Summer Side Dish – Macaroni & Cottage Cheese


Have you noticed that I never post any normal recipes?  That’s why I don’t have a cooking blog.  If this were just a cooking blog, you’d only visit to make fun of me.

100_4155I just can’t help but post a recipe every now and then.  I like to eat!  I don’t necessarily like to cook, but it’s a means to the end and this is a family recipe.

FringeMan won’t eat it, look at it, or smell it.  He has that cottage cheese phobia/food intolerance I’ve mentioned before and these macaroni have cottage cheese.

100_4162I know that probably sounds gross to you and you are probably thinking that FringeMan has good reasons not to like my family’s recipes, but hear me out.

You start this recipe by cutting a pound of bacon into bite size pieces.  I know it’s getting better already.

100_4156Now you fry it up in a pan.  I’m that kind of woman.

I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let him forget he’s a man, because I’m a WOOOOOMAN.

I have faint and very distant memories of a commercial featuring that song.

Ok, I’m getting sidetracked.  Fry the bacon until almost crisp, chop one small/medium onion into fine pieces and throw it in the pan.  Cook till tender and bacon is crisp, because I L.O.V.E. crisp bacon.  Now drain half of the grease, but make sure you keep some in the pan for flavor.

Apparently this is not a low fat recipe, but people in my family tend to live far longer than necessary and don’t get hardened arteries; therefore, I’ve concluded that bacon is good for you.

100_4157Please ignore the crumbs on my stove.  I wasn’t planning on taking pictures while I was cooking, but then I remembered I have a blog and there are lots of people that would love to hate this recipe.

I forgot to tell you that before you begin cutting the bacon, you should put a large pot of water on to boil and let the pasta cook (according to the directions on the box) while the bacon is frying.  You can use any kind of small pasta you’d like.

I purchase pasta solely on looks and I happen to adore the little ruffles on Campanelle.  If you prefer elbows, go ahead and use those.  I’ve never been an elbow woman myself.

Recap:  You cooked the pasta and drained it. You fried the bacon, added onion, and removed some excess grease.  Now dump your drained pasta into the bacon and onions.

100_4159Add lots of salt & pepper to taste, unless you’re on a diet that limits salt.  If you can’t have salt, you’re missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures, especially if you’re a woman.

Now add your large container of cottage cheese.  I prefer the large curd.  If you’re going to eat it, you may as well be able to see it.

100_4163Mix thoroughly and serve.

[my daughter is hanging over my shoulder and pretending she’s barfing, sounds and all]

Although my children have been corrupted by FringeMan’s aversion to all good cheeses, this actually tastes good.  I promise!  I brought it to a BBQ the other day and all my neighbor’s loved it, even the children.

100_4165It’s perfect with hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, sausage, pork chops…whatever!

Easy and delicious…don’t listen to my daughter.

This post is linked to This Blessed Nest’s Picnic Party. Go visit for more great summer recipes!

This is free information for you.  I always thought ‘maccaroni’ was spelled with two c’s, but apparently they stopped spelling it that way in the 1600’s.  HUH?  Can I be that far behind society as a whole?  I guess I’m an old soul.


27 thoughts on “Summer Side Dish – Macaroni & Cottage Cheese

  1. Meg

    I grew up eating macaroni and cottage cheese but simplified comparatively. Boil pasta, put aside. Melt butter, add pasta, heat, stir in cottage cheese and heat til gooey. I am eating some RIGHT NOW =)

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  3. this blessed nest

    well, i love this idea.

    my kids are crazy for pasta & i’m always looking for new ways of adding protein to their meals. sounds great to me. i guess it helps that i love cottage cheese, too!

    thank you so much for coming & linking to the picnic party.
    hope you have a great day!

  4. jeannie

    it was fabulous! my kids are the most pickiest eaters in the world and they actually devoured this dish. thanks for leaving me with the leftovers b/c i served it to them again the next day. it was just as good the day after. what a concept: cottage cheese with bacon and pasta…go figure

  5. Karen

    Just curious…how would it taste without the cottage cheese? I probably would eat it with the cottage cheese, but I ‘m not going to make it just for me!

    We used to love that commercial….now you’ve got that jingle running through my head! What were they trying to sell? Wasn’t it perfume?

    1. Jenn

      It’s really good without the cottage cheese too with the onions and bacon (and let’s not forget the bacon fat!!).

  6. Mom

    Ahhh!!! Comfort food. Wish I had some tonight.
    Other than John, I can’t think of anyone who did not like this and I made this many times for family, company, church dinners and many Bible Studies!

  7. Lianne

    This looks heart-stopping GOOD! I wish we had that pretty pasta here. I’m not an elbow woman, either, but maybe the farfalle would work. If the kids don’t see me putting the cottage cheese in it, they might give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Jenn

    You know, I’ve been thinking about making this for a couple of weeks. Maybe this weekend after dad and I get back from NC. He won’t eat it though, so I’ll have to make a batch for Eddie and me!!!!

    Love the Campanelle pasta and there is another one that I love the shape of too, but I can’t think of the name right now. 😉

  9. David

    The recipe actually sounds good to me. I’m not a huge fan of cottage cheese, but if it’s in a good recipe, I’m ok with it.

    You always make me laugh, but this line had me rolling on the floor! …

    “If you can’t have salt, you’re missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures, especially if you’re a woman.”

    Especially if you’re a woman?! I sure hope Mindy doesn’t feel that way! Henceforth it is my personal goal to keep salt as low on her list of life’s greatest pleasures as humanly possible! 😉

  10. Dani Joy

    Oh I will have to try this. We don´t have cottage cheese but there is a cheese that is similar. For Nina, it´s called Queso Fresco here in Spain. I will have to write her.
    I think the dish looks very aaaa… well… let´s say it doesn´t have a very good paint to it as they say here. But I am sure it´s yummy!
    I love cheese and pasta!

  11. Jill

    Looks good. I’m going to have to lie to my family and hide the cottage cheese container in order to get them to eat it, though. Think I’ll try it this weekend.

  12. Debbie York

    I love cottage cheese and bacon, so it safe to say I would probably tear this up. I think I might throw some parsley on top just for looks…that’s a lotta white!

  13. Rachel @ CalledtoGrow

    I immediately had to come straight to the blog from Google Reader when I read the topic. I love pasta, and I love cottage cheese…put the two together, I’m liking the sound of it.
    I will have to give this one a go before the diet begins next week…more like an eating habits overhaul, but whatever.
    And by pouring out 1/2 the bacon grease it is only 1/2 as bad for you, right?
    My brain is already shooting different directions to keep it tasty and make it healthy. 🙂


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