The Ghosts of FringeFamily Past



I know that some of you have seen these already, but today I’m reflecting on where I’ve been and what I’ve become.


FringeGirl 2007

Once I was full of good ideas and creativity.  One electrified look from FringeMan would make my hair stand on end and turn green.

To clarify, I wouldn’t turn green, just my hair.

But now I’m left with only frizz and gray.


FringeMan 2007

There are no electrified looks from FringeMan, because he can’t see me through those long locks, dreadlocks.


FringeKid 2007

At one time I could convince my child that she was a cat.


FringeBoy 2007

I nearly talked FringeBoy into coming back from the dark side.



FringeGirl 2008

something happened to me.

me1My hair grew in.

I became a hardened, almost plastic woman.


FringeKid 2008

I fear for my sweet babies.

sietegonebadI’ve seen the same plastic look on my darling little angel.


FringeBoy 2008

This year I’m left with nothing.


FringePup 2008

I cannot even think up a costume that my dog will wear.

I think I lost all my zeal when I promised not to steal candy from children’s goody bags.

Chocolate is why I dressed up.

Chocolate is why I went door to door in a plastic mask that cut my oxygen supply so much that I became terribly dizzy.

I’d be willing to pass out in the middle of the street for a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup.

I’d be willing to humiliate myself in costumes that no self-respecting woman would wear for a 3 Musketeer.

This year there is no costume.

There is nothing but a vow NOT to eat chocolate.

Excuse me while I go mourn my candy.

Enjoy the weekend and eat a Snickers for me, will ya?


12 thoughts on “The Ghosts of FringeFamily Past

  1. Rachel

    Your old costumes are awesome!

    Here’s some consolation: tomorrow, hit up Walmart and the drugstores and get 50% off candy. No costume needed. 🙂

  2. nannykim

    I have been trying to do without chocolate. I confess I have failed . I have to have a little peppermint patty (or is it pattie?) a day (they are low fat) or a chocolate kiss. Today I ran out of the patties and I delved into the halloween candy and ate two little tiny snicker bites!

  3. Hat Chick

    No chocolate?! What about candy, in general? Those skittles are pretty good, ya know.

    My go-to, no-fail costume is the hobo. Ripped old shirt, tattered pants and brown eye shadow beard. In this economy, it’s not a stretch.

  4. caprik

    That plastic mask is cweepy!

    I always think that our dog looks embarassed when we dress her up.

    I agree with the comment up there. Endulge on Halloween, THEN cut out the chocolate.

  5. Debbie York

    I adore dogs in costumes…their sweet faces are priceless. Only dogs will let us totally humilate them with no back talk!
    You know, if you dress up for fringeman…you might get a little surprise instead of candy!

  6. robinaltman

    How could you make a vow like that right before Halloween? It’s horrible! It’s sucking out your motivation. Take it back immediately. You’ll feel so much better. Sunday is a lovely day to start a diet.


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