Workin’ Like A Man

I’ve been workin’ like a man.  I don’t mean any offense to women by that comment.  We all know that women NEVER stop working; however, I’ve been acting like Bob The Builder this week and I don’t much care for it.  My muscles are sore, my toe-polish is chipped, and I am speckled with paint.

FringeMan told me that I wasn’t being paid by the hour to paint so I should speed things up.  He also says that I have a Michelangelo complex and teased that Michelangelo painted the Sistene Chapel faster than I painted the second floor of our house.  Good things take time and the wordwork on the second floor took three coats of paints and 672 squats.  I can barely walk today.  I’m burning my late eighties ‘Legs of Steel’ video and getting a job as a painting contractor.  I’ll have better thighs than Kentucky Fried Chicken.

100_4176Please ignore the lumpiness of my bedroom walls.  They are much like my thighs before the 672 squats.  If we waited until we got every wall in our house smooth, we wouldn’t be able to move in until my children turned 48 and 50.  I’m really happy with this color.  It’s a Martha color called sand, an original name for a color that looks just like, um, sand.

100_4173FringeKid chose her own color which happens to be lemon twist.  You don’t even need the light from that single bulb hanging from the ceiling.  It’s daylight 24/7 when you paint with lemon twist.  The color card should come with a UV warning.

I think that light fixture may be original to the house which is well over 100 years old.  My nostalgic side gets a little sad to think that I’m going to remove it and replace it with a ceiling fan.  I would keep it, but FringeMan’s two greatest loves in life, aside from The Dairy Queen herself, are ceiling fans and recessed lights.  Every room gets them whether I like it or not.  I’ll just be happy when we get more outlets.  Each room has one light and one outlet.  No extravagance in the days of early electricity.  In fact, the living room doesn’t even have a light.

While taking a break from painting, I finally managed to muster enough courage to head down to the basement.  I’ve learned that unless a house was built after 1950, I don’t even want to see the basement.  This basement didn’t change my mind, but I was pleasantly surprised by a fabulous find.

A sink.  This is not just any sink, but an old and wonderful sink.

100_4180Isn’t she a gem?  I know you’re jealous.  She’s going to find herself a new home in my kitchen, get a faucet update, and a skirt.  I can’t wait.  This sink was well worth buying the house.  I realize she needs a good scrubbing and will probably need to be reglazed,  especially on the bottom of the sinks.  Anyone know to restore one of these old gals?

That’s it for today.  I need to put my feet up for an evening.  More tales to come, but tomorrow is FringeMan’s birthday, so I’m off to bake a Jello cake.  It’s his favorite.


23 thoughts on “Workin’ Like A Man

  1. Ashley

    I do love the sink!!!! What a treasure. We are in the exact same place. We have just begun painting ourselves. I also love the sand color!

    Painting . . . I do not know what is worse, removing wallpaper or painting ???????

    Happy Birthday Fringe Man!!

  2. Kathy

    Tricia!! I miss you…glad to see the house coming along and not eveything is white!! You should be very proud of your accomplishments!! Happy Birthday, Fringeman!!

  3. Debbie York

    After that workout the only thing jiggly will be the jello cake!
    Remember when I said I didn’t like the word squat? Now you know why!
    I painted Jenn’s room strawberry pink when she was little. Oh mylanta! It looked just like pepto bismol.
    Remind FM that ol’ Mickey only had to do the ceiling…you’ve got four walls and baseboards too!

  4. Nina in Portugal

    It’s coming along nicely! And that sink…isn’t she a beauty!! What a fantastic find…in your own basement no less…..

    (ok….beware of a stupid question……have you guys already moved upstate?)

    I MISS Jell-o!!

  5. David

    I just started a new exercise routine that includes lots of squats. So I feel your pain… literally. All the soreness is in my quads. Mindy said that when I’m doing squats, I need to think about my buns. I told her I thought that was her job.

    Congratulations on the sink find! I can’t wait to see pictures of the kitchen makeover!

  6. Capri Kel

    Loving everything I see so far!!!

    I hear you about every part of your body hurting. I have been up and down the step ladder, and squating, and reaching and bending so many times this week cleaning our house for the reunion that I am going to need a vacation to recover!!!! My back hurts!

  7. angie

    That sink is da bomb! (You could get a very old buffet and sink the sink in it. LOL) And that gorgeous light fixture? Maybe if you beg FM, he’ll rehang it for you in a little reading corner or writing nook?

    Y’all are doing fabulous work. Eventually your knees and muscles will forgive you. 🙂

  8. sbplus3

    Wow! What a great job!! Love the colors. That color is very soothing, we have a similar color in our upstairs. Love the yellow as well, its a very happy color. I can’t imagine how sore you are, hope you will be able to relax this weekend.

    “Man may work from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is NEVER done!”

  9. Rachel @ CalledtoGrow

    Aww, that Lemon Twist just brought back fond memories of the first kids bathroom we did. It was also yellow, and filled with Rubber Duckies.
    That sink IS a treasure! Kind of interesting a previous owner didn’t actually take it with them. Lucky girl!

  10. Rebekah

    The colors are great! And the sink? Man! Gorgeous! Tomorrow is my man’s b-day, too. So, I’m off to make blueberry cheesecake to celebrate his last year in his thirties.

  11. robinaltman

    That sink is really cool! I’m so impressed! I would look at it and say, “Duh.” That wouldn’t be very helpful, I know. I might say “duh” and then burp afterward. Still not that helpful, huh?

    Gorgeous colors in the rooms. You rock!

  12. Mindy

    Ok….let me know when the fixtures are all down and ready to ship. Take pics and we’ll work out details. Seriously.

    And the sink is amazing. Indeed, you are rocking, my beautiful legged friend!


  13. Georgie

    The sink looks like the ones in my ninth grade art classroom. Brings back interesting memories, that sink does. Memories of charcoal war paint, acrylic-ed shoes, chalked hands, and oil pastel mustaches. Good times.

  14. Janna Qualman

    Wow, I AM jealous of that sink! It is awesomely awesome.

    All’s been quiet on the Fringe, so I thought you must’ve been working. That, I am not so jealous of. But you’re doing great and deserve a break! Hang in there.


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