A Pretty Day

Today was a beautiful day.


Despite the fact that I fell over a baby gate and onto my face…


Even though my jelly doughnut leaked all over my jacket, shirt, jeans, and scarf making me look as though I’d just been stabbed and was now bleeding to death…


Although we got a flat and had to purchase two new tires…

100_4591Yes, today was a pretty day.

You enjoying your weekend?

A song for you HERE.


17 thoughts on “A Pretty Day

  1. robinaltman

    Those pictures are amazing. I’m in awe of your photography abilities!

    That sounds like a pretty rough day. Yet you made the best of it! I would have written about how miserable I was with a leaky jelly doughnut. I’m Eeyore to your Pooh.

  2. Dani joy

    you got stabbed by a jelly doughnut??? jejeje..

    Yes, I can read . LoL

    OH I miss NY! isn´t it gorgeous! Do you all ski? There is a hill close to where I grew up call Brantling. (I think) or was it Bristol? Well, one of those was the small one. It was the small one I learned to ski on. and if you go there now the hills are red, orange and yellow due to the trees. We would go and take a Sunday drive just to see the colors when i was little.

  3. The Texas Woman

    The pictures are pretty but I would have given my right arm to see a pic of you all doughnut splattered! Well, maybe not my right arm but something of equal value, I’m sure!



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