Getting Even

Now I know the Bible says that ‘vengeance is mine saith the Lord’, but I must admit that it felt absolutely wonderful to get even with my children this weekend.  In fact FringeMan and I were on such a delighted high that we’ve mapped out every haunted house and cornfield in the great state of New York.

100_4594My son, who spent the entire day talkin a bunch of smack, hid behind me after just ten steps into this cornfield.  It was going to be nothing but a bunch of silly plastic decorations, he said.  He was going to either walk way in front of us or way behind, because he wouldn’t be scared at all.

100_4596This is Mr. Tough Guy before he had the bejeebees scared out of him.

100_4606Now who’s hanging onto who?  He, he, he…

100_4607As I was arguing with FringeBoy over wearing a jacket on his outdoor field trip today (Did I say it’s like 45 degrees and raining?), I just thought back to this pumpkin headed beast who made the pains of motherhood worthwhile.

100_4609I clutched my heart in pain the same way when this dear little child told me I could never wear a bikini because I have too many ‘spring’ marks on my stomach.  If only my skin sprang after forty weeks of being pregnant with a nine and half pound butterball, I would be able to wear a bikini!

100_4597We had the best time Saturday night!  I won’t even mention which child woke up around 11:30 pm screaming “Get off me!  Get off me!”

I love the fall!

Make the most out of your October and scare the socks off your children!  (In a very loving and nurturing way of course.)


21 thoughts on “Getting Even

  1. Ferree

    Hi Tricia, This post brings back fond memories of vengence–and good ideas for more! 🙂 But I mostly wanted to tell you I called my sis-in-law (the one who sarcastically says “What do YOU want?” when she hears my voice) and found out she followed my recommendation and got on your blog, and laughed her way through like EVERY SINGLE THING YOU’VE WRITTEN! So just wanted you to know you’ve got another fan, or lurker, whatever you’d like to call her. Keep it up!

  2. robinaltman

    Nice job! My kids are getting a bit jaded, so I’m considering driving into Philly to a deserted prison that’s supposed to have a really scary haunted house. The problem is. . . I’m too scared to go!

    I love love love the picture of FringeKid looking dubiously into the darkness. Hahahaha!

  3. TCKK

    Thanks for the wonderful laugh!! But unfortunately, I can’t do that to my kids, because I’m the one who would wake up screamming! Yep, I’m the chicken in the family. But at least it was fun reading about your family.

  4. Mindy

    I love it!

    My sister and I used to decorate her home and play spooky music…black lights and strobe lights flashing…our highest high was when we made kids pee on themselves. We were wrong, weren’t we? ~Mindy


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