My Life as a Gypsy

This past weekend we went out of town because FringeMan was scheduled to preach in the church where we were married.  Because FringeMan is also an electrician and everybody likes outlets nowadays, we went down a day early so he could spend Saturday doing electrical work.  My mom only lives about an hour away from where we were staying and so we (she and I) took the kids to a farm on Saturday.

100_4522They had this great old truck and I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the kids.

Just to set the record straight – FringeKid’s pants are capris!

My mother tells me her pants are short every time she sees them.  They are made to be short, so lazy mothers like myself don’t have to hem them.  I love capris for this reason.   In the winter, I make her wear tall boots with them.   I hate to hem almost as much as I hate to sew on buttons and I’ve been known to snip all the buttons from a jacket rather than sew one back on.

100_4526Anyway, back to the pictures…

I only wish I could have brought my son into focus…made him sharper so he would have stood out more from the truck.  Oh, well, I’ll blame it on the point and shoot this time.

100_4520I was happy with the pictures until I saw this next photo my mother took.

100_4527It looks like a gypsy came to town and stole a few kids.

It looks like I should be driving that van!

Seriously I never thought, ‘when I grow up, I want to be a gypsy’.

Ok, maybe I did, but that was one dark Halloween night when I was seven.

When I see myself this way, I think I’ve missed  my calling in life.  Maybe I should have become a caftan wearing social worker with an office full of exotic chotchkies.

This picture is causing me to rethink my entire life.  It’s going to be a long weekend.

Enjoy yours!


19 thoughts on “My Life as a Gypsy

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  2. DJ

    I love that you and Fringebabygirl are standing the same way, with one foot forward.
    So sweet ~
    What an adorable family you’ve been blessed with!

  3. Russ

    I commented on fb that it look as if you all had setup home in the old Truck. I have a simular photo of our great grandpa and grandma standing in front of an old shed. He is wearing a pair of suspenders and her in an old dress. Pretty amusing.

  4. Dani Joy

    Girl, I just had to laugh! I am so sorry but I see it! I see you getting all hippy Gypsy! LOL!

    I actually had people think I was gypsy here in Spain on time. I actually came home crying. But chin up! you can fit into your jeans and you have two beautiful kidos!

  5. Janna Qualman

    What a great photo of you three! What a great old truck! It’s that same great rusty blue of the doors.

    Stock beckoning me to your part of the States with thoughts of pilfering. You’re naughty.

  6. Jill

    Okay, in the first place you don’t look like a gypsy who stole a couple of kids. The kids look like they belong to you. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

    In the second place, at least your kids pose for normal pictures. Mine have to strike odd poses or make weird faces. I have no normal pictures of my kids. I guess I have no normal kids!

  7. Capri Kel

    I think you were rockin’ the gypsy look!

    The picture that cracked me up was your son! I get THAT look a LOT from my kids! Did he ask if you were going to put the picture on the blog?

    1. thedomesticfringe Post author

      My kids expect their pictures to make it to my blog now. I think they get insulted if I don’t post one.

  8. Angie

    GREAT photos! I’d frame some or all of them.

    Maybe you could get the gypsy garb and bill yourself out as party entertainment reading tea leaves, tarot cards and/or tealeaves? 🙂

  9. Debbie York

    I think you look cuter than a new kitten! Not so much gypsy (although I dig a boho look) as hippie driving a really cool truck! I gotta ask…is that part of the truck or an earring? Either one…still looks great. (Being short myself, btw, I also go for the capris…on me they are the perfect length!)
    P.S. Loved the party yesterday…thanks for inviting me. All the posts were wonderful and thought provoking.

  10. Jenn

    Hiya Swammie!!! Love the bell bottoms!! ha ha ha
    You totally crack me up, you NUT!!! Where do y0u get gypsy from that picture??? =)


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