Top This

Try to top this if you want, but I’m not sure you can.

You know you need a life when…


you find yourself making a loom and weaving a scarf.

Yes. I did.


25 thoughts on “Top This

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  5. nannykim

    She is such a cutie!! But I would love to see a picture of the “loom!” also I am frustrated because you don’t have a click on thing to follow your blog. The feed thingies are not as nice and I tend to loose where they go!!!

  6. Mama Belle

    Wait … what? You can weave? Like the potholder things you get from Cracker Barrel weaving or like Sleeping Beauty spinning wheel weaving. Or is that spinning? Oh, I don’t know, but I’m impressed.

  7. Dani Joy

    Hahaha.. so you and Nina are weaving scarves for Christmas?? I like purple! jejeje
    not sure if it´s quite the style here though. Hey what am talking about anything goes!
    Great job!

  8. Debbie York

    Oh my stars…if you tell me you made the loom from popsicle sticks gathered from the summer I think we’ll have to rename you the domesticated fringewoman!
    It’s really cute and Martha would be so proud!!!


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