Sugar Overload


I usually try to limit my children’s sugar intake, but sometimes it’s nice to indulge.


I remind myself of this every time I binge on a bag of M&M’s.


I mean there are worse things in life than cotton candy, aren’t there?

I don’t like cotton candy myself.  I know, I’m a freak of nature.  FringeMan made me understand this already.  He claims every other person on the planet earth likes cotton candy except for me.


Now snow cones I like!


Who doesn’t like a snow cone or Italian ice?  There’s not much that is more refreshing on hot day.

So, do you allow your children to indulge every once in a while?  OR maybe sugar is a staple in your kid’s diet…pop rocks, fizzle sticks, and bubble gum anyone?


22 thoughts on “Sugar Overload

  1. Amy

    Oh, contraire… I think cotton candy is the freak of nature… It’s not solid, it’s not liquid, it sticks to everything. It’s just not natural!

  2. Dani Joy

    Well, I do once in a while let the boys have a sugar high. jeje but I can´t deal with them after wards.

    I found out something through, Nina that made me realize we have something in common. My Hubby and I went to college with Fringeman. I believe we were there at the same time.
    Gonna have to go look him up in the year books. LOL
    And you all live in my home state. 😉 (already knew that) but well, maybe we can hook up sometime?

  3. Domestically Challenged

    Mmmm, cotton candy! I love it. If you are a freak of nature, than so am I~ I do NOT care for ice cream. How odd is that?

    p.s-eroni- Corey and I can’t wait to hear the rest about the house. I showed him the pics and post!

  4. robinaltman

    Ack! They’re so cute!!!

    I fully approve of sugar. It’s way better than smoking crack. I couldn’t care less how much sugar my kids eat. It’s part of the fun of being a kid!

  5. Nina in Portugal

    Tell Fringeman that I am the one other person in the world that does NOT like Cotton Candy….makes me sick at my stomach to think about.

    Let ‘um have the cotton candy…you and I can share the m&m’s.

  6. Mindy

    I’m with you. I don’t like cotton candy. I guess if I’m going to indulge in sugar, I’d rather it were a snowcone, or a hot fudge sundae. Yum!!! ~Mindy

  7. Mel

    Cotton candy is icky…it makes my teeth itch (yes teeth can itch) just thinking about it, it is right up on my ick list with candied apples…

    i also limit sugar for my kidlets as well but occassionally i do splurge!!!!

    Spulrging is one of those mighty blessings!!!

  8. Debra Cripps

    I inherited my sugar love from my Mum and have dutifully passed on to my children. I have to say I do love cotton candy and m&ms. Really I love anything to do with sugar!

  9. David

    The redeaming quality of cotton candy is it’s mostly air. Of course, the rest is pure sugar. But the amount of sugar in it is probably not any worse for you than the amount of high fructose corn syrup in a 12 oz can of soda. (Which is actually scary bad for you.) I do enjoy an occasional cotton candy.

    I really love snow cones. But I prefer the shaved ice ones. Coconut is my favorite flavor… the blue kind. I agree that it’s nice to indulge sometimes.

  10. Rachel

    Everything is fine in moderation. Last night after dinner (in which my daughter ate all her roast, rice, and TWO servings of broccoli – yeah!) I let her have some ice cream and a handful of M&Ms for going on the potty.

    I’m just letting her enjoy it while she can. As long as she’s still eating good stuff (and lots of it) I have no problem with a little sugar.

    For some reason she doesn’t like cotton candy. I think it’s further proof she might not be my biological child. 🙂

  11. diana/sunshine

    in my book, it’s not normal to indulge every once in a while. so why wouldn’t you allow your kids to have that little pleasure? when you deprive yourself or them, you run the risk of over-indulgence.

    i don’t like cotton candy either, so you’re not the only one on the planet. i’m pretty sure i did when i was a kid, but somewhere along the line, i lost the taste for it. i’d rather have my sugar in the form of chocolate =)

    have a great weekend.

  12. Mama Belle

    Cotton candy rocks, but only the pink (so now maybe I’m the freak of nature). Snow cones also rock. Pink Lady is my favorite.

    How can you not indulge your kids? I think eating junk food and sweets is one of the pure joys of life as long as you don’t eat them every day.

    Some of my best memories as a child involve sweets.

  13. KathyB!

    I opt for the occasional indulgence. If you have it all the time then it’s not a treat, right?!

    I’ve definitely relaxeda little as they’ve gotten older, though.

  14. Debbie York

    Fresh cotton candy (not that icky stuff at the grocery store) and candy apples…with a face to match…there just isn’t anything better!
    I love snow cones and always wanted to open a stand. There was one in the small town where I grew up that opened on Memorial day and closed on Labor Day…Tish’s Delish. She was who I wanted to grow up to be when I was 7!
    Indulge by all means…there’s no one watching!

  15. caprik

    I bring ice cream into the house, but they have to get their sugar elsewhere! They don’t seem to have many sweet teeth. They are more of a chip crowd.

    Unfortunately, I have 8 or 9. I remember cotton candy! YUMMO!

  16. Jo@Mylestones

    Ok, this has nothing to do with sugar, but I LOVE Fringe Boy’s freckles!
    And yes-I totally let ’em indulge every now and then. Probably because I feel hypocritical if I don’t–seeing as I could easily polish off a bag of reeses cups in a day or two. (A BIG bag). 🙂


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