For the Love of Baseball…sorta

It was the seventh game of the world series, Yankees vs. Atlanta, and I was coerced into attending a new singles event by the pastor of my church.  He was hosting a night filled with fun, young people, and baseball.  If I could have talked my way out of this event, I would have, but politician’s and pastor’s have more than a handshake in common.  I couldn’t say no gracefully and I had to bring a dessert.


After returning empty of hand and heart from a five day bear hunt, FringeMan’s friend lured him into showering and dressing with the promise of “new” girls.  The pastor of this church knew what it took to corral a bunch of young men – women.  FringeMan went with a chip on his shoulder and a vow to steer clear of any skirts.

Although according to FringeMan, I had run into him several times prior to this fateful night, I only remember once.  He offered me a glass of 7-Up and I refused it.  I knew by the look in his eyes he had more than a cold beverage in mind and I was not thirsty.


Outnumbered by Yankees, FringeMan was the only Atlanta Braves fan in the house that night.  He was more obnoxious than a seventh grader and not wanting to be outdone, I soon found myself in a battle of wits and words.  I don’t remember much about the baseball game, except that I think it went into extra innings and the Yankees won.

By the time we made it to the desert table, FringeMan was thinking “She’s a good looking girl who brought good food.  What could be better?”  His words, not mine.

Unfortunately I begged my mother to bake me something tasty.  Had I known what was under the wrappings, I would have tossed it and gotten a box of donuts.  While eating through layers of cake, chocolate pudding, chopped toffee, and whipped cream, FringeMan commended me on my domestic prowess.  I silently cursed my mother’s attempt to marry me off with confectionery enticements, and with as much obnoxiousness as possible, I regaled him with tales of setting toaster oven’s on fire and burning bags of microwave pop-corn until they resembled scorched bricks.  I wasn’t there to find a date or husband, and I wasn’t about to start cooking.  In my mind domestication was something for 1950’s sitcoms and animals you wanted for pets.


I left that night thinking FringeMan was crazy and would get on my last nerve if I let him and I was not about to let him.  The pastor’s wife happened to be a friend of my mother’s.  They’d worked together at one time and unbeknownst to me, she called my mother the next day and told her to keep an eye on the two of us.  Apparently she had mistaken our relentless bickering for attraction.  Silly her.

To be continued next Monday.

This post is part of a Meetings, Marriages, and Memories carnival at Musings of a Future Pastor’s Wife.  For more stories of romance or to tell your own, go visit!


22 thoughts on “For the Love of Baseball…sorta

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  2. robinaltman

    Great story! I love your “anti-domestication” stance. How do we all get caught? It’s “I’m independent” one day, and buying toilet paper for the house the next.

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  4. Mama Belle

    Hmmm … interesting. I love the stories where God has plans for us that we would never consider ourselves. I can relate because I always steered clear of Beau. He was quite obnoxious, so I thought. Can’t wait to hear the rest.

  5. Wine & Words

    Bouncing around like a pin ball and wound up here. Enjoyed the post, and husband to be *giggle* has beautiful eyes! Confectionery Enticements…Love it! Great title for a book. I am an advocate for this type of beginning…the type where your heart does not start “all in” so you can know beyond foot forward.

  6. Mel

    You are not allowed to stop in the middle of a story and then tell me I have to wait a whole week, ahhhhhhh

    i can’t wait. You could always email me the rest I am not great at delayed gratification LOL

  7. Kristen

    This was too funny! And, I may just need the recipe to that cake your Mom made because it sounds downright delicious.

    Can’t wait until next week!

  8. Rachel

    This. is. great!!!! I am SO glad you are participating! I laughed my head off through this whole post, especially about your mom trying to marry you off with the dessert! Hilarious! I can’t wait to read more next week!


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