Growls of Congrats

At the suggestion of our pastor, FringeMan and I stood at the front door of the church greeting people, handing out bulletins, and flashing my new diamond ring.  We received more hugs and kisses than the chubby cheeked Michelin tire baby on his first birthday; however, all celebrating stopped when FringeMan’s ex-girlfriend walked through the door.

This woman, who I sat near on our first Christmas party date, was less than impressed by my diamond.  At least that’s the feeling I got when, as she stood in front of us, she lifted her lips into a snarl and growled.  Caught completely off guard and fearing fangs would drop from her upper lip, I stepped backward and slightly behind FringeMan.  Probably because shedding blood on the church steps would be considered unforgivable to fellow parishioners, she passed quickly by.

My brother had come up right behind the growler and as soon as she passed out of earshot, he looked at us with a mixture of shock and complete amusement.

“Did she just growl at you?”  He asked in wonder and then collapsed into a heap of giggles.

Sadly I’ve forgotten all the well wishes and words of congratulations.  In my mind my engagement is marked with a growl of disgust and so, I blame FringeMan for bad taste in women…until me of course.

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15 thoughts on “Growls of Congrats

  1. Dani joy

    you had me! I thought you were talking about now. LOL. I am a little slow! My word.. that girl needed a spanking!
    You won and she was a poor poor loser!

  2. TCKK

    That’s hysterical! I must say this threw me for a minute. I thought when I first read it that this just occurred yesterday. You mean she’s still angry after this many years and 2 kids. Then I realized you were telling us about when you were first engaged. lol Forgive me, after all it’s Monday morning.


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