Where in the World am I?

My address still says New York, but I don’t believe it for a second.  This town has too many nice people to be located in New York.  The lady at the paint store in town knows me by name!  I feel like I should hug her goodbye after getting my can of freshly mixed paint.  She even gave me her Pottery Barn catalog so I could steal ideas.

It’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks and I miss blogging like crazy, but I won’t have my internet connected until Monday….boo, hoo.  I’m going to try and cram a sampling of what’s been happening on the fringe.  I’ll do more indepth posts when I’m not stealing internet from the local coffee shop which is amazingly quaint.

First, I’ve inhaled so many paint fumes that I actually made myself nauseous one day, but the final finish is all I had hoped.  Actually, I’m not done with painting.  I really meant it when I said that I’ll be painting until Christmas.

These are the ever angelic FringeKids.  I caught them reading so quietly that I had to capture it on film.100_4248

We refer to this as the ‘The White Room.”  I know what you’re thinking, I’ve inhaled way too many paint fumes.  Two kids, a dog, and a husband who practically wears his boots to bed and I painted a floor white!

Yes, I’m crazy.  I also had some extra floor paint from painting the floors in my bedroom white.  I wish we could have saved the wood floors, but they were a mess and we tried, really we did.  We just decided that spending the next 8 months of our lives rescuing floors is not what we want to do.  Eventually we’ll cover this floor with new wood, but for now I’m enjoying the clean look. 


These are the floors in my bedroom and I LOVE them.

Now despite what you may think, I haven’t only been painting, but it has been a highlight for me.  Painting far surpasses hanging sheet-rock on the ceiling.  I thought my arms would fall off before FringeMan got those boards screwed into the ceiling.  I’m happy to report that I’m actually building muscles and burning fat, a bonus for me.

One of the  biggest blessings of my two weeks is that my house is literally a block and half away from the local hospital.  Now this may not seem like a selling point for a house, but when you have son like FringeBoy, it’s always good to live near medical professionals.


He was stung by a bee, had a horrible reaction, and got no less than a zillion shots.  He was brave and calm and we’ve offically changed his name to “Bee Boy”.

This photo was taken several hours after sitting in the hospital and when I finally had a calm thought, I pulled out my camera.  He immediately asked if I was going to blog about this incident. 



I promised him he’d get loads of sympathy comments. 

After he was doing much better, one of the young nurses hovering by his side asked if she could do anything else for him.  “A big bowl of macaroni and cheese would be nice!” Responded Bee Boy.  The doctor said he knew it was time to release him when he asked for my cell phone so he could play games.

Bee Boy is fine now.  He was on some meds for a week, but he’s good as new and we’ve invested in cases bee spray.  In fact, FringeMan almost poisoned himself with all the bee spray he used.

Thankfully Bee Boy managed to recover in time for the annual coaster car race in town.  He was determined to win and went into the race with a strategy in mind. 


All of his determination paid off, because he won first place!


I know this post has been chaotic and I’m sorry.  It’s just a sampling of my life.  I think I’m more tired than I’ve ever been in my life.  The shop vac has become an extension of my left arm and a paint roller an extension of my right.  I’ll have internet early next week, but until then I’ll be unpacking and working.  Hopefully that’s all!

Can’t wait to catch-up with all your lives and blogs.



34 thoughts on “Where in the World am I?

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  3. DJ

    Bless His Heaaaaaarrrrt !
    Sympathy AND congratulations are in order for that sweet young man! And all from one post!
    Fringe Girl, When you complete your house, will you come and renovate mine?
    Hugs & Admiration, Kid!

  4. Jenn

    Glad to see you are on your way back to Blog World, you’ve been greatly missed. Relieved that Bee Boy is doing better and proving it by winning!! Congratulations and I think his T-shirt is hilarious!!!!!

    The Floor looks really cool and your house is going to be better than anything in Pottery Barn, so worries there!!!

    Enjoy Friendly NY and hopefully, I’ll see you soon!!!

  5. Mindy

    I am so happy with your fresh walls and floors. Yes. I like the painted floors. When wood can’t be refurbished to it’s natural beauty, I am alll over painting it.

    Whew! I’m glad Bee Boy is ok! AND he won 1st place. The boy is making himself a reputation in the new town. Love it!

    I miss you and like hearing from you. Congrats on progress! ~Mindy

  6. sbplus3

    Hey!! So glad to see you sneak in a post here! Glad things are going well and that Bee Boy is doing fine. Ryan has hives about once a year and it is really scary. He plumps up and we have to pump him w/ Benadryl. That’s what I thought it was when I saw him in bed. Good luck as you proceed to beautify your house! Looks great so far!

  7. diana/sunshine

    you have been busy. poor bee boy. had he ever been stung by a bee before? will this always be a concern now?

    loved hearing snippets of what’s going on. life is random… so is our blogs =)

  8. KathyB!

    How absolutely frightening! I am so glad to here he recovered fully. Poor fringe/bee boy!!! Bee stings can really cause some terrible problems.

    And congrats to him on his win!

  9. caprik

    That was a pitiful pose for poor Bee Boy! Glad he is feeling better!

    Can’t wait to go on a tour of the FringeHome! You’ve got mad skillz!

  10. Janna Qualman

    FG, look at that house! You are doing such a stellar job. And I love the floors! They’re going to gather so much character as that white paint wears off.

    Poor Bee Boy. I hope he wasn’t too miserable. 😦

  11. Janet

    Awwwww! Poor, poor Bee-boy… SO glad he’s recovered and how about that First place finish. Wow – I am so impressed!

    Love the floors…

    Welcome back to the blogging!

  12. Debra Cripps

    Glad you’re back. Poor little Bee Boy, glad he’s ok.
    Your house is looking great and can’t wait to see more! Take care

  13. sara

    Glad you are back.
    We just rolled back into town after our 6 week whirlwind tour and now begins the eternal unpacking and sorting and unpacking and sorting and unpacking…….
    You get the picture.
    And we added a puppy.
    Of course we did.

  14. Amber

    Welcome back friend!! I love the white floors. :o) And poor bee boy. I know how painful hives are. 😦

    Anywhoo I can’t wait to see what you do in the white room.

  15. David

    Wow! FringeBoy… errr, I mean…. BeeBoy sure had a bad reaction to that sting. Did the doctor by any chance prescribe you an emergency epinephrine autoinjector to keep on hand in case it happens again? Tough kid you’ve got there!

    The house is looking good!

  16. robinaltman

    The house looks great! Poor little Bee Boy! I’m so glad you like your new community. The kids look really comfortable and happy.

  17. pjhornberger

    So glad that cute kid is OK. Scary stuff. And sister hanging out to make sure he’s OK. Her hero. 🙂
    I’m loving those white floors. Somebody should of told me to paint mine white! duh…. They’ll look even better when they get some wear on ’em. Lookin’ good! Nothing like a new home. xo PJ

  18. Pam

    Tell Bee Boy I am glad he had a swift recovery from his harrowing experience, and Congrats on the big win! BTW I LOVE the white floors.

  19. Mel

    First I am so glad Bee boy/fringe boy is fine, how completely well terrifying!!! Your house is looking beautiful and you have been missed!! Congrats on winning 1st prize bee boy.

  20. Debbie York

    Girl, you are HOME! You may not realize it, but you manage to cram so many visuals into this post that I could smell, taste and feel Small Town, America at its finest. You may end up with Popeye arms, but your family is going to be so happy.
    BTW, I love the white floors. Did you put some kind of sealer over the paint to help keep it looking so pretty? I cannot wait to see it all.
    P.S. You have really been missed. I’ve been reduced to reading cereal boxes!


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