Apologizing to Martha

Never, I repeat, never listen to me when I go off on a rant.  I recently defamed Martha and now I have to eat crow.  I don’t even like fall crow.  It taste slightly stale.

100_4568I just couldn’t help adding a little ‘fall’ into my decor.  There’s nothing better than pumpkins and gourds and apple pies baking in the oven.

100_4573Nothing says I love life more than a white pumpkin with spider webs painted on it.


Despite the plastic skeleton hanging on my porch, I like subtle uses of color and nature to mark the change of seasons.


The spirit of the modern woman has been reunited with my inner Martha.

100_4616This is my late in the day, uncombed hair several of you asked to see.  Should I cut?

I look displeased because I’m not good at taking pictures in the mirror.  I cut half of my head out three times.

Please excuse the box that’s sitting on my bedroom floor marked ‘kitchen’…and the unpainted ceiling…and the pile FringeMan’s clothes on the dresser.  Martha hasn’t made it to my second floor yet.

I also owe my mother an apology and it’s worse than eating Martha’s crow.


I publicly mocked her for suggesting I sew a blue pearlized octopus costume for my daughter to wear on Halloween, and I may have said something  unkind about sew & stitch mothers and obsessive compulsive overachievers.


Yesterday I took it all back in one divinely inspiring moment of craftiness.  I made curtains out of drop cloths.

It all started one summer day when I was painting the living room and suddenly crashed into my paint can.  As thick white paint oozed all over my drop cloth, I was struck with what a fabulous curtain it could make.  When I found out that each drop cloth was under seven dollars, I knew that one day they would be hanging on my windows.

100_4623My neighbors are going to need to get their cable reconnected now.  No more watching the FringeFamily at primetime.

This morning I created a loom and I’m weaving a scarf.

No kidding.

I think Martha has taken over.  She must be restrained before I start knitting socks.

The loom is really Nina’s fault.  It was all her idea!

Have you connected with your inner Martha lately?

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28 thoughts on “Apologizing to Martha

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  5. nannykim

    Bloggers every where are using the dropcloths for curtains, and for covering furniture—great ideas. If you didn’t need the privacy I loved the bareboned windows —your windows are pretty. I like the hook thingies you are using for the tiebacks!

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  8. Sandra

    Drop cloths make great curtains, I have used them on few projects. My hair is your length every few years I cut it thinking it isn’t a permanent decision but what it comes down to is that if I can’t put it in a ponytail to bum around the house I am not a happy camper. So I just keep it layered.

  9. Nina in Portugal

    Keep your hair longer for the cooler weather, at least for a little while longer.

    If you post pics of your scarf, I’ll do the same. Even though I’m a little ashamed of mine….I’ll say I was “freestylin'”…cause I’m all about “anything goes”.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. pamelaknits

    Thanks! The drop cloth idea of curtains is a fantastic idea…not only as the main fabric of the curtain but this would be great use as liners for some curtains. Love this idea….!!

  11. caprik

    Your drop cloth curtains are QUITE impressive!

    My hair advice is, cut it. Get rid of the summer straw and start over. Hair is not a permanent decision! Haha!

    Next thing you know, you’ll be shearing your own sheep and tanning your own hides! You GO Girl!

  12. Kammy

    I love your curtains…..Hmmmmm I cut my hair several years ago and it has taken me forever and it is still not very long in front to grow it back out – I didn’t know that hair slowed down as we get older….but, if your hair grows fast….go for it !

  13. Sheila

    Those curtains are SO neat. I’ve been thinking of doing this, too, and you’ve inspired me!

    I like your hair. Cut if if you want, but it looks good long.

    And please don’t apologize for things sitting around. That’s called life, and we all have similar piles around our homes. 😉

    Happy Thrifty Thursday…


    Sheila 🙂

  14. Merryheart

    Oh, and your hair is wonderful! It has that free, windblown look that goes for big bucks in Manhattan. Movie Star! Complete with pout– 😉


    1. thedomesticfringe Post author

      I bought these drop cloths in Harbor Freight Tools. They were actually each six dollars and change.

  15. David

    I tend to like fairly long hair on women. But Mindy’s hair is short right now and I like that too. That’s a lot of help, huh? lol It looks good now and I’m sure it will look good if you cut it. Now I’m wondering why I even said anything. Since I apparently have no opinion whatsoever. Next subject…

    The dropcloth curtains are awesome!

  16. Janna Qualman

    I haven’t connected with her, but I’ve been meaning to. I have some fabric that’s been waiting to be used for a unique project. Maybe I’ll share when it’s done.

    I like the long hair! But it’s your choice.

  17. Jenn

    Wow!!! Love the hooks you are using to hold your curtains back and the curtain rods!! GREAT LOOK!! Love the curtains too. VERY NICE!!!! Excellent, Mini Martha!!

    Wow!! Your hair has REALLY grown since last I saw you. Although you may not agree, it looks fabulous!!!!! If it takes you an hour to do it, cut it. =) No, wait, don’t cut it!! Sorry, I LOVE YOUR HAIR!! Love it long! I really loved your short cut (highlights are optional) that you had last year. THAT was an awesome cut.

    Sorry, I don’t think I will be much help to your hair “cut or not to cut” dilemma. I’m in babbling mode today. =)

  18. Jill

    My inner Martha always rears her irritating head during the fall of the year. I do a lot of baking and start impossible crafts that I have no way of completing. Or I complete them and realize that a third grader could do a better job. As soon as my inner Martha reveals that she is actually an inner Erma Bombeck, masquerading as a Martha, she skulks back down until the winter season.


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