Summer Reading List

I’d like to put together a summer reading list.  It will appear as another static page and will have its’ own tab.  I figure that this will be a great reference guide for us when shopping on Amazon or running to the local bookstore.

Doesn’t everybody need a great book for the beach?

I do.

I’d like you help me put together a list of ‘must reads’ …pretty please.

In the comments section, leave the title of a book you’ve read and loved.  It would be helpful to also include the author’s name and the genre of the book.

I will compile a list from all the comments and add the “Summer Reading List” page as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for your participation!


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29 thoughts on “Summer Reading List

  1. Merryheart

    The Holy Bible, KJV.

    My DD, EagleGirl, told you many of my other faves.

    The Legends of the Guardian-King series by Karen Hancock seems to be little known, but awesome; it challenges you spiritually. And you might have to look up a word here and there. It’s Christian fantasy, but also includes some Christian romance. Not for young children due to some mature themes.

    Basket of Flowers by Lamplighter Pub is great for girls to women; it is a feudal era tale of a girl accused of stealing, where the penalty is death.
    Have tissues.

    Enoch Roden’s Training, also by Lamplighter, taught or reminded me of some important life lessons.

    The Lamplighter Rare Collector Series, which the last two are from, contains many excellent old books, republished in fine leather bindings; they are truly heirlooms. Some may be available from other publishers or in free ebooks. But Lamplighter also formats the books in a very reader friendly style, offering unobtrusive footnote definitions of obscure terms.

  2. Laura

    Nora’s Ark… only it’s a kid’s book and I can’t remember the author. I cried after I read it and then I read it to my kids the next day and shed yet another tear. There’s a great message.

  3. kmieks

    Redeeming Love is also one of my all-time favorites! I enjoyed John Ortberg’s book The Life You Always Wanted. Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen is another good one. The Shack was interesting and led to some fabulous discussions. Recently read Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall, true story, very gripping. I love the Yada Yada Prayer group series by Neta Jackson. Just a few…

  4. robinaltman

    Oh, how fun!!! I mostly read romances and science fiction/fantasy. Lately I’ve read, the True Blood series by Charlaine Harris (vampire romance), the Queen Betsy series by MaryJanice Davidson (really really funny vampire romance), The Mistborn Series by Brendon Sanderson (fantasy/adventure on a fictional world), and anything by Juliet Marillier (fantasy that takes place in the Celtic lands and has some history in it, but is mostly magical and romantic).

    Sigh. I love to read.

  5. TCKK

    Can’t wait to see the list!! Here are 2 books I’ve read probably at least 3 times each. I just loaned them to my sister-in-law to take to the beach next week.

    Both are by Lori Wick and would be Christian Fiction

    “Bamboo and Lace”

    Both are excellent. Then of course there is always “The Shack” by William Young.

  6. MissCaron

    I’ve waited soooo long to do this because I felt like I just couldn’t narrow it down to just one! So, I gave up and decided that I was going to post a few that I’ve read recently and you could choose for yourself which one you wanted … capiche? Awesome … here we go: Alas, Babylon; Dark Star Safari; Enemy Women; Summer Sisters; Jane Eyre; and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Now, those are by no means my favorites of all time … they’re just the ones I’ve most recently read and thought they were worth sharing. I’m about to read The Nanny Diaries which appeals to me mostly because I was a nanny before and I really want to re-read How To Win Friends And Influence People … not because I feel I need to but because I really want to read it again. It’s a great book. I can’t wait to see what you compile! 🙂

  7. Soliloquy

    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – some of the BEST verbage I’ve ever read.

    Gods and Kings series by Lynn Austin. Actually loved this as much if not MORE than Francine Rivers’ Mark of the Lion trilogy.

    Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea by Chelsea Handler. A little off color in places but Hi-Freakin-Larious.

    Can’t wait to read The Help that someone else recommended.

  8. diana/sunshine

    the first book that popped in my mind was redeeming love (francine rivers) and i, happily, see that it’s already been recommended =)

    our taste in books are so personal but if i were to recommend a couple, they would be…

    secret life of bees by sue monk kidd – especially if you haven’t seen the movie.
    bodysurfing by anita shreve
    twilight series by stephanie meyer

  9. jenn

    I just read a great one: “Still Alice” by Lisa Genova, about a woman with early-onset Alzheimer’s. Beautifully written.

  10. EagleGirl

    How is a summer reading list different from any other?

    Well, where do I start? I’ve got tons…

    The Lord of the Rings, by J. R. R. Tolkien (Epic Fantasy). A magnificent book, truly epic, but challenging. Adults should not read The Hobbit until after they read the trilogy; it’s written in a more juvenile style, but fills in some of the history of Tolkien’s world.
    The Chronicles of Narnia, by C. S. Lewis (Christian Allegory). Not just a children’s book, all ages can enjoy this masterpiece.
    Legends of the Guardian-King, by Karen Hancock (Christian Fantasy). A more recent series, this starts to rival LotR and Narnia. A magnificently crafted world takes shape before you as you delve into incredible adventures.
    Arena, by Karen Hancock (Christian Si-Fi). Karen Hancock’s first book, Arena sends you to a strange and alien world, yet it seems as vivid and alive as our own.
    The Sword of Lyric series, by Sharon Hinck (Christian Si-Fi). A typical mom gets transported into a strange and dangerous world.
    The Dragon Keeper series, by Donita K. Paul (Christian Fantasy). A world of dragons and magic lies within these pages.

    And anything by G. A. Henty: fabulous historical fiction; especially The Cat of Bubastis and Winning His Spurs (also known as The Boy Knight). The Young Carthaginian is also great, but it gets a bit mired on the details at the beginning. If you can push through that section, it’s great.

  11. Kim

    I just finished reading “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett last month. I really, really liked it. This is the writer’s first novel and I already look forward to future books by her.

  12. Lois Lane II

    I took one of Jodi Picoult’s books to the beach last summer…I think it was My Sister’s Keeper (the movie of the book is coming out later this summer, I believe), but my favorite of her books has been The Pact.

    Other favorites: Haddassah, One Night with the King (can’t remember the name) and the Circle trilogy by Ted Dekker.

  13. Ashley

    I would suggest:
    Sarah by Marek Halter

    The Scarlet Thread by Francine Rivers

    Safely Home by Randy Alcorn

    I cannot wait to see the finished list! I LOVE to read.


  14. Mel

    The J.D. Robb (nora roberts) Series, In Death the dynamic between the two main characters is astounding. There are many books in this series all of which are set in 2060 (it is not sci-fi though).

    The other summer series I would suggest is Janet Evanovich’s series with Stephanie Plum (a bounty hunter from Trenton NJ)…these books are laugh out loud funny. And one can relate to Stephanie.

    both of these groups of books are easy fun summer reading.

  15. caprik

    I have been lamenting, for a while now, that I have not read a great book in a long time. I will be taking notes on this post!

    As far as books I have loved in the past?
    The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers
    Angel Behind the Rocking Chair by Pam Vredevelt
    The Shiloh Legacy series by Bodie Thoene
    Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

  16. Mom

    I agree with Stoneface about Redeeming Love. Also, a great autobiography called If I Perish by Esther Ahn Kim published by Moody Press. It is about a young Korean Christian in the early 40’s who took a stand for Christ and denied the Japanese order to bow to their pagan shrines. She suffered years of imprisonment and torment in Japanese prisons. Through it all, she remained faithful to God and won many people to Christ. A great read as a reminder of how great our God is. Have a box of tissues handy.
    One more—Invitation to Solitude and Silence by Ruth Haley Barton published by IVP. This is a great book to learn how to regain your intimacy with God. Awesome. Be prepared to enter into a journey of spending time alone with God.
    Can’t wait to get the list and start reading!

  17. pilar stark

    Let me think……. my favorites that I read lately are…
    Married lovers married friends by Chapman (don´t think is neccesary but theme marriage)
    Lies that woman believe….. by Nancy DeMoss ( self help)
    The Five love languages by Chapman (marriage/relations)
    To Cross the Widest Ocean by Becky Martin (missionary/pastor´s wife life)
    A Woman After God´s heart (self help)

  18. Stonefox

    A book I’ve read more than once (saying a lot, there) is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. I guess it would be considered Christian romance, although I don’t like Christian romance! It is a wonderful story of redemption and a picture of what Christ does for us. Excellent read (but you’ll probably be bawling at the beach, so I don’t know about that….)

  19. Joye

    I can’t pick just one book right now–it would take hours and hours of painstaking elimination! ^_^ Sorry I’m of absolutely no help to you, but I do want to say that I just found your blog and I am l-o-v-i-n-g it!

  20. Chrissy

    SO, this isn’t easy. Picking one book? Well, I just can’t SO, I will list a few and you can choose. My friend Lauren has me reading the Pendergast series by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It starts with Relic, then Reliquary, The Cabinet of Curiosities and I’m on Still Life With Crows. The first 2 are okay, but Cabinet and now Still Life are really great. There is a little bit of language in these, but super easy and super fun reading. A deeper book, written in the style of classics and much more involved is The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Then, Terry Brooks books are great. I’m reading The Sword of Shannara trilogy now. OH, and a MUST MUST MUST read, I promise you will not be sorry, is Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games. That will not disappoint. Okay, I’ll stop now.



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