Certifiably Insane

After this post, you will surely label me as certifiably insane, but that’s ok.  I’ve been feeling a little unfinished without a label…like I forgot to put on some jewelry or lip gloss or something.  Now I’ll be fully dressed, ready to face the cruel world, and cast blame for my quirkiness.

Today the blame falls on this girl who happens to be demonstrating very poor fashion sense.  She’s taking after her father in this picture.

100_4436Socks with sandals?  White shoes after Labor Day??  A wedgie???  How did she slip by me and make it to the car without my noticing?  Fortunately because of my great photography skills or lack thereof, you can’t tell she’s got dirt smudged all over her face.

100_4439It all began one evening when FringeMan remembered that Green Acres, his all time favorite ice-cream shop would be closing for the season.  You know WINTER – that season that runs from October to May in several unfortunate places.  Anyway, he wanted to get his last vanilla cone and who am I to turn down dessert?  It would have been thankless of me.

We were merrily on our way, when after passing the giant old iron gates of a cemetery, FringeKid asks to turn around and visit.

“The cemetery?”  I questioned wondering if it’s really possibly my child could have been switched at birth.


FringeMan, although hot on the scent of vanilla flavored milk by-products, indulges his little girl and turns the car around.  At first I refused to exit the vehicle.  I mean, come on?  These two are just plain weird!


FringeBoy never did step foot out of the car.  He’s the smart one in the family, because after a minute of seeing these guys curiously visiting the dead, I realized what a great photo opportunity I was missing.

100_4434And this is where I shift the blame to you with your great bloggy pictures, fancy cameras, and mad photography skills.  You’re making me think more and look for more opportunities to take unusual pictures.

100_4433Now if you could only teach me to make them look as pretty as yours…

100_4435Who am I kidding?  It’s a wonder I even got these downloaded off my camera!

100_4442Ahhhhh!  No. Peeking.

100_4446Enough.  Tomorrow it’s on to important topics that have the potential to impact world affairs.

My hair.


18 thoughts on “Certifiably Insane

  1. Jenn

    Nothing certifiable about visiting a cemetary…..One of the best gifts a friend gave me was a picture he took at dusk in a cemetary. It still hangs on my wall to this day.

  2. Nina in Portugal

    I love your photography skills…..you caught your daughter when she had a wedgie…..you’re good!! (Or maybe she keeps a wedgie….an dthat’s an easy thing to do?

    I could catch my middle daughter at any given time running her entire hand up her nose and into her hair….seriously….it’s gross isn’t it?!

    The cemetery shots rock….really they do!

  3. robinaltman

    That cemetery is way cool! At first I thought those gorgeous doors were your garage doors!

    I hereby certify you normal. Sorry.

    1. thedomesticfringe Post author

      Didn’t think of it, but I bet they’d look nice! Smartypants. I need you to give me these ideas before I post. 😉

  4. Janna Qualman

    Ah, Mom, but you’re allowing her to assert her style and independence, and that’s far more important than a web-wide wedgie picture!

    And holy goodness of all that is beautiful, I LOVE those doors. I want them in my house. It’s that color, my favorite blue, and the rust. Wouldn’t they just be lovely conversation starter?

    “Yeah, see? It all started when my friend FG posted a picture of them online. I fell in love. And planned my travel details. It took me days to track the doors down, hours to remove them. And then, of course, I got arrested for doing just that. But after my time in the pokey, and many days blaming FG for my fate, I got them home and now look at them! Aren’t they gorgeous?!”

  5. Pam

    Old cemeteries are wonderful places for moody photos. I love reading the old inscriptions. Those blue doors are awesome. I think Fringekid looks sweet too in spite of the wedgie.


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