lap.

Just kidding, but I really am archaic.  They may turn me into an exhibit of outdated technology.

I’m becoming fossilized as I write!

Can’t wait to get you the full story. You don’t want scientific details do you? 

Don’t worry, I’ve documented extreme mating behaviors.  I’m zoning in on the interesting stuff.

I’ll have tickets to give away.  Are you psyched?

So much to come.



5 thoughts on “Extreme Mammals

  1. robinaltman

    You’re so funny! I love it! I wish I could follow you around as you blog at the museum. It’s so hilarious!

  2. David

    I can’t wait to read the full version and I hope there will be plenty of pictures! I’m a little concerned about the documented extreme mating behaviors, though.


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