Snow Falling on Friendships

While pregnant with my firstborn, my friend, Kristi P. gave birth to a tiny little girl.  Our children were 6 months apart and became fast friends.  Kristi P. and I were different and yet the same.  We pulled each other through the trenches of childbirth, diaper changes, and making memories.

We were poor friends, not in spirit or determination, but financially.  We both gave up our jobs to become stay at home moms.  Actually I didn’t give up my job willingly.  While I was laying on my couch counting the days until I could deliver and get off of bed rest, my company was taken over, management replaced, and my work from home position eliminated.  Because round-trip travel would mean 2 hours in the car each day on top of my ‘work’ time, I opted to stay home instead of enrolling my son in 10 hour daily daycare.

Kristi P. had a much better pre-child job than I.  She was a baker.  I was lucky she was my friend.

She could whip up a loaf of bread or a batch of cinnamon rolls in no time!  She was also a morning person.  You really need to be a morning person when you’re waking up before the sun to ‘make the donuts.’

Although you know I am NOT A MORNING PERSON, my son hadn’t realized his momma needed her beauty sleep.  So we would begin our playdates in the wee, sometimes dark hours of the morning.  When my phone rang at 6:30am, I knew it was Kristi P. and I prayed she had something rising on her counter.  Although short on money, there were two things we couldn’t do without – Butter and Half & Half.

We were girls who believed fat is good.  We would pool our dairy resources, sugar, coffee, and whatever would keep our kids happy.

As we hid in my kitchen sipping our coffee and melting our butter, our kids entertained themselves.  Kids are masters of messes, but we didn’t let that bother us.  There was no mess so great that we would need to give up our first cup of coffee.

Hannah, John, Pocorn 1

…until the day snow fell in my house.

Hannah, John, Popcorn 2

My reason for having a child-size box full of styrofoam peanuts is a story in itself…for another day.  My reason for an overflowing basket of laundry – a newborn.

We can use new babies as an excuse for not doing the laundry, can’t we?

Hannah, John, Pocorn 3

Do you realize that styrofoam peanuts never sweep up?

They stick to you like boogers stick to my son’s wall.  They follow you into every room in your house.  They sneak into the toybox, toilet, and trash.  They are with you for life.

Always check on your kids when they are quiet!

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22 thoughts on “Snow Falling on Friendships

  1. Sydney

    We called them ghost turds at my old job, cause they hid in the every nook and cranny, impossible to get them all up, and just when you think you have, you find another.

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  3. Amber

    First of all, I would LOVE to have a friend who was a baker. Yum.

    Second, yikes over the pictures. My kids once made a mess out of those things about a year ago and I’m STILL finding remnants of the styrofoam things around the house…

  4. Merryheart

    ROTFL! Those peanuts are such a bane! But in this case they at least gave Kristi, you and us a good laugh.

    Give me bubble wrap or air pillows. No more peanuts! Unless they’re the edible kind…


  5. Domestically Challenged

    Actually, I am afraid to check on the boys when they are quiet. I’d rather just hide in a closet till my hubby comes home and can check to see what they’ve done!
    I am not a morning person either, so I am feeling your pain!

  6. Debbie York

    Thank you for the smile and the laugh out loud haha! I needed it. Of course you know I will never be able to look at styrofoam peanuts in the same way now.

  7. Erin

    HA! I can imagine those early mornings shared. You know what, this is the first time ever that I’ve thought that sharing kids at a young age like that would be golden. I think I missed an opportunity but at least I got to enjoy your telling.

  8. robinaltman

    That sounds so fun! What a nice friend. One of my best friends is a hairdresser, and I thought thought that was awesome. But a baker. . . That’s hitting the friend jackpot.

  9. Jo@Mylestones

    So did the friendship with Kristi P. stick like styrofoam too? I would think that would have been quite the bonding experience (for the kids and for the moms…) 🙂

  10. Hat Chick

    You have to laugh, because the thought of finding foamy peanut parts for the next 42 years will surely make you cry. Good thinking by grabbing the camera…..


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