The Bedroom – Behind Closed Doors

I know you want to see my kitchen and I’ve taken pictures, but I just don’t think you’ll be able to catch my vision yet and retain any hope that one day I will be cooking in a kitchen that would make Paula Dean jealous.  Let’s just say I have enough outlets to single-handedly provide power to Sear’s entire inventory of crockpots; however, the kitchen is for another day.

Today I will take you into my bedroom.

Don’t get too worked up.  Love stories are only told on Mondays and today is Wednesday.

Remember that this is a work in progress.  We renovate and decorate at the speed of turtles, but I’ve always heard that good things take time and if you’ve ever tried pot-roast cooked in a crockpot, you’d agree.

100_4743Most people say “Very White” or “Sterile” and I agree, but if my room were any more warm and inviting, I’d have two kids and a dog in bed with me every night.  I like ‘sterile’.  I’m having an adjustable hospital bed delivered next week.

Not really.  FringeMan would never get any sleep, because I’d be adjusting all night.

100_4745These are some things I think are necessary for this room.  Feel free to add to the list.

A Down Comforter – Frankly FringeMan would like me to sleep in something skimpier than a snowsuit.

A Head Board – I have one in mind that I’m still trying to talk FringeMan into building for me.  I’m sure he’ll get around to it after finishing the kitchen, installing the chimney for the woodstove, and hanging wainscoating in the bathroom.  He’s like a carpenter bee!

2 Scenic Photos framed in square black frames for above the bed.  The tree of life is going in the bathroom.  I fear FringeMan thinks it’s a sign to be fruitful and multiply.

A Brightly Colored Chair – Maybe something Mid Century Modern.  Who am I kidding?  I have no clue what I’m talking about!  Maybe a bright plastic reproduction chair from Ikea.

Several Neutral Throw Pillows with a Matching Solid Quilt for the foot of the bed.

100_4746To me the plainness is calming, peaceful.  My life tends to border on crazy, so I enjoy having a boring room to sleep in.

Any suggestions?  What would you add?

To see my inspiration room, click HERE.  Just keep in mind barn doors are out of the question and I’m not into canopy type beds anymore.  I don’t like to dust!

For other rooms in my house, click HERE, or HERE, or HERE.


15 thoughts on “The Bedroom – Behind Closed Doors

  1. nannykim

    I agree: a bedroom should be serene. One thing I have often neglected is the fact that it should be a place for romance. I neglect making it look like a romantic room….I settle more for cozy or restful. But I guess I need to think about working at making it more romantic. I have often wondered what a man feels is a romantic room? I have never really asked my hubby (I just realized this!!). I know candles is one thing—but I hate rooms that have huge flowery spreads etc. I like a more masculine spread……but what would be romantic and what would my hubby deam romantic? hmmmm

    One thing I have seen as far as your windows and bed. I have seen on hgtv that they sometime hang a curtain rod the full length behind the bed and windows. Then they drape the entire area in curtains, making the curtain a type of luxury headboard.

  2. Army Mom

    I have SO been enjoying your blog (huge fan of the love-story, by the way!) So glad I found you…

    Love your inspiration room! Especially the barn door bathroom door!

    When we first moved into our house, (and promptly tore it apart to remodel it like you’re doing) we placed our bed between the two windows and facing toward the door too – and it stayed that way for almost 2 years. It went on to be two years of my life spent knowing something was off and just didn’t feel right in the bedroom… (insert joke there, it’s okay.)

    Turns out, when we moved the bed to the wall without the windows, everything changed for us! We slept better, we felt more at ease – there was harmony in the bedroom – and, in our lives again.

    I don’t believe a thing about feng shui , and I mean no offense to those that do, but there is something to be said for proper bed placement – It also says you should not sleep with your feet pointed toward the door – it’s call the, “coffin” position. Nuff said…

    Any way… This is just my 2-cents, (worth only what you paid for it.)

    I also don’t think a headboard is what you need there if you insist on keeping the bed between the windows… Unless you rush out and buy a huge 4-poster bed, (as pictured in your inspiration room) your room will never feel or look to scale because your windows are so high (LOVE THEM!) – you will always be competing with those gorgeous windows for scale and comfort in your room…

    My suggestion is to try the bed on another wall and either arrange a reading chair and table between your windows or station a wide dresser there with a small mirror sitting on it or hang a piece of art work above the dresser.

    See what I mean here:

    and here:

    For more on Feng Shui in the bedroom visit:

    Happy decorating!

  3. Debbie York

    I like the direction you’re going. Amy’s transformation is an excellent source for inspiration. She did an amazing job (Well, Ron helped some)! Stay focused on the prize. You know what makes you happy and you’re the one who will be seeking refuge in this room! I’m in the process of decluttering myself….and my home.

  4. Rachel

    I love sterile. Our room is all chocolatey brown and red and warm and inviting. Perhaps if I changed ours to sterile, I could stop feigning headaches so much. 😉

    Just kidding, I never fake a headache. But sometimes I do feel like he’s taking the fruitful and multiply thing too seriously.

    Was this TMI? Sorry. LOVE your room!

  5. Mindy

    Is that nightstand Fringeman’s black music carrying box thingy? Is that the look you want to keep? Otherwise, add a new nightstand or two to the list. And bigger and bolder lamps. I love the curtains. Tell me about the child’s rocker. Why? I’m digging the white bench on the end of the bed. Lots of nice elements. And we all know that it’s come a long way, baby! ~Mindy


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