Extreme Museum Exhibit


If you live in New York or are planning a visit to the city, you really should spend a day at the American Museum of Natural History.  Going to museums is a nerdy New York thing to do.


Upon entry into the museum you are greeted by two extra-large dinosaurs.  They bring you a newspaper and a pair of slippers after begging you to play a game of fetch.

Just kidding. You have seen Night at The Museum, haven’t you?

The American Museum of Natural History boasts approximately 85% real bones.  That means only about 15% of the bones in this entire museum are casts.  That’s incredible considering this museum has more bones than Kentucky Fried Chicken’s kitchen.

These are not actual bones anymore, because they’ve mineralized.  The bones basically turned to stone and weigh a ton.  The weight makes these displays even more amazing.


The museum’s employee’s are excellent.  They are waiting to answer your questions and point you towards your favorite exhibit. 

One brand new exhibit you must see is Extreme Mammals.  This exhibit opens on Saturday, May 16th and boasts the largest, smallest, and most extreme mammals known to man.

Indricotherium - Giant Animal

Indricotherium - Giant Animal

You walk in, under, and around this bad boy!  This is the largest mammal, but I know you really want to see the smallest.  Don’t you?

Batodonoides - Smallest Mammal

Batodonoides - Smallest Mammal

This little guy is seriously amazing.  He’s about the size of my thumb nail.  It’s unbelievable.


Take a look at all these horned animal skulls.  FringeMan just wishes he  could have put a few of these in the freezer.

There’s too much to share in just one post.  I promise to tell you more.  After all, I can’t forget about those extreme mating behaviors!

We are also going to have a little contest.  Details to come later, but be thinking about an ‘extreme pet’ post. We’ll utilize Mr. Linky and have a great big give-away.


13 thoughts on “Extreme Museum Exhibit

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  3. Erin

    I’m not so much into the science thing but to think that 85% of those bones are real…and really really old (understatement) is fricken unbelievable. Hard to get the mind around that.

    The height on that brontasaurus (?) is incredible.

  4. robinaltman

    I love the itty bitty mouse guy! He’s so cute! I want one! I could carry him around in my pocket all day to keep me company.

  5. David

    That giant mammal looks sort of like a rhino. It must be the largest ever land mammal, but we must give the Blue Whale it’s props!

    You said the exhibit opens today, but you were there yesterday. Did your blog fame earn you a sneak preview? I probably should get your autograph now before you get too famous!

    Looking forward to your other posts about the museum.

  6. EagleGirl

    Actually, I looked it up, and that “smallest mammal” threw up some red flags in my suspicious brain:
    1) It was just a fragment, the jaws and a few teeth.
    2) It is so tiny they need some super-duper microscope to see the “detail.”

    And the real deal breaker:
    3) Even with the difficulties seeing it, there was evidence it was a juvenile! How can they know how big it would get? (For example, a kangaroo joey starts out the size of a jelly bean!)

    How can they get away with such nonsense? As Jim Cramer on Mad Money likes to say:



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