I’ve Been Picking!

100_3945Although there’s been a lot of rain in the Northeast and I fear we may skip summer altogether, the moment the drips slow down, we run outside determined to take advantage of each day.  The other day we went strawberry picking.  I’ve been apple picking, pumpkin picking, and raspberry picking, but never strawberry picking.


Strawberry picking is the best!  Probably because I L-O-V-E strawberries almost as much as I love french fries. 


I didn’t do anything special with these strawberries – no jam, shortcakes, or canning. 

We just ate them!

They were plump, juicy, red and oh, so delicious.


Although I ate everything in site while pregnant with FringeKid, the one food I actually craved was strawberries.  Since they weren’t in season for most of my pregnancy, I resorted to eating frozen strawberries.  I’d always keep a bag in the freezer and pop them like cold candy.


Guess who loves strawberries now?

What have you gone picking?

I don’t want to hear  “MY NOSE!”


15 thoughts on “I’ve Been Picking!

  1. Dani Joy

    I love picking! It´s hard work when you need them for jam but when it´s just for eatin´boy is it fun!
    We use to grow strawberries in upstate. then we resorted to picking on someone elses farm as they got so hard to keep up. My mom use to always make jam. I wish now I could go picking!.
    Pick some for me!

  2. Jen

    Those look amazing! I loved apple picking when we lived in Connecticut. So, so good. Today I picked chili peppers. Not near as exciting as strawberries!

  3. Erin

    We’re waiting on the strawberries. I still have some in the freezer from last year for jam so this year we’re just going to gluttony on the spot. For two weeks we’ll be stained and near puking with strawberries and somehow I can’t wait!

  4. Mom

    When the rain stopped for oh such a short time the other day, I went strawberry picking in the backyard! Uncle George has a great patch along his fence. I made some preserves out of it and used it for the filling in a jelly roll I baked last night.

  5. Debbie York

    Trish, that is Ralph Lauren Mayfield Common. You could probably just go to Home Depot, get a paint thingy(what are those little pieces of paper called?) and take it somewhere else and have it matched. I do have to say the RL is well worth the money. It only took two coats to get the coverage and I didn’t use a primer…I am so lazy! It’s been on the walls about six years and it wears like iron.

  6. Debbie York

    Howsa about my seat?
    Seriously, when we were kids, my mom and grandmother would load up the family and head to East Texas to pick strawberries. I swear those two women used every recipe ever invented on berries all summer long! Mmmm! Homemade strawberry jam…nothing like it!
    Lovin’ the nail polish. She’s becoming quite the little diva…where does she get that?

  7. TCKK

    I’ve picked all kinds of berries, but nothing much in recent years. However my daughter has a blackberry bush and it is loaded with berries this year. Can’t wait for them. We used to go out in the woods with my mom and pick blackberries and we’d always get chiggers. Nasty little things. They itch horrible. But since it’s just one bush by our house, no chiggers. We’ll get the joy without the itching!! Love strawberries, but I haven’t picked them in years either. I just buy them at the store. hahaha

  8. David

    I’ve mostly picked wild stuff… blackberries, persimmons, pears, pecans. Well, you don’t really pick pecans, you pick them up. I have picked peaches, but only from my own tree, not from an orchard. If Mindy goes peach picking, I hope she’ll take me with her!

    I love that first photo!

  9. caprik

    I went apple picking as a child and have picked cherry tomatoes in our back yard. That is the extent of my picking! Love to eat picked things though. NOT FROM NOSES!!!!

    Your kids are precious!

  10. Mindy

    How fun! I saw a recipe yesterday using a can of frozen lemonade and mixing it with strawberries in the blender. Sounded marvelous!

    I have picked blackberries, that I can recall. There is a peach picking farm up the road from my place, but I’ve never been. Might have to now!


  11. Jo@Mylestones

    Our strawberries are almost here….hoping to get out there soon! The only time my daughter will eat strawberries is when they are on the ground. On her plate, she refuses them. But when I say “no, that’s yucky”, she pops them in her mouth and smiles. 🙂


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