The Gift of Love

My Love Story Continued:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Because the romance of a rose did not win my heart, FringeMan struggled to uncover my true feelings.  unfortunately my feelings were as mixed up as a milkshake.  I knew FringeMan wouldn’t settle for a casual romance.   He was looking for love or the door and I teetered on the threshold.

He beckoned me out to his truck one night after a church service and as I stood on the sidewalk beneath the stars, FringeMan pulled out an enormous, beautifully arranged bouquet.  The flowers shone under the street lamp, each bright head reaching in a different direction, but all straight to my heart.

While some woman are won with words and others wooed with gifts, my heart was melted with a sunflower.  Roses are pretty, but sunflowers were my signature.

I love sunflowers.


There were well over a dozen miniature sunflowers, golden reeds that made me sneeze more than a December cold, and purple stalks filling in any gaps.  It was the largest bouquet I had ever seen and it was beautiful.  FringeMan says he worked in an old Italian man’s flower shop that day wiring a propane furnace.  Since Italians are known for their love of opera, meatballs, and woman, FringeMan cried the blues and the aged Italian artist created a masterpiece sure to win any good woman’s heart.

His magic worked and that night I crossed the threshold of doubt into the arms of FringeMan.  Our love, yet unspoken, was sealed with a kiss of yellow blooms.

He won my heart.

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15 thoughts on “The Gift of Love

  1. DJ

    Ahhh…how wonderful…
    I went back and read all the former posts…I’ll catch up with the rest at the link.
    Brings back memories…sweet memories…

  2. robinaltman

    That is just so lovely. How smart of FringeMan to know that sunflowers were the way to your heart! He’s now FringeSmartypants in my book.

  3. Rachel

    When I saw your link this morning I literally started jumping up and down. I’m SO glad you’re back!!!

    So did he know sunflowers were your favorite or was it just “coincidence” (knowing there is no such thing)? I think that is so sweet! I can’t wait to read more!

  4. Jenn

    And you kept those sunflowers and golden rod for a long time!! I couldn’t go into your room for a long time without sneezing!

    Aaaaaaah, the love struck look on your face the entire ride home that night. It was a Kodak moment!!!

    1. Mom

      Yes, that love struck look on her face as we all froze going home that night with the windows rolled down because of the pollen!!


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