Break Time

I would like to say that I’m going on vacation.

I would like to say that I’ll be spending the next two weeks frying on the beach.

I would like to say that I’ll be jet skiing.

I would like to say that I’ll be sleeping till noon.

I would like to say that I’ll be on ‘Holiday’.

I would like like to say that I have a $5,000 Visa card to spend at shops of my choice.

Unfortunately I can’t say any of those things.

In case you’re wondering what I’ll be doing over the next two weeks, I’ll be painting, sanding, pulling out rugs, cleaning windows, mopping, painting, lifting 1/2 the couch, hauling boxes, packing, unpacking, cleaning, painting, moving furniture, making beds, doing laundry…did I say PAINTING?…painting.

I may pop in, but I may not.  I’ll miss you all of course, but I’ll return with lots of words, many stories, and a few pictures.


Enjoy the next two weeks as much as more than I will!


31 thoughts on “Break Time

  1. pjhornberger

    I can hear ya’ll working like crazy… makin’ me tired. 🙂 Just wanted to say “thanks” for putting wordpress in my head. Just love my new home. xo PJ

  2. Dani Joy

    Hope it all goes well! Knock out a wall for me or how bout those stairs. That´s the part of re modleing that I like. jeje.. but well, if I have to paint that´s cool too. Just don´t ask me to pick out colors I hyper ventilate.
    We will miss you!!!

  3. robinaltman

    Good luck with your new house venture!!! I bet you’ll find perverse fun in it.

    We’re going to the beach next week. We’ve never had a family beach vacation before. I fear you’ll have more fun painting your house.

  4. sara

    Oh my how I dread going home to the hundreds of boxes that still await me. However, I’m trying hard to stay in the moment and enjoy this down time while we can:)
    I’ll be thinking of you as you make this change:)

  5. Mindy

    Here’s a little mantra a friend shared with me when I moved into my new-to-me house. “Paint is cheap.” If you do it and don’t like it, do it again. If your body will let you…………Have fun! ~Mindy

  6. Debbie York

    Well, that would be my dream vacation! In fact, that is my usual vacation except we spend it working at Warrenton during Antique Fair week!
    I may be doing a disappearing act after Tuesday…big doings are coming around the corner with BIG news! I bet you can guess what!
    At least while you are doing all that painting, see if you can get a little on your toenails so you can say you were at the spa!

    1. thedomesticfringe Post author

      Jill, I’ll continue my love stories on Mondays as soon as I can. I think I just need two Mondays ‘off’…to paint.

    1. thedomesticfringe Post author

      Cher, I think I’d rather tear out the staircase than paint or stain the stairs. Just seems like it would be easier to climb a ladder everyday. I’m still thinking of a solution. It may be a postponed project.


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