Extreme Mating Behaviors in Mammals

Because I’m sensitive to what my readers want to know, I’ve spent the day in the American Museum of Natural History accumulating scientific facts about dinosaurs, extreme mammals, and ancient cultures.  After reading through my notes, editing my pictures, and researching mammals, I threw out all my research except for the one piece of information you’ll care about.

Today I give you the extreme mating behavior of mammals. 

Now I’ve been informed that some of you practice extreme mating on a daily basis.  I won’t mention any names, but you can review comments on THIS post.

Even on your best day, I doubt you can compete with the Shaw’s jird.  Read for yourself.


It must be love. 

That’s all I’ve got to say on this subject.

I’ve been to this museum many times as a child.  Growing up in New York afforded me the privilege of field trips to great museums, the Statue of Liberty, and other landmarks many only dream of visiting.  I never appreciated those experiences.  I bored of bones, was grossed out by a stranger spitting in my hair, and tired of walking.

Revisiting  this museum as an adult, I can appreciate all the effort, research, and work that goes into producing scientifically accurate exhibits.


Meet William Harcourt-Smith.  He’s a scientist from England who has been working in the Department of Vertebrate Paleontology at AMNH.

His specialty is walking upright, a very rare trait in mammals and one I am lucky enough to possess.


Finally a subject I was able to speak intelligently about.  I’ve been walking upright since I phased out of the crawling stage, approximately 33 million years ago.

Truth be told, I hold an unpopular view of mankind and our origins.  I believe in intelligent design and more specifically in creation.  If you are interested in facts on this topic, a few good websites to visit are as follows:




I admit that I was way out of my league on this visit to the Museum.  I’m sure I revealed my low IQ and third grade understanding of mammals after about 25 seconds of conversation; however, Will (Don’t you like how I’m on first-name basis with a scientist?) was very gracious and took the time to explain the many years of research that goes into creating a display for this exhibit.

Ellesmere Island Diorama

Ellesmere Island Diorama

Every detail, including the lighting, is researched and accurately depicted.

I have a new appreciation for our amazing world and our amazing creator.

If you have kids, you may want to visit this interactive page.

Has anyone been to the American Museum of Natural History?

Have you at least seen Night At The Museum? 

I encourage everyone to share their thoughts on museums, mating mammals, evolution vs. creation, or the weather.


When all else fails, we can all comment on the weather, can’t we?

Did I mention that FringeKid got to be part of a photo shoot?  Now she thinks she’s the next top model.


78 thoughts on “Extreme Mating Behaviors in Mammals

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  2. Merryheart

    Well, I’m back to this post again after a few days. I had other things to do, apparently.

    But I wanted to add that I did watch Bobxxx’s video. Actually, I devour all that evolution stuff when I see it. It is so clear to me what hogwash it is, that I get a kick out of it.

    Most evolutionist’s have been brainwashed as I was when I was a child. They haven’t learned to think. In fact, the schools have been structured to prevent independent thought. Oh yes, I’ve researched that too. The evolutionists should try a few books from Critical Thinking Company. It would help get them out of the box they’re in.

    So, of course, having nothing of real substance to support their theory, they resort to name calling and bullying as others have noted.

    Praying for Bobxxx.


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  4. Sue

    Just found your blog and wandering through it…very entertaining!
    On the subject of extreme mating….keep an eye out for the Nat Geo program on the Tazmanian Devil. I am an extreme animal lover..love them all…but when I saw this program…I found the first animal that I can truly say had not one single redeeming quality….and the sickest mating habits ever. Horrible horrible creatures. Watch it if you can…you will want to turn off the TV but YOU WON”T because you won’t believe what you are seeing!!! UGH! LOL Peaked your interest???

  5. Amy Locurto

    Wow. I’m shocked at all the name calling. All of this from a family museum trip. LOL! You sure go on some wild trips with the kids:-)

    I enjoyed reading your replies Fringe Girl. I’ve got your back!

  6. darcy

    You know, Bob, if you weren’t such an ass maybe people would consider your perspective, or at least hear you out.

    You don’t get to show up on someone else’s blog space, throw insults, and expect respect.

    You’re acting like a bully. No one respects a foot-stomping, name-calling, insulting, condescending ass.

    So, if you’d like to intelligently prove your point, I dare you to try… without using any bad words or condescension. Just facts.

  7. DJ

    Fringegirl, I love your mom…. 🙂
    I, too, have seen “Expelled”. It is also available on DVD, now.
    The thrust of the film is the repression of beliefs in post-secondary institutions where ID profs were “let go” for various “reasons”…

    Love & Laughter,

    Isaiah 40:31

  8. Chrissy

    Hey Tricia,
    You silly girl. You knew this would happen 🙂 Or, maybe you didn’t think any liberals read your blog? Well, the truth will make you free people. I don’t argue this subject anymore. Anyone who puts their faith in the same science that said the world was flat for generations, well….God always proves right in the end.

  9. Dawn W

    Geez… and to think that I expected most comments would be about extreme mating behaviors in mammals! Ha!

    To bobxxxx I’ll say what I tell my children: When you resort to nasty name calling, you are exposing the limit of your vocabulary and the depth of your intelligence.

    But what do I know? I’m one of those brainwashed Christ followers who holds a degree from a Christian university.

  10. KathyB!

    Wow! These comments are a great read, that’s for sure. I could spend all day here following the links… You certainly sparked a lively debate with your post!

    I’m glad that most everyone can have an intelligent discussion and keep their emotions in check.

  11. Evergreen


    You must not be too sure of yourself or your theories if you have to resort to name-calling and insults.

    1. Clark Kent II

      Agreed. Bobxxx, people can only be consumed with so much hatred. We hope somebody in your life shows you the love of Christ to help temper that anger. You are in our prayers.


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