Wedded Bliss

Today is Monday, the day I share my  love story one little memory at a time so I can make it drag out for months and torture you all.   Notice how ‘you all’ is two separate words?  That’s how you can tell that I’m not from the South.


Here’s my favorite wedding picture.


The next installment of Meetings, Memories, and Marriages includes our wedding day mishap; however, I need to find pictures to scan, so you’ll have to wait with bated breath to see what went wrong.  You know something had to wrong.  After all, it was my wedding.

For the entire saga, click the FringeLove link at the top of the page.


10 thoughts on “Wedded Bliss

  1. Debbie York

    Funny, I could have sworn you were from Southern New York. FYI, depending on which part of the south you are from as to whether it’s you all or y’all as in you all come back now, ya hear?
    I’ve got a feeling your mishaps are going to match my flat tires. Am I right?


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