Am I Crazy?

100_4538I need your help.

I have this habit that FringeMan says proves I’m nuts, but I’m not.

Of course I’m not.

Some people are obsessed with cleaning and keeping things perfectly neat.  I am not one of those people.  Before you even think it, I know my sterile bedroom says otherwise, but you cannot see the dust in the pictures and right now there are dirty clothes in a clump on the floor and the bed is a mess.  That kind of thing doesn’t bother me.  In fact, it may still look the same tomorrow morning except with a bigger clump of clothes.

Remember my closets?

What bothers me is cross-contamination of food items or instruments.

That sentence alone may prove I’m crazy.  I don’t know.  That’s why I need your help.  Even if you’ve never commented before, comment today.

I need to know…

Do you clean your can opener ever single time you use it?

Because I do.

FringeMan thinks it’s obsessive.  He is perfectly happy to open a can of peaches today, beans the next, and tomatoes a month from now without ever washing the can opener.  I can’t do that.   I’ve tried to allow it, but no.

So while some may wash their hands fifty times a day, I just wash my can opener.

Tell me you do it to!



28 thoughts on “Am I Crazy?

  1. Marytoo

    I clean my can opener every time. I know lots of people that don’t, though. I don’t have an electric one, but I wonder about them. I have seen some with some awful crusty stuff on the blade… 😦

  2. Anna

    Every time I’ve used it – it goes through the dishwasher.

    Like you I’m not OCD about cleanliness but we use ours to open cat food and then baked beans etc – the thought of cat food getting into anything else……..yikes!

  3. jenn

    I can’t say that I “wash” it per se, but I do give it a quick rinse in super-hot water. Does that count? I’m not a neat-freak, but it does gross me out to pick up a can opener that’s sticky or has visible residue (tomato sauce, etc.) from the last use.

  4. nannykim

    Oh PS> When I did work with food in my employment days the other important thing besides the cross contamination issues were the proper temperatures of food. Keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold……many people don’t realize that starchy foods often are the ones that give people food poisoning at picnics etc—foods such as rice. Things that have a vinegar dressing tend to stand up better!

    The other thing that often gets people sick is keeping left overs to long in the frig. Most left over meats need to be eaten in 2 days, 3 at the most.

  5. nannykim

    WEEEEEEEEEEEEEL, I don’t clean mine every time. I do if I open something that might be messy. I have a hand held can opener, and I have had ones in the past that have gotten really really hard to use because of all the washing. So I think that has played into my attitude of not always washing it.

    You know people are always studying and writing about sponges and dishcloths containing so many germs. Just this week I read again about it from an email from flylady. So I just started changing them every day. BUT BUT BUT you know what I can’t figure out?? I seriously don’t believe we have gotten sick from not washing them or changing them. I confess….I have gone a very very very long time between washing and changing them !! AND GUESS WHAT? None of us was sick….I am wondering if it makes us healthier by building up our resistance to germs? ha! However, now a days my family does not eat much meat so I don’t have to worry about that raw meat contamination bit.

  6. Chrissy

    No, you are absolutely NOT crazy. That is just regular cleanliness. I wash mine every time. And, I remember a few years ago, you fussed at Pat because she had that mounted can opener (which really, how can you wash? It’s stuck to the wall?) and you fussed at her for opening dog food on it and then other things. That was the first time it really occurred to me. I think I was washing mine before it, but after that, I most definitely was. So, NO NO NO…just clean. Imagine dried tomato sauce weeks later…gross…just gross.

  7. April

    I wash it occasionally, but I have to confess that I haven’t given the issue much thought until I read your post. Now, logically thinking about it, of course some food and/or liquid from the can I am opening is going to get on the can opener itself, so why shouldn’t I wash it everytime? I don’t know whether to thank you for opening my eyes or making me nuts as well!

  8. robinaltman

    Every so often I’ve thought about the grossness of never washing the can opener, but then I forget about it. Yes, my can opener has never been washed. I think we non-washers are the insane ones.

  9. Ferree

    I vote not crazy. However if you put your lettuce in the freezer or a closet or drawer, then you might want to ask again. Please keep the fringeman away from your can opener. He’s a danger to society. 🙂

  10. Debra

    I’m sorry I don’t wash my can opener every time but I do throw it in the dishwasher occasionally! You are not crazy believe me!

  11. Mindy

    I got a new can opener for my birthday. Never even thought about cleaning the blade. I’m gonna go look at it and see if it needs it. Will I see gunk or something?

    How bout mixing different kinds of cookies in a baggie? I hate it. It ruins every cookie in there, doesn’t it? ~Mindy

  12. Dani Joy

    Well, girl on the Fringe, at camp we have to wash the can openers all the time. It´s mandatory. so don´t feel badly or crazy!

    Just keep crunchin!! jeje

    Dani JOy

  13. Rachel

    I only wash mine after stinky things (like tuna) or sticky things (like condensed milk). Otherwise it’s a free for all, which is odd because I’m the Clorox queen. 🙂

  14. Debbie York

    I just go buy a new one! Just kidding…it’s cleaned on a regular basis…just not every time. Now don’t get me started on cutting or preparing food on a bare counter!

  15. Amber

    I am 100% right here with you. And when people don’t wash their hands multiple times during the cooking process. I am such a germaphobe when it comes to cooking and personal care. But my house is always a disaster!! And don’t get me started on how messed up my car is. I could cook and bake from morning to night if someone would just come and clean for me. :o)


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