Flashback Fever

Holy 80’s flashback Batman!  Did you see those black and neon pink leggings?

CindyLauperI heard Cindy Lauper singing ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ as I walked through the halls of the elementary school this morning.

100_4372Ok, not really, but I wouldn’t have been a bit surprised if I had.

100_4375As a generation of parents, we’ve failed our children.  We forgot to teach them that 80’s fashion should NOT be repeated, reinvented, or reworn….EVER!

100_4374FringeBoy LOVES pictures!


I couldn’t help but laugh as a young teenage girl came strolling through the park the other day.  I was planted on a bench watching my daughter become ‘best friends’ with a girl she’d known for 2.7 minutes and watching my son run spazzy circles away from bees, when a girl in black and pink tights came walking by.  The tights were one things, but it was the denim mini-skirt, long printed T-shirt, and thick belt that sent me back to the seventh grade.

What are designers thinking?


They are preying upon our youth before they’ve had time to develop good fashion sense!

My daughter spotted that dress from a half a football field away.  Wal-Mart sold my daughter on a outfit from my youth.  In a moment of sleepy daze, I almost put her hair in a side pony-tail this morning.

I fear our children will one day regret the belts, leggings, and zippered skinny jeans.  I’m just thankful my little girl is too young to ask for purple mascara.

I never wore purple mascara…or blue…or green.  No that would have been tacky.

Happy School Daze!


23 thoughts on “Flashback Fever

  1. robinaltman

    They’re so adorable! I am such a sucker for trends. I swore to myself last year that I would never wear leggings, but they have worn me down. I’m actually considering it this year. Just shoot me.

  2. KathyB!

    I almost hate to tell you that I noticed blue/green/purple mascara in Target yesterday. Let’s hope it’s in anticipation of Halloween and not a harbinger of things to come.

    And your kids are adorable! Those photos are screaming with their personality.

  3. David

    Great pictures! I love it! In those first two pictures, FringeKid has that “controlled smile” thing going on! Cute! And I like FringeBoy’s t-shirt!

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  5. Jenn Calling Home

    So far this season, I’ve seen clothing that reminded me of things I wore in the 70’s and the 80’s. And on a (slightly) related note, tonight a song came on the car radio that I’m sure my husband and I danced to in the 80’s. Wow, sure took me back!

  6. Jo@Mylestones

    Ahh, blue mascara. There is so much from the 80s that I have put behind me, tried to forget, hoping never to see it again (or even worse, to get tagged in a Facebook picture in which I display my 80s fashion).
    But this post? It brought it all back. Yikes!!

  7. Jenn

    Pardon me, Dear Cousin, but what exactly is wrong with purple or blue mascara?? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?? I happen to love purple mascara!!! No, I haven’t been wearing it lately, only because I would need to find it in waterproof.

    Maybe you should find pictures from the night at Nat’s house when we did the fashion show……

  8. jeannie

    who knew the ’80s were back….i should have saved all my clothes…recycled them to my daughter or better yet i could have made a killing on ebay.

  9. Becka

    I do remember the 80’s- my sister’s was teenagers in those days,the oldest did dress crazy,
    and some of it ran off on me in the early 90’s.

    I came over from Ms Ninas blog. (nice blog u have)

  10. Mindy

    If we can go the rest of my life without mongo shoulder pads coming back in, the rest of my life will be fashionably sane. I’m 5′ nothing. Shoulder pads are my enemy. Crazy. I did have a punk rock hair cut in the 80’s. I admit it.

    And I’m seeing those kids in skinny jeans and I keep thinking, “why?” Why? How can they think those pants are a good thing? Cuz, skinny jeans are NOT flattering! Not on any body type. They are bad. (Thank you for asking.)

    FringeBoy is crackin me up with the visible hatred of the camera. FringeGirl is a doll! ~Mindy

  11. Debbie York

    Think about it…give me a time period in the last 50 years when the trendy clothes actually looked good on anybody? In the 50’s the girls all looked like they were 22, 60’s teased hair, white eyeliner over black…really? 70’s…disco baby! 80’s, yeah the stock for Aqua Net really did go up in value. Who ever has it all together unless you go with the classics….and those only really look good on hangers!
    As Popeye said, “I yam what I yam”!
    I think your kids look darling…not too far out there. My g’daughter just got a tee that looks like one her daddy had back in the day when he was into Def Leopard(sp?)!

  12. Nina in Portugal

    I may do a tutorial on how to “peg your pants”.

    Kids these days need to know who the real rock stars are….US!

    I remember my mom writing down all the words to ……oh what was the name of that song…..oh…something like “play that funky music white boy….”

    It was re-done when I was a teen and she was overjoyed that I liked a song that she listened to as a kid. She knew ALL the words and wrote them down one night for me and I had them the next morning for school. She won the coolest Mom award that day.

  13. Alyson (New England Living)

    Oh, and I must also say that one thing you begin to realize as your daughter gets older is you just have to let them dress they want to (within limits, of course). Yes, they may think it’s ugly when they grow up and look back, but that’s what we did. We just have to let them find themselves, even if it does involve some heinous fashion. 🙂

  14. Alyson (New England Living)

    I was in 3rd and 4th grade when neon was all the rage. I remember having a neon green shirt that said “jump!”. Yeah, I was pretty cool. 😉

    I know all about this current trend all to well. I have a 7th grade daughter. She is sooooo into neon. She has paint splattered, bright belts. She wears painfully, bright orange tops. She has a neon pink fishnet, fingerless glove. It’s crazy! She loves to shop at Forever 21. You should walk into that store soon because you will have flashbacks galore. That place is totally 80’s. I think they even have Duran Duran t-shirts.

  15. Janna Qualman

    Happy First Day of School!

    My youngest (4, mind you) picked a hot pink tee-shirt dress (with leggings) for one of her new preschool outfits. Goodness, I tried to discourage her. But in the end, I couldn’t tell her no.

    It’s actually kinda cute.


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