Inside Views

I know I promised you pictures today and I actually ran around the house with my camera, but most of the pictures came out terribly.  I’m talking blurry.  The kind of blurry that tricks your mind into thinking you’re seasick and I’m not serving Dramamine tonight, so I’ll spare you.

For those of you who don’t know me in ‘real’ life, I’ll never be able to give you a picture of a complete room because it takes me forever to complete a room.  Sometimes I wish I had the wallet to was the kind of person that walked into a furniture showroom and just ordered a pre-assembled room, decorated by a designer who knew what she/he was doing.

Unfortunately I tend to collect mismatched pieces of junk that I end up painting and am convinced any designer on HGTV would love to have in their collection.  My rooms may lack cohesive style when I’m done, but I usually have a story to tell about every piece of furniture, so I think it distracts guests from remembering the junk store designs.

Today I give you FringeBoy’s room.

100_4296This is the one room that I said I wasn’t going to paint and it’s probably the most complete room in the house.  The prior blue on the walls would have really clashed with not only the vintage Star Wars drapes I bought on Ebay a few years ago, but also with the gold and green linoleum we unearthed on his floor.

100_4307So I painted the room gray.  I also took pity on the kid and covered as much of that forty year-old linoleum as possible.  I ended up creating two rug areas out of black foam interlocking blocks that I purchased at a tool store.  They were selling them as garage mats, but I thought it would make a cheap industrial looking rug.

100_4303We managed to pluck that toy box from the trash last week and I intend to give it a coat of black paint.  Notice the disarray of his bed.  It always looks like that.  He NEVER makes his bed and I can think of at least 4 million other things to do before I’d climb up there and make it for him.

100_4299To add a bit of a modern industrial feel to the room, FringeMan has rewired the entire room with that exposed metal tubing.  I actually love the look.  While I was painting, my son asked if we’d also paint the ceiling gray.  I hesitated only for a moment and rolled right over the white line I was sweating to keep straight.  It was a good call on the kid’s part, because it looks great.  I feared a dungeon affect, but the ceilings are super high and he gets lots of natural light in the room, so it worked.

The modern art is an original FringeBoy creation.

100_4305You’re loving that floor, aren’t you?

Guess what…I’ve got an even better one.

100_4224Surely I deserve to win some sort of room makeover with a floor like that!

Please feel free to enter me in all home remodeling contests.

And so I leave you with a question, because I’m curious.

Do you make your bed everyday?


26 thoughts on “Inside Views

  1. nannykim

    Hi–wow , I just could not believe the floors!! Amazing!! I wonder where in the world those have come from?? As far as making the bed–YES YES YES. My beds are a sinch to make and I can’t stand the messy , cluttered feeling it gives to have it/them unmade. I kind of do what says to do. When I am about to get out of bed (my hubby usually is out of bed first), I pull the covers up. Then when I am out of the bed it takes about 15 seconds to straighten and another 3 secs to throw the pillows on—-I like a relatively clean looking room (and if the bed is unmade it looks a mess and jars on me!)

  2. Rachel @ CalledtoGrow

    You may find this hard to believe but I (we) do make our bed every day…and even better so do the children. First Born occasionally does Tooties for her when he is feeling like a great big brother, which isn’t as often as she would like. 🙂
    His room look great! It is totally “boy” and I especially love the skateboard hanging on the bed. What a great way to use that space. I can think of a zillion things First Born would find to hang. The wiring is also AWESOME! Way to go!

  3. robinaltman

    I never make my bed. Yet, whenever I do, I think to myself, “This looks so nice. I should do this all the time!” Then I don’t again.

    I love FringeBoy’s room! It’s adorable! The gray looks awesome! He looks like a happy camper in there!

  4. David

    Great job on FringeBoy’s room! Very interesting idea of using the flex conduit and exposed metal junction boxes for the electrical! I like the look.

    I do not make my bed everyday. I used to. I’m not sure exactly when I stopped or why. I guess it just seems like a pointless task because most days I’m the only one who goes in my bedroom. Closing the bedroom door is a so much faster solution!

  5. Hat Chick

    You had me at Vintage Star Wars Curtains…..

    ….Those floors are very scary.

    Make my bed? Not everyday properly with the fancy pillows and all, but I at least throw the covers up straight and hide the real pillow with the shams.

  6. Kim

    Yep, LOVE to have my bed made every single day. I have always felt that even if there was some clutter in the rest of the room, it looked somewhat “clean” if the bed is made.

  7. The Texas Woman

    Fringelad does look thrilled with the whole take-your-picture business! But I do like his room. My boys had the Star Wars everything. In fact, one still has his cover buried away in his apartment somewhere. I make the bed when the sheets are changed and I hate doing it because I have to flatten my bed to do so. Luckily, my bed has a memory button on it to flex it up into my favorite sleeping position. Hubby sleeps flat as a pancake, which is why we have extra long twin beds pushed together in a king frame. Wow, that is all TMI!

  8. Jenn

    FringeBoy looks so thrilled in the pictures!!! The room looks good though. I love the that tall bed, it’s really cool!!! Love the grey!

    Actually, the linoleum in his room kind of looks like the linoleum that was on my sister’s bedroom floor growing up.

    Now, I may be operating about 15 degrees off center, but that last floor has a certain flair that I like…, I do not want to come up and get it. 😉 Maybe it is more hideous in person, don’t know. =)

    Can’t wait to see the rest!!!!

  9. caprik

    Very cute boy room! The toybox was a find! LOVE the “Star Wars” curtains.

    Honey works at night, so our bed is never made for the few hours we are both out of it. Besides, there are usually cats occupying it.

  10. jenn

    It would never have occurred to me to paint a little boy’s room gray, but it’s awesome. Genius! And the metal tubing wiring really completes the look.

  11. Jill

    You did a great job on his room! I make my bed when I can, but I leave early in the morning and usually my husband’s still in the bed. I tried making it with him still in it, but he didn’t appreciate my efforts.

  12. Lianne

    1. I thought the “Star Wars” curtains were Oscar statues or naked gold men. I need to go to sleep.

    2. That last floor made my eyeballs bleed.

    3. I almost NEVER make my bed. Only if I am expecting company does my bed get made. I think it’s a psychological thing that I am averse to having the pessimistic attitude that there is NO chance of me getting a nap. If I don’t make it up, that chance is still out there. Crazy, I know. And I never take naps. EVER.

  13. April

    Mama Belle and I are on the same page. Wow on the floors and the bed making. I don’t make the beds everyday unless there is company or I’m cleaning in there. In my current home, the bedrooms are all upstairs, while the living area, office, playroom, etc are downstairs and in the basement. There is no reason for anyone to see the unmade beds unless they are going to bed and they would have to unmake them. Even less motivation for me to make the beds, not that that was really an issue!

  14. TCKK

    I love his room. I can’t imagine any kid not liking that! Do I make my bed every day? Absolutely not! Every few months I’ll go about a week and make it every day then not again for a long time. We always made beds when I was growing up so it’s not my mom’s fault. But I worked shift work for the first several years of our marriage and it seemed one of us was always in the bed, so we just never got it made. Hubby doesn’t mind, so it just doesn’t happen. Guess what? My girls don’t either, but they’ll be able to blame their mom for starting them that way! hahaha

  15. Sarah D

    Great job on the room and I love the color! Very boyish! I love the carpet idea too!
    I don’t make my bed everyday. I don’t make the boys make their bed because I figure what is the use. They still take naps and so that is like 2 times they have to make it. What a waste of time. The only time we/they make their beds is if someone is coming over. I make our bed if I feel like it. I have bigger things to do than that. So there it is… true confession. :D)

  16. Mike s

    Nice room!
    Wow, I had those SAME curtains in my room in the early ’80s! We also had the sheet sets and comforters. As I recall, the curtains were a stiff burlap/canvas thing goin’ on….
    I like the room, like a cabin on a battleship. 🙂

  17. Debbie York

    If that floor could talk…oh my! I just read an article on painting linoleum floors and vinyl tile. It sounded super easy (and I am artsy challenged), but I’m going to give it a go in one of the bedrooms. I’ll let you know how it turns out.
    Please don’t think I’m super-geek or OCD, but yes…every day. I also don’t sit on the bed. I never made my kids do it because it’s my hangup, not theirs. I always loved the beds that were made up to look “unmade” with the covers turned back and a ton of pillows. I just couldn’t pull that look off, so I splurged a few years ago and bought Carolyn Westbrook Home bedding in black & white toile and my bed takes about 5 minute to make up.
    B-boy has a fun room and I bet he’s pleased as punch with it!

  18. Mama Belle

    First off … “WOW!” on that linoleum or “What the heck!” Not sure which one is more appropriate.

    I’m actually lovin’ the Star Wars curtains.

    And, making the bed … Never, unless we’re having company. I always thought making the bed was a dumb rule as a child and just have never grown out of it. You know the whole … it’ll only be a few hours and I’m going to have to unmake it again. When I’m cleaning, I’ll do it or like I said, company’s coming.


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