Too Much Color?

FringeKid is a magnet for clutter and color and her room reflects her personality. 


It’s cheery and bright and you just cannot help but smile when you enter; however, after being in there for a few minutes, you begin to suffer symptoms of sensory overload.


Most night I cannot even find her in her bed.  There’s so much junk in her bed that I have to pick through things to unearth my sleeping child.  I don’t mean just stuffed animals.  No, that would be almost normal.  She also has books, blocks, dolls, and tea sets floating between the sheets. 


She also jumbles at least three extra blankets in, on, and under her.  Heaven forbid I try to put one away.  You’d think I was tearing her away from a dear friend.  She pleads their case and tells me how special they are to her. 


FringeKid’s room is small, so we had to be creative with her stuff.  FringeMan mounted her little bookcase to the wall in order to save some floorspace.


I purchased these little hooks last year when I was in Georgia and they may be my favorite thing in her room.  She has a pink one mounted on the back of her other door.  I got smart this time and hung them low so she can reach them and actually hang stuff up herself.


This was a before shot.  We actually didn’t do much to her room except paint.  FringeMan did rewire the room, but other than that, we just moved her junk in and hung pictures.  Hers was an easy room.

I love easy.

I just asked FringeMan how often I make my bed.  He said “Once a day.”  I don’t make it everyday, but I guess I make it often enough for him to think I do. 😉


23 thoughts on “Too Much Color?

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  3. Rachel @ CalledtoGrow

    When you posted the room painted pic showing the bright yellow I wondered if we would see the end result. Yippee! It looks great. I love using yellow and accenting with pink or blue or lavender.
    What is it about “girl clutter?” It is so impossibly different that “boy clutter.” Every day I want to go in Tootie’s room and cull four or five things while she is gone to pre-school…:)

  4. Jenn

    Excellent!! Her room looks fantabulous!!!!! You are just waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too good at decorating!! You should start your own decorating TV show!!!

  5. Dani Joy

    ooooo bright and cheery!! love it!! So cute about the toys in bed! My boys take things to bed too.. mostly my youngest..he has to organize them all at the head of his bed every night now and if one thing gets out of place he flips. the funny quirks. Where do they get them?

  6. robinaltman

    Love the room, and FringeKid! I can really relate to FringeKid’s love of color. My room was pink and yellow when I was a kid! I loved it – even when I was a snotty teenager.

  7. TCKK

    I love this room and I don’t think it’s too much color! Most importantly if it makes her happy then that’s what matters! That’s okay about the junk in bed too, my girls are teenagers and they still use lots of blankets and covers and have other junk in the bed too. And I can’t even get to the bed over the piles of stuff on the floor. I figure that’s why God made doors. I can just close the door and not look at the mess. Makes for a lot more peace in our home. hahaha

  8. Pilar

    What a cute room!!! I don´t think there is too much color at all, I know my girls would love it!

    Thanks for sharing your finish rooms, I am enjoying the tour.

  9. jennifer

    What an adorable room!

    You have obviously been through a move. I’ve been out of touch lately so I am going to stroll around your blog and find out what’s going on with you.


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