It’s Raining Diet Coke

It’s pouring this morning and the rain seems to have washed away any thoughts worthy of writing; however, that won’t stop me from posting.

I’m becoming addicted to caffeine free diet coke.  I need intervention!  This scares me because I have a family history of this addiction in the form of an aunt whose body only knows two liquids – diet coke and coffee.    She pours diet coke into her Mr. Coffee machine and makes a deadly brew.

Aunt Pat - Diet Coke runs through her viens

Aunt Pat - Diet Coke runs through her viens

Not really, but I bet the thought has crossed her mind.

This diet coke addiction got started because my tap water gives me heartburn.  I know, sounds like I need more than intervention.  Are they performing brain transplants yet?

Anyway, I think they treat the water with something that gives me heartburn.  It’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I need to buy bottled water.

Do you realize that when you don’t drink caffeine for long periods of time, like years, you can use it as a drug?

Seriously caffeine is amazing stuff!  When you drink it everyday, you become immune to its’ effects; however, when your body is desensitized to caffeine, it’s amazing stuff.  If you’re a decaf person and you happen to be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic all way through NYC and into Connecticut, drink a medium sized regular iced-coffee.


That’s what happened to me!

After guzzling half a cup, I was literally bouncing in my seat.  My mouth ran with words like Niagra Falls runs with water.  My heart was racing like I just ran three miles!

Please tell me that my metabolism was working like I just ran three miles.

I don’t care if it’s not true, just tell me anyway.

I think I like caffeine too much.  FringeMan doesn’t like when I drink caffeine.  He would rather I had slept all the way to Connecticut.  I tried to tell him that he’s lucky I communicate with him.

Filled with drama I said, “Imagine if you were stuck in a marriage where your wife never talked to you.”

“Could we try it?” He hopefully asked.

If he’s not careful, I will start drinking caffeine everytime I get in the car with him.

Enjoy your weekend people!  I hope the sun shines.


20 thoughts on “It’s Raining Diet Coke

  1. Jessica

    if Diet Coke is an addiction perhaps you and I can be roommates at the rehab. I am horrible. I never drink water. I rarely drink anything else however. I’m not into coffee thank God.

  2. Tabitha (From Single to Married)

    that’s so true – you get immune to it after a while of drinking it regularly. I used to drink sodas all the time and gradually moved up to having Red Bulls regularly. I finally scared myself though with the fast heart beats and the crazy energy so I stopped drinking them. Now I don’t drink sodas at all. 🙂 I do miss them though…

  3. Erin

    I hate to break this to you but that diet pop is really bad for you. There are all sorts of ailments associated with it, although not a one comes to mind.

  4. Carissa

    Caffeine high road trips… love it…!

    As for the heartburn inducing water… um?? Just this side of crazy… but if you say so? :0)

  5. caprik

    I know what you mean. I was completely off caffeine in the child bearing years and when I would get a hold of a caffeinated diet Coke after? Oh my WORD! I was like Zippy the chimp!!!

  6. diana/sunshine

    i’m addicted to regular diet coke… but i don’t think it’s because of the caffeine. i just love the taste. but i know i’m getting a lot of caffeine. it’s like you said, my body is immune to it by now.

    and it’s gotta be diet coke. not that pepsi stuff =)

  7. Mom

    Oh Tricia, on caffeine or off caffeine, your words still spill out like the water tumbling down Niagra Falls!
    You were born with too many words and a mandate to use a certain amount of words daily. Thank goodness you started blogging—what a great way to spend the leftovers!

  8. Mel

    hahaha!!! I can only imagine if you don’t drink caffeine then do so…

    me only coffee and sweet tea run through my veins mostly coffee though…

  9. Hat Chick

    I drink high-test, fully leaded everything…..coke, coffee, sweet tea (though I limit myself to one coke per day. don’t ask on the coffee). I gave up Coke for Lent once. Coming down off the caffeine was like being in withdrawal. I had headaches that wouldn’t quit. It was a long 40 days….but my skin never looked better after drinking water most of the time.

  10. Soliloquy

    Mmm, Diet Coke. I knew I loved you!

    I’m still waiting for the Diet Coke IV drip. I can’t wait to push my IV pole around!

    Sounds like you don’t need to be anywhere NEAR a pole if you’re caffeinated though.

    Then again…. hubby might just listen to what you have to say!

  11. PJ Hornberger

    We were addicted to diet cokes/caffine free. My husband could drink 3 and still want another one. A friend read something about the diet part makes you crave more because of the sweet taste, but you’re not getting any sugar. Or something like that. Sooo, we went cold turkey, R had problems. He was craving them! But being diabetic, there’s not much left except water and tea, and some more water, and veggie juice… And we found out the sweetner gave me migraines… I’ve got more medical problems, but I hear someone snoring…. 🙂

  12. Jo@Mylestones

    I went cold turkey–no caffeine for 6 months–and broke the fast with a double shot mocha. Oh. MY. WORD! I was whirling around like a cartoon character in super fast speed. It really is a wonder drug when used occasionally. Too bad I’m again immune to the effects.
    And Fringeman asking, “Can we try it?” Uh oh. Treading on thin ice!

  13. Evergreen

    Your metabolism was working as if you ran 3 miles.

    Just to make JohnBoy happy, I’m going to start sending you coupons for soda, or maybe just soda itself. hee hee hee

    You do realize that I just can hear how fast you were talking while reading this. I’ve experienced the waterfall of words! =)

    Hope all is well with Jenn (above post).

  14. jenn

    OK, there was a really scary minute there where I thought, “Brew coffee in Diet Coke? Genius!” Then I read on and saw you were kidding. My name is Jenn, and I have a problem.


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