Pet Carnival & Contest

Chicken – The Original White Meat


To you, chickens may not seem like an extreme pet, but to me chickens were either on Old McDonald’s Farm or in the supermarket.

After living in Maine for a year, we purchased 10 baby chicks at a farm fair.  I begged, pleaded, and promised FringeMan I’d learn to cook edible food.  We kept them in our house under a heat lamp until they were old enough to brave the brisk fall weather and roam free in our yard.

Yup, I had chickens running across my porch and I loved them.  Chickens are smart.  They get a bad rap, but they know where they live and they abide by property lines.  They are better than the neighbor’s kids!

FringeMan, FringeBoy, and a Chicken

FringeMan, FringeBoy, and a Chicken

My son loved the chickens.  I would sit him in the stroller in the middle of our field and he’d watch the chickens for hours minutes.  They were great entertainment until one day, a rogue neighborhood, feather plucking dog attacked.  I looked out my living room window to find puffs of feathers scattered all over. 

The feathers weren’t pecking or cocka-doodle-dooing.

You can imagine my despair. 

A few went to rest in the great coop in the sky and we were able to nurse several back to health.  One chicken was beat up pretty badly and his friends weren’t giving him the sympathy he deserved.  In fact, they were pecking the life out of him.  Just like a chicken to turn on his brother when he’s down.

Nursing a Sick Chick





Nursing a Sick Chick

(I know there’s a lot of plaid in the above photo, but plaid is perfectly acceptable in Maine.)

Anyway, we had to separate the broken chicken from the pack flock, so we kept him in the shed.  Unfortunately for the UPS man, I forgot to tell him I had a sick chick in the shed.  The UPS man would my package in the shed when I wasn’t home. 

He had quite the surprise!  

The poor man spent a good 20 minutes chasing my chicken around the yard before getting him back in the shed.

I wish I could have seen it!

One Lucky Rooster

One Lucky Rooster

I don’t think he ever forgave me.  If you’re out there Mr. UPS man, I really am sorry for not warning you…really.

Can’t wait to see your ‘Extreme Pet’…just click on Mr. Linky and enter your name and post address.  Please use the specific URL and not the general URL for your blog.  Any question, shoot me an email – tricia9199 [at] yahoo [dot] com.  Please link back to this blog post and to the AMNH.

Who will be first?

The winner of this contest will receive 4 tickets to the American Museum of Natural Historyin New York City courtesy of AMNH.  Thank you AMNH for your generous donation!

This post will be available to view all weekend.  On Monday I will select 5 posts and you will vote for your favorite.  All are welcome to vote!  You don’t need to be a blogger to vote.

Thanks for playing.  I’ll be visiting your blog this weekend!

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20 thoughts on “Pet Carnival & Contest

  1. robinaltman

    Wait a sec! Did you eat your chickens? You did say you’d learn to cook edible food. Chickens are edible. At least when they’re in the supermarket covered in plastic wrap.

    You are so funny. I’d love to be a FringeFly on your wall.

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  4. Erin

    You have lived my dream! Seriously. I love chickens and the whole idea of living with them, well, erm, minus the work, is exciting. Well, and the poo.

    That poor poor delivery guy. That is hilarious!

  5. caprik

    Mrs. Schmenkman loves her chickens as well. I will send her your post, maybe she can hookup. I would think not many folks are raising a baby beaver!

    Alas, I have never had an extreme pet. Just cats and a dog. Oh and 1 dwarf hamster, that STUNK.

  6. Rachel

    This is definitely extreme!

    That was nice of the UPS man to put the chicken back in for you. Maybe our UPS men are just mean but I don’t think they’d do that.

  7. Debbie York

    Ok girlie, this was way too cute! Lovin’ the plaid…do I hear bagpipes?
    I didn’t get anything wrote but I still want to read the entries. When can I see them?

  8. aussiechic

    OMG they are too cute…..I love them….I am a complete sucker when it comes to animals of all kinds….my xtreme pet is my horse, Tee, The Wonder Horse, he is just the funniest and most wonderful horse….my little vegemite who is 8 mths old LOVES the horse barn….he has the best time there… I might have to go out and buy some chickens….. 🙂


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