Oh What a Night

100_4719Our town sanctioned trick-or-treating to be on Friday night this year instead of on Halloween.  My kids didn’t care what night it was on.  They just wanted to come home with enough candy to rot the remainder of their baby teeth.  Needless to say they are happy almost diabetics with no teeth.

I’m a little disappointed in FringeMan’s behavior, because while I traipsed around town with our little girl begging for candy and donations to fill a UNICEF box, FringeMan sat on our front porch guarding a bucket of candy and making little lady bugs cry.

100_4717He’s becoming an opportunist in his old age and taking full advantage of every opportunity to scare the M&M’s out of the neighbors.

UNICEF has been collecting on Halloween for 59 year.  Apparently I’ve been a self-absorbed greedy little candy monger for 34 of those Halloween’s, because I’ve never heard of kids bringing UNICEF boxes door to door.  I’m proud to say that my daughter’s entire second grade class set out to fill their boxes….from my change can.  At least that is how it seemed.100_4699

At any rate candy flew from my house more quickly than cash and before I knew it, I found myself face to face with temptation.  I felt exactly like Eve in the garden and for once, I sympathized.  I only wish my vice were Granny Smith Apples and not Three Musketeers.

annaliese cat

I fell.

I broke my vow to eat no chocolate.

I’ll say no more; however, when I think back on the births of my two children, I’ll no long curse Eve’s name with the memory of each contraction.  No.  Instead I’ll think of  a Twix and forgive her.


13 thoughts on “Oh What a Night

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  2. caprik

    YIKES! FringeMan would scare the m&ms out of me too!!

    Jesus said Go and sin no more. LOL!
    Try looking at chocolate as an indulgence and give yourself a certain amount of indulgence days a year, month, or week. But not day or HOUR!
    Good luck with that little obsession!

  3. diana/sunshine

    why would the town want trick or treating on another day besides halloween? i’ve never heard of such a thing. but you’re right… kids probably don’t care as long as they get the candy.

    i’ve heard of people collecting for unicef on halloween but i have never experienced it first hand. one year, our youth group went door to door and asked for a canned good for a food bank. i thought that was a good idea.

  4. robinaltman

    Wow! FringeMan looks pretty darn scary! I’m going to have nightmares tonight.

    My friend Diane used to love to pretend she was a scarecrow on the porch and then leap up and frighten kids ringing the doorbell. I would watch and laugh and hand out my cards to traumatized kids.

  5. Mindy

    Your daughter is quite the poser, isn’t she? Chocolate, like money, is not evil. It is the love of either that will get ya. Just hate it while you lick your lips and it’s all good. ~Mindy

  6. Debbie York

    I feel a list for “Trippin’ The Light Fantastic” in the making! (Inside joke, read my latest post!)
    If this is how he chose to dress up…save your costume for much, much later…I’m thinking Eve!


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