Recession End In Sight

The financial powers that be, whomever they may be, have announced that there is a green-backed light at the end of the tunnel.

Recession Ends By Year End

Since they proclaimed it, we believe it despite the fact that 8.6% of people are currently unemployed in the United States.

I guess they won’t find themselves doing any of the things on my “I’m so poor, I…” list, but I’ll share my list with you just incase the recession stretches a little longer than expected.

I’m so poor, I….

1.  rinse my cotton balls and hang them out to dry after removing my makeup.

2. beg my daughter to bring home her paper lunch bag so I can reuse it.  After she tells me it’s against the rules, I send a note to her environmentally friendly teacher telling her I’m starting a new recycling project and I NEED THAT PAPER BAG!

3.  use one scoop of iced-tea mix for every two quarts of water, making a drink that looks like I caught rain water from my rusty gutter.

4.  make every member of my family share one paper towel at dinner.

5. get excited when churches have pot-lucks.  I eat out of their pot and use my luck to hope nobody notices that I came empty handed and walked out with the leftovers.

6.  borrow a tank of gas from my neighbor’s lawnmower.

7.  convince my children that every kid only gets one Skittle per serving.

8.  ask the produce man if a bunch of grapes can be broken up into smaller quantities.

9. get 4 slices of ham at the deli counter, one for each sandwich.

10.  pay my taxes with rolls of pennies.

11.  fashion new school shoes out of duck-tape.

12.  go to Burger King to watch cable TV.

13.  go to Barnes & Noble to read books and mark the page so I can finish the next day.

14. discover 143 ways to make Ramen noodles.

15.  water down skim milk.

16.  think going ‘out to eat’ includes the warehouse store’s sample table.

17.  use public restrooms in order to save money on toilet paper.

18.  go to the mall just to look for dropped change.

19.  think the Salvation Army Thrift store is expensive.

You fill in number 20.  Go ahead!

You’re so poor, you…


18 thoughts on “Recession End In Sight

  1. Laura

    I love Hat Chick’s.
    Love the post!
    I’m so poor I save the McDonald’s paper cup for soda so I can be so sly and reuse it every time I go.

  2. robinaltman

    I ride my bike everywhere. OK. You caught me. It’s just cause I like it. But I save gas money!

    Hat Chick – Good one!!!! 🙂

  3. Jill

    Great post! I’m so poor I turn my clothes inside out and wear them two days in a row to save on laundry soap.
    I’m so poor I save the dinner scraps for our next meal and let the dog lick the plate.

  4. Mom

    Oh no! # 16 is sounding a lot like your grandparents.
    I am so poor…I am using the hair I gather from the two malamutes to stuff pillows!

  5. Russ

    My garden just may be my survival garden. I planted 3 blueberry and one fig bush. Snap Peas. Should have 3 lbs of raspberries this year.

  6. Debbie York

    We’re so poor we’re hoping to get the hotdogs
    out of layaway by July 4th.
    I’m so poor I stay in my pajamas all day to save one cleaning bills.
    I’m so poor, if steamboats were a dime a dozen, all I could do would be to run up and down the bank saying, “Ain’t that cheap?”!
    You got cotton balls? Aren’t you Mrs. Gottrocks living high on the hog…we use lint!
    BTW, I really do buy only a few grapes at the grocers. I just put what I need in another bag!

  7. Cher

    I’m so poor I’m thinking of doing what Grandma called “side to middling”. You cut the worn out sheets down the middle, then sew the finished edges together, leaving the raw edges to each side. Hem the raw edges and you’ve now “side to middled”!

    And we think WE have tough times!

    The Texas Woman

  8. Evergreen

    HA HA HA!!! Can’t think of an “I’m so poor….” but you got that paper bag thing from me, didn’t you??? I went a whole school year using the same brown paper bag. That thing had more holes in it than strainer…..

  9. Kara-Noel

    I’ve been busy with my Godson’s 1st bday party planning so I haven’t been doing my daily blog reading. Send me the link to your skirt post and I’ll add it to my post. I’m going to put that post in a linky monday.

  10. Mike S

    I’m so poor….
    I took half of my 7 yo nephew’s tiny kid’s meal frosty dessert during lunch today at Wendy’s! I ate it out of one of those cardboard ketchup cups.
    Saved at least 99 cents.
    Now I can afford dinner…..

  11. MissCaron

    I’m so poor … I have lost 10 lbs from my new “recession diet”. The way this is going I soon may weigh less than I did in high school. 😉


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