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School has started and I am one happy mother.  You probably think I’m just glad to be rid of my children for the day, but that’s not it.  Well, maybe that’s part of it, but it’s a very small part…minute…you almost wouldn’t know that part exists.

No, it’s not the kids, or the quiet house, or the lack of messes that I’m enjoying. It’s the frozen waffles.

More specifically, a frozen waffle that has been toasted with Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter spread on it.  It’s the best way to start your day!  Trust me on this one.

100_4381You can visit Peanut Butter & Co. at  They even have coupons.

Enough about food, here’s some fun.

Have you ever played Banagrams?


It’s my new favorite game.  You can even play it alone when your kids get sick of losing to you.  The point of the game is create a crossword style puzzle with your tiles.  The person who uses all their letters first wins.  It super fun!

Can you spell N-E-R-D?

I know, I’m a geek, but I just can’t help myself.  If your kids are too young to be able to connect words together, you can let them spell separate words and the entire family can still play.  Your husband will hate thank me, I’m sure.

The other game my kids adore is Pass The Pigs.

100_3970You roll these little pigs like dice and earn points when they land in certain positions.

100_3971The little guy on the right is a “Snouter” worth ten points.  If he were tipped over on one ear, it would be a “Leaning Jowler” – quite rare and worth fifteen points.

Don’t ever take me to Vegas.  I’d lose all your money.  I just can’t stop rolling these little piggies despite the pleas of my kids who know I’m going to “Pig Out”.

No surprise there!

Moving on.  I thought I’d show you my latest and greatest garbage find.  If you havne’t seen my trashy living room, you can HERE.

100_4385Isn’t this a cute little coffee/tea set?  I love the silver and black.  The little round contraption in back is a hot plate.  This man said it was his mother-in-law’s and that he’d kept it for thirty years, but now just needs to get rid of it.

I say bravo!  Get that man a badge of honor.  I can’t imagine many men that would hang onto their mother-in-law’s junk.

Yes, I talk to people while picking through their trash.  I like to get a little history on these pieces.  It’s endearing.

I’m saving the best for last…the photos.

Remember Abby Geiser?

Of course you do, unless of course you haven’t been introduced to the domestic fringe until recently.  Abby is the sweet little girl with cancer that many of you have supported through prayer and finances.  If you’d like to meet her and read a little of her story, you can access my old post HERE.

You’ll remember that last time you saw her, she’d lost all of her hair from the chemotherapy and was staying at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  I can’t wait for you to see her now!

Please go visit Kelly Ferreira Photography and check out her latest pictures.  Abby is the child with the pink bow IN HER HAIR!  Please be sure to leave Abby and her family a comment.  I know she’ll be thrilled.

Another day, another post.  You’ve endured a long one today.  If by chance you’re not sick of me yet, you can check out an online magazine article that is featuring ‘the domestic fringe’.

It’s an interview with me and I owe all my fame to Loise Lane II.  Go visit her if you get a chance.  She’s got a great blog.  You can read about her love story with Superman.

Have a GREAT holiday weekend.  I’m sure I’ll be posting again.  I can’t stay quiet for too long.


20 thoughts on “Food, Fun, Finds, & Photos

  1. Chrissy

    I own Bananagrams and Pass the Pig. I like the version of Bananagrams that we played with Scrabble tiles before we bought Bananagrams. I think we had more letters with Scrabble tiles. Both games are fun though…and easy to pack for trips.

  2. robinaltman

    The pictures of Abby are surely heartwarming. Love the pig game! I can’t get it, because I would be making everyone roll a pig for everything. I know myself. “If you’d like a ride to your soccer game, you must roll a snout. . .”

  3. Stonefox

    That is one serious post (talking length of course!). Packed full of good stuff! I’m trying to get caught up with blogland…boy have I missed alot! Good to “see” you again, my friend.

  4. Dani joy

    Too funny about the quiet clean house. You must have some time one your hands. Are you doing any writing, side jobs, ect?

    Love how the waffles and choc. PB sounds. that would be a once in a blue moon thing for me. but if I am going to fall off the wagon one night like I did tonight I would rather do it with Choc. PB and not french fries that are bloating in my stomach as I type. 😦

    Congrats on your interview. heading over to read it. and love Lois Lane II blog post for today. So romantic.

    Thanks for coming by so often. Love seeing you and love that you ( a good writer takes the time to read my junk.)

  5. Jenn

    I LOVE PASS THE PIGS!!!! It’s the greatest game!!!!! When we come to see you, I’ll be salivating for one of the waffle, chocolate peanut butter creations – thank you! =)

    Abby looks fantastic!!!

  6. Debbie York

    1. Read the article…loved it! Very fresh!
    2. I’d be afraid someone would try and roll me for 50 points!
    3. I went over and took a peek at the photos…oh mylanta…just beautiful. What a lovely family and that baby is adorable. Her hair is beautiful, but so is she.


  7. Janna Qualman

    Oh gosh, so much to comment about!

    First, Abby is b-e-a-utiful, and I grew teary over the pictures of their family. Thank you for sharing!

    Holy smackeral, that PB looks awesome. Where do you buy it? I hope it’s findable around my parts.

    I want both those games! But especially Bananagrams. This Word Nerd is putting it on her Christmas list!

    I thought of you last week, when I passed a house that had a recliner sitting out front. I ALMOST turned around to go look but sissied out. “Tricia would have done it,” ran through my head. *sigh* I SHALL learn to forage others’ trash!

  8. caprik

    We played Pass the Pigs for the first time this summer! It WAS fun!
    I must be the villiage idiot, but I can’t get to your magazine thingy. I’ll try again.

  9. jeannie

    pass the pigs…you got my daughter playing that…she has never been the same.

    Abby looks so adorable…wow!

    congrats on being featured on that mag!


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