Minor Changes

I don’t have much for you today, because this is my second day fighting off a migraine.  I’m not winning.

So instead of whining, I’ll show you a few small updates in my house.  First you’re going to need to tilt your head.  Although my house slants, it’s not this bad.  If it were, I’d roll out of my chair.

100_4392I’ve finally settled Agnes and Hunter.  If you haven’t met them, please click HERE on the post that caused some controversy over my being pretentious.  I came clean of all my pretentious ways HERE.

Anyway, I found this crate wooden crate that I flipped on its’ side and hung on the wall.  It’s now a little bookcase and duck house.

100_4391I also painted that little end table black…sorry this is another lousy picture, but remember, I have a migraine.  That’ll be my excuse today.  Make sure I don’t try and use it tomorrow.

100_4382I also painted this little table black, but I’ve already moved it to the living room.  It presently sits below the crate/bookshelf with my laptop on it.  I just grew weary of the laptop burning my legs.  If it were burning fat, I’d be ok, but it just singed skin – not ok.

100_4393Finally, a bottle has been added to the collection on my mantle.  It’s the white milk glass bottle to your far left with the rusty lid and it was a gift from my son.  FringeBoy has single-handedly built this bottle collection for me.  From the time he got his first shovel, he’s been digging up old bottles.  He would run into the house yelling, “I found an antique for you mommy!”

I’m not sure if I was more proud of him for bringing me gifts or for being able to define an “antique” at three.  This latest bottle is extra special because he unearthed it at a neighbor’s house.  The little boy whose land it was on thought this bottle was really special, but my son knows how much I like milk glass and he traded his toy rifle for it.  I couldn’t believe it!

That’s true love.

I couldn’t even get mad at him for leaving dirty hand prints all the way up the stairs on the walls I just painted.  In fact, that little bottle put him in such good graces that he could have done a lot of damage that day and gotten away scott free.  I’m glad his little mind isn’t that conniving yet.

Have your kids done anything extra special to surprise you lately?

That’s a loaded question, I know.  Those extra special surprises are usually not so great things – like the time my daughter powdered her entire room.  I never knew there was so much white stuff in one bottle of baby powder.  I’m still coughing up white clouds.

As a bonus, this song by Chris Tomlin has been running through my head all week, so I thought I’d share.  If you’d like to listen to ‘How Great Is Our God’ with me, click HERE.


17 thoughts on “Minor Changes

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  2. sbplus3

    Hope your head is better. Maybe the weekend will help it.

    We sang this song in church w/ 6 other people. God’s grace is amazing. It was hard not to cry during the song while singing it.

  3. erin

    Gonna look through and see what I’ve been missing. Your house is looking great! I love the painted floors! And that table. And what your son has done for you. How sweet. Not the hand prints, of course.

  4. Mom

    Chris Tomlin is by favorite! I love “How Great is Our God” because He is GREAT!
    Sorry about the migraine. Can’t imagine who you take after (cough, cough).
    John Cole is the best ever!!! What a great gift from him. Reminds me of the time my 2 great kids bought me a milk glass dish from a neighbor’s yard sale.

  5. Mindy

    My kids are cats. They leave hairballs for me pretty regularly. I sure wish they could dig up some antiques in the yard! FringeBoy rocks! Keep him for now. I love the bottle collection. ~Mindy

  6. angie

    Those chairs are TDF!

    What a precious son you have. I was most proud last week when my oldest had his Eagle Scout ceremony. And my daughter has planned and executed a surprise party of major proportions for myself and my twin sister for Friday night, all by herself! They really can make ya proud sometimes.

    Hope you’re feeling all better by now. House looks great!

  7. Jill

    Hope your migraine is better soon. I love your creativity in decorating! My boys surprised me by rearranging the furniture in their room. What didn’t surprise me was that the clothes, shoes, toys and debris that were in the floor before were still in the floor in the same places. I don’t know how they did that!

  8. Karen

    I love reading your posts! Your migraine didn’t take away your sense of humor! I feel for you, I get migraines also.

    If you are having a problem with your laptop getting hot, maybe you need a cooling mat underneath it. Dh’s laptop was burning his skin!

  9. caprik

    That Fringe Boy is a big old Hunk of Honey!!!!

    I do love that Chris Tomlin. He is my very favorite. I call him God’s Troubadour. He’s always on tour.

  10. TCKK

    I hope your migraine goes away soon! I love the ducks and the crate shelf. So very cute. I also love all the old bottles. If you ever get too many, you can always send them my way! 😉

  11. Debbie York

    That’s what I call having your ducks in a row! ‘Course by the tilt of the photo, it might be a rowboat!!!
    I hope your migraine takes a powder. It may be seasonal…hoping anyway for your sake. Those things are awful. Cat Daddy get them.
    I’m telling ya…that boy is going to be president some day. I’m just hoping I’ll still be around to vote for him. All my kids have given me lately are granddaughters!
    I love Chris Tomlin. That song and “Amazing Grace” are my two favorite songs in the world. I try to sing along, but I always end up crying in the middle. They both just humble me.

  12. Janna Qualman

    Oh noes, I hope your migraine is gone like the wind. (Maybe it’ll take those white powder clouds with.)

    The crate/bookshelf is perfect! Love the ducks. I’m helping my SIL create a collection of such ducks for her kitchen. Found a 3-inch one for .20!

  13. robinaltman

    So sorry about your migraine! The house is looking awesome, and I just love the bottle collection. My Uncle Milton left me all sorts of collected glass, but I had no clue what to do with it. If I had only known!


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