Monday’s Mayhem

Several weeks ago I remember thinking how nice it would be to experience a little boredom in my life.  Since the Lord knows my thoughts, He must have seen fit to grant me my heart’s desire, because about sixteen days ago I experienced approximately two and a half minutes of boredom.

It was bliss; however, it was fleeting.  For this reason, I am retraining my mind to think how nice it would be to reside in a state of boredom for a lengthy period of time, specifically two and half weeks.  I think two and half weeks of boredom would do me some good, possibly even spark my creativity.

The good Lord did not see fit to begin my period of temporary boredom today.  Today was and still is (for a few hours) Monday.  You’ve gotta love a good Monday.

Last night I snuggled down in my covers thoroughly prepared to start my week groggy and slightly grumpy.  That’s how I’m most comfortable in the pre-to-mid sunrise hours of Monday; however, this morning left no time for groggy and my mind didn’t even think of grumpy.

This morning I woke to the young boy across the street yelling about something and then as if on cue, clouds of smoke billowed into my window.  It was definitely Monday and I was out of bed with a bounce.

100_4416The third house to our right was flaming and the kid yelling outside my window was the first to notice and call 911.  Thankfully the house was empty and no lives were at risk.

100_4419I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen my share of houses burn and it’s not high on my list of things to do before 7 am on a Monday morning; however, you just can’t ignore a fire, three trucks, and dozen firemen.  Besides my children have only seen firemen in mock action.  There’s nothing like the real thing.  Even an asthma attack brought on by smoke inhalation was worth a front row seat to the action for my son.

100_4423My dog is no dalmatian because she ran circles until she dropped her bladder on my kitchen floor.  Sirens seem to spook her, especially before she’s gone out for her morning potty break.  My water then turned brown and I missed my shower.

There is a bright side.  There’s always a bright side if you look hard enough.  I brushed my teeth prior to the hydrant draining all drinkable water from our system.  That, my friends, is a bright side.  I was thankful, FringeMan was thankful, my neighbors were thankful.

The open house at school tonight paled in comparison to this morning’s mayhem.

So, I’ll continue to wait for boredom to come and when she does, you’ll be the first to know.  It shall be my shortest post ever – “I’m Bored.”

With much longing,


12 thoughts on “Monday’s Mayhem

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  2. robinaltman

    That is scary! I’m terrified of house fires, because we have a weird lack of fire hydrants around our house. We live in a park and have well water. If our house catches on fire we’re out of luck. Does that stop me from using a straight iron each morning and forgetting to turn it off sometimes? No.

  3. Rachel

    Here’s hoping you get that boredom! And I’m really glad no one was hurt.

    That would not be my preferable way to start a Monday morning either. 🙂

  4. caprik

    “My dog is no dalmatian because she ran circles until she dropped her bladder on my kitchen floor.”


    Oh DEAR! That started your week off with a banG!

  5. Mom

    Oh how I hated the days you were bored. You drove me crazy with, “What are we going to do next?” questions!!
    Monday morning must have brought back “city living” memories for you. Glad no one was hurt and the fire was contained.

  6. Mindy

    Boredom is overrated. I’m sure of it. Remember when we were young and all we did was whine about being bored? See? And -that- was when we were young and knew -everything-! See? Overrated. ~Mindy


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