Songs of Death

000_0015 b&wIn the beginning of the summer I started all these story series…my dream house, my love story, my sob story.  No, I don’t think I’ve gotten to my sob story yet.

100_0622 2 b&wI just can’t seem to finish those stories right now.  I’ve got too much going on and I can’t focus my thoughts in one direction.

Half my brain is getting things ready for school.  The other half is trying to decide what else I can cook for dinner in one electric pan since my kitchen is still ripped out.

100_0623 sepiaSo you’re stuck viewing these morbid pictures.  They are a creative attempt at customizing a CD jacket for some music FringeMan was working on a few years back.

They were killer songs.

100_0629 b$w

You see.  Even my attempts at humor are lame.

It’s obvious I’m no photographer, but this was a great cemetery.

…as far as cemetery’s go.

I don’t rank cemetery’s on a coolness scale or anything.  I’m not that weird.

100_0630 2 b@wThis just happened to be a popular place (among the living) near our home in Maine.  They actually photographed many a wedding in this cemetery.  I didn’t bother taking any pictures of the lovely gardens though.  No, that would be too normal.

We stuck to the really cool stones.

Now aren’t you glad you decided to visit the Fringe today?

I’m sorry people.  I really am.  Let’s all hope and pray tomorrow’s post will be better.

100_3942Since I didn’t want to leave him sitting on a grave, I stuck him back in the pulpit for this last picture.  FringeMan hates ties with the same passion he loves ice-cream.  He only wears them if it’s absolutely necessary.

We visited a church one night last week because FringeMan was a guest preacher and after the service, the kids and I were left in the lobby to kill some time.  The lights had already been turned off in the somewhat spooky sanctuary and FringeBoy stood at the doors, peered in, and said, “You know if a ghost showed up right now, it would be a Holy Ghost.”

Suddenly this post has me thinking of a Scooby-Doo episode and that’s not what I intended.  I’m shutting up now.


19 thoughts on “Songs of Death

  1. DJ

    Wow. I did not know Fringeman was a preacher. That explains a lot : my hubby is, too. 🙂

    (Sorry to be late catching on to things.)

  2. KathyB!

    I think those pictures are captivating. I really stopped and looked at them.

    And is it wrong that I know exactly what Scooby Doo episode you’re thinking of?

  3. Dani Joy

    This post is to die for!!! hahaha I kill me!
    I have been meaning to write you back. I totally agree with you. I will write more. You and I have a lot in common!! (minus the sense of humor, I lack)

    So glad you didn´t leave Fringeman on the stone and put a picture of him preachin.

    Too funny about the Scooby Doo episode. “Scooby doo,Where are you?”

  4. TCKK

    I think the pictures are kinda neat. My hubby is a preacher too and he doesn’t wear suits or ties most of the time. He wears golf shirts in the summer and sweaters in the winter. Our people don’t seem to mind.

  5. Alyson (New England Living)

    So, are you saying I’m weird? Cause I think cemeteries are pretty cool. I post pictures of cemeteries on my blog all the time. One of my favorite things to do is to walk through a cemetery and read the inscriptions.

    I love those pics! Looks like a great place.

  6. Debra Cripps

    That is so funny! Up here in NB (next door to Maine) we love graveyards too. My wedding pics were taken in a graveyard, no lie! We must be kindred spirits!(giggle)

  7. robinaltman

    These pictures had me laughing out loud. I must be a real sicko. (I think it’s because I was all ready to feel really bad that FringeMan’s bandmate died, and then read that the pictures were for an album cover. I’m hoping it was laughter borne of relief, and not that I find graveyards funny.)


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