Party in Pink – Important Information

I’ve been thinking and I’ve got an idea!

Be scared.

This idea involves you.  All of you, I hope.

I have a very special day coming up and it’s Sunday.  My anniversary.  FringeMan and I will be married for twelve years!  That hardly seems possible since I’m only twenty-seven and it would have been illegal or at least highly inadvisable for FringeMan to have married me when I was fifteen.  Anyway, I need you to babysit!

No, just kidding.

Wedding 1Notice the scared and confused looks on our faces?  It’s because twenty people were all giving us different directions at the same time.  There’s a lot of pressure to stand just so and smile at the right camera when you’ve already been blinded with a thousand flashes.

I’ve got another important anniversary approaching and I need your help to celebrate.  It’s my Bloggaversary the first week in October!  Now I know this post is long, but please stick with me.  I think you’ll be glad you did.

I’ve been getting questions about how I’m going to celebrate and to be honest, I just didn’t know how to throw a Bloggaversary party.  I mean, I didn’t even have a piece of cake in the freezer from when I wed my laptop.  All I have are words and I know you’ve heard enough of them!  That’s why I’m involving you.  I hope you’ll participate.  I pray you’ll play along. I’ll cry if you don’t and you don’t want to see me cry.

For the first Bloggaversary of The Domestic Fringe,

I (FringeGirl) am throwing a

‘Party in Pink’.

You are all invited!  So are your friends and family.

‘Party in Pink’ will be a celebration in honor of the women (friends, family, acquaintances) who are fighting or have fought a battle with breast cancer.  I know several women who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and are at the beginning of their battles.  One of them is a fellow blogger, The Texas Woman.  Maybe you know and her and maybe you don’t, but other than my mom, she was among my very first readers.  She gave me the name “FringeGirl” and taught me how to sign it at the end of each post.  I think it’s only appropriate to offer her some encouragement and support on this my first Bloggaversary.

‘Party in Pink’ isn’t just a celebration in honor of one, but of hundreds of thousands of woman everywhere.  Two of my aunts have battled this disease and won.  For me it’s in celebration of them, of The Texas Woman, and of a real life friend in the fight right now.

Aunt Pat, Breast Cancer Survivor

Aunt Pat, Breast Cancer Survivor

For you, ‘Party in Pink’ can honor the women in your family, friends you know who have or have had breast cancer, or it can just be a tribute the millions of women with the disease.  I think we have the opportunity to encourage many and show our support for them in this small way.  Whether you have four people who read your blog or four thousand daily readers, we can only reach a certain audience, but collectively our voice can be heard across the world.

Aunt Maria - Breast Cancer Survivor

Aunt Maria - Breast Cancer Survivor

Please join the party on Wednesday, October 7th!

On that day, I will have Mr. Linky up and running.  This party will be in the form of a blog carnival.  Now I’ve tried this before and honestly, it’s been a terrible failure, but if nothing else, I’m thick-headed.  I believe this time will be different.  You’ll link-up.  Who doesn’t want to honor the women they know and who doesn’t love a great party?

Here are the rules for October 7th:

1.  You must link your specific ‘Party in Pink’ post to Mr. Linky (located right here on my blog).

2.  You must take a picture of yourself wearing pink.  Yes, we’ll all look like bottles of Pepto-Bismal.  Get over it!

3.  You must honor a woman or many women who have or have had breast cancer.  If you’re lucky enough or anti-social enough not to know anyone who fits these qualifications, honor women in general with this disease.

4.  Be an encouragement to others with your post!

5.  Somewhere in your post, link back to The Domestic Fringe.  This will allow your readers to come and read other tributes.

Everyone can participate!

If you don’t blog, use facebook and post it on your wall.  Twitter it!  Hang a pink construction paper sign on your front door…anything, but please celebrate this special day with me.

Most importantly, pass the word around.  If someone is reading who can make one of those fancy little buttons for us all to add to our blogs, maybe you’ll consider donating a little time to the cause.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all sport a ‘Party in Pink’ button on our homepage?

That’s it, my idea.  Take it and run with it.  Be creative or not.  Just be in a party mood!  Leave a comment and let me know you just can’t wait to do a post of your own.  You know by weeks end, I expect like a thousand comments.

See you at my ‘Party in Pink’ on October 7th!

For my interview with The Texas Woman, click HERE.

To visit her blog and give her some encouragement, click HERE.

Love you all and thank you for a great year!

One more thing…please use one of these buttons and spread the word!

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33 thoughts on “Party in Pink – Important Information

  1. Misty Dawn

    If all works as planned (and I’m not running around like a chicken with my head cut off), I’ll do two posts… one on each blog… one will be of me wearing pink to work, and the other will be of me wearing pink when I get home.

    Great idea! Very inspirational.

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  3. Carla

    Is it possible for the button to also be a hyperlink back to your blog post explaining the Party in Pink. I love the idea and grabbed the button for my blog but want any of my friends to be able to click on it and find out more from this post. I don’t think I know how to do it but thought someone else might.

  4. SusanD

    I found you through Rachel at Future Pastor’s Wife. This is a great idea! I’d love to participate in your bloggaversary. I tried to grab your “party” button but it doesn’t link up to you. I’ll come back for it. Thanks for honoring these courageous women. Blessings, SusanD

  5. erin

    Look at you go!

    And while I was reading this I was thinking…I don’t know anyone with breast cancer. And then it came crashing back, that yes, I do. A wonderful blogger who has a spirit that transcends the disease tenfold and so I didn’t even consider her. Shame on me. Not sure if I’ll be writing but I sure do support you and your positive energy. And all the best to your friend in Texas.

  6. Aunt Pat

    Tricia, what a wonderful idea I encourage everyone to take a few seconds every day to link to this site:
    and help to give women an opportunity for free mammograms. There are so many women that do not have regular mamograms because they can not afford them … early diagnosis of breast cancer is key to surviving.
    If you have already, check out this website:

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  8. Beth

    Hi Fringegirl,
    Would love to join the party in pink !! I am a breast cancer survivor twice and still fighting. My sister is also a survivor !
    I am so happy your mom put this on FB
    Your mom is related to my daughter through marraige and I am so happy to know her. She is now part of my life and has been a great support through my fight. Thanks Beverly for your friendship and encouragement
    See you on Oct. 7 in pink !!

  9. Debbie York

    Could you really imagine me passing up an opportunity to :
    A. Get to buy something new to wear…in pink?
    B. Get to party…in pink?
    C. Get to “talk”…about pink?
    D. Get to be pretty…in pink?
    You betcha I’ll be there…in the pink!!!
    Wonderful idea and I’m just jealous I didn’t think of it first. Can I bring a date?

  10. jennifer

    I. Am. IN.

    I think this is one of the best ideas that I’ve heard in a while. I’m grabbing your blog button now and posting it on my blog.

    HUGS you brilliant blogging woman!

  11. David

    OK, count me in! I designed a Party in Pink “badge” and placed it on my blog, linking back to your post. Anyone who wants to use it is welcome to come visit and “right click, save as.” This is a great idea, FringeGirl!

    1. thedomesticfringe Post author

      David, you’re awesome! I can’t believe you made a “badge”…thanks!!! Everybody go grab the badge…it’s very pretty and very pink! 🙂

  12. Rachel

    MUST we put the pics of ourselves???

    This is a wonderful idea (with the exception of the pics of ourselves – how about a pic of the pink shirt I will wear on Oct. 7???).


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