Conflict of Interest?


Praying for the Families of Fallen Soldiers

At the risk of sounding narrow-minded and unloving, today I pose a question.  I encourage you to weigh in with your thoughts, comments, and opinions.  It should prove interesting.


No, I haven’t thought through all the ramifications of this question and I am looking at things through a very narrow lense.

I’m not military.

I’m not seeing the big picture.

I’m not saying I’m right.

I do not believe there is a simple answer.

I believe in religious freedom.

Why do I even bother to post?  I don’t know, but I’d ask you this over a cup of coffee, so pretend we’re in Starbucks…you’re buying.

Since we are at war in muslim countries with terrorists who happen to be muslim, do you think that there may be a conflict of interest with an active duty American military serviceman being muslim?

Just wondering.

Lowe’s won’t hire you if your spouse has a hardware or appliance store within a certain proximity because of conflict of interest.  Many companies ban ‘moonlighting’ because of a conflict of interests.  You cannot serve on a jury if there’s a conflict of interest.

Get my point?

What do you think?


22 thoughts on “Conflict of Interest?

  1. America's 1stSgt

    I would not say it is a conflict of interest to have Muslim Americans in our armed forces. Having deployed to Iraq I have had Muslim Marines and Sailors serve with me and they were as good as anyone else. The interpreters we worked with were all Jordanian and Iraqi Muslims and for the most part they were ok too.

    In WWII the 442d was an Army unit comprised solely of Japanese-Americans and remain the most decorated outfit of their generation. They are most famous for rescuing a unit from Texas and were even made honorary Texans by the governor. Was it a conflict of interest to have them fight for us? I would say not.

    I would hold up the 442d as an example of a proper response to being truly discriminated against. Their families were in concentration camps and openly hated in America yet they rose to the occasion and fought against their nation’s enemies with valor.

    This would be in contrast to those merely claiming to have been subject to discrimination to suit their own agenda. In the armed forces of the United States you are more likely to catch grief for being a Christian than a Muslim so I am not buying Maj Hassan’s story about being subject to that nonsense. He was also not allowed to leave the military since it was what paid for his education. He owed his time in service first.

    I look at Muslim extremism this way: they use Islam as an excuse to commit acts of violence. They do not commit acts of violence because of Islam any more than dirtbags bomb abortion clinics because of Christianity. In both cases they do it because they are murderers; they are a threat to our society and need to be eliminated.

    A conflict of interest would have been if he decided he was a conscientious objector. That would mean he was opposed to war of any kind. Obviously he didn’t have a problem with using lethal force so that wasn’t the case.

    The price of having a free and open society is vigilance even when we are at home.

    Christians are to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. We also know that a spirit of fear is not of God. So my advice to all would be to remain vigilant and not afraid.

  2. Connie

    This question needs to be asked. I’m glad you did and most of the replies are so well spoken and thought out.

    I fully believe it is a conflict of interest. Am Pakistani man came to speak at my church right after 9-11. His family was Christian but he went to Muslim schools. He said they were trying to brainwash he and the other children from day 1. He also said there is no difference between people like Hasan and your Muslim next door neighbor. Don’t be fooled by his outward behavior. If someone professes to be Muslim, they share the same Koran. That Koran teaches that if you are not Muslim you are an infidel and you die for it.

    Now, do I believe this? I don’t know. I have never read much of the Koran. However it does seem to flesh itself out as attacks like this occur.

    I do know that the military blew it. If this man was so open about hatred for the wars and his deployment, he should have been out a long time ago. I am grateful to Sen. Lieberman for wanting a congressional investigation. It’s the right thing to do.

  3. chrissy

    A+ for David. He wins 🙂 All this about not offending, and all this being a balancing act, whatever. If the facts show what they show, and they do, then why do we keep pretending? I guess for me though, it all goes back to God and the Bible and we can fool ourselves into thinking we have rights here and we should treat people a certain way. If I believe the Bible is 100% true, and I do, then I go with what God says. Any doctrine different from what is found in the Bible is a lie. It is of Satan. That means, Islam is a tool of Satan and the end results will be his results. That’s just the truth. Am I surprised then, that Muslim countries are at war with each other and every other country that doesn’t fall in line with their views? When people speak of peaceful Muslims, they are talking about Westernized Muslims. Those in the middle east, check out their women’s rights. Look at how they treat women in general, even rape victims. And that’s the norm. Only in the West do Muslims even resemble a peaceful person.

  4. robinaltman

    Wow. Provocative question! I like it! Gives me diarrhea, but I like it. (Not the diarrhea, the question.)

    I think we should have freedom of religion in the army as well as anywhere else. Yet, because there are wacky Muslims shooting and terrorizing people, they should be closely questioned and scrutinized if they want to work for a bomb store, or a poison factory . If a Muslim army shrink expressed concern over supporting war with Muslims, I’d not only happily give him his wish of leaving the army, but I’d scrutinize his activities after that. I guess I believe in freedom and profiling simultaneously.

  5. David

    If it’s true that the majority of Muslims want to live in peace, here are some things they can do to make it believable:

    1) Public outcry against the actions of violent Muslims. We should see peace-loving Muslims in droves standing up and condemning these violent acts in no uncertain terms. Sitting on your hands and keeping quiet doesn’t convince us you care.

    2) Make peace with Israel. Simple enough. Quit the hating and just leave them alone. You don’t have to hold hands, just everybody stay on their own side of the fence.

    3) Muslim nations quit fighting with each other. If you’re so darn peaceful, just leave each other alone. When you can’t even quit killing each other, it makes it hard to believe you’re all that peaceful.

    4) Go after terrorists in your own countries. If you truly condemn their acts, instead of harboring them, go round them up and bring them to justice.

    Is this asking too much? It shouldn’t be if the MAJORITY of Muslims are sincere about wanting to live in peace.

  6. David

    Col said: “Because of one horrific act…”

    ONE horrific act? Have you been hiding under a rock? Your arguments remind me of those used by the lovers of Pit Bull Terriers…. all dogs bite… it’s the owner, not the dog… blah, blah, blah. But at the end of the day statisitics show that a Pit Bull Terrier is hundreds if not thousands of times more likely to kill someone than the average dog. Does that mean that ALL Pit Bulls are bad? No. But when you look at the breed in general, it makes sense to use caution in dealing with them. Is that stereotyping? Profiling? You bet! And wisely so!

  7. Chrissy

    I’m not gonna lie. This situation has me SO mad. I don’t get that angry over stuff on the news. I usually just figure, these are the times we live in. But this made me mad, because I thought about those military people just going to work, wearing that uniform, knowing that one day, they may have to fight the enemy overseas. And then, the enemy walks in, wearing our uniform. I thought, this could happen to my husband. What if this were here, at our military base? They were sitting ducks. Dennis said that the readiness centers are usually pretty crowded…it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, which is probably why he was able to kill so many. Here is the irony to me. He said that he was really concerned about having to possibly fight, kill, or injure fellow Muslims by going to Afghanistan…but somehow, he had no issue walking into a readiness center, where people are preparing to be deployed, and killing fellow Americans? Am I supposed to believe that this guy ever truly loved America? It’s not happening. You will not convince me of that. He had an issue with killing Muslims but no issue with killing Americans. SOOO mad just thinking about it. And, for the person who said this is not the peaceful religion it’s made out to be, they are 100% correct. My grandparents were missionaries among the Muslims in Pakistan and Iran for almost 20 years. If they are following their “holy” book, then they are our enemies. Believe the lies, or know the truth. No doubt, there are ‘Muslims’ out there how don’t really know their faith just like their are “Christians” who never pick up a Bible. I’m sure those Muslims do take offense to this, but it’s usually because they have no idea what their own religion teaches and I so don’t even care if that makes people mad anymore.

  8. Debbie York

    Tricia, I have bounced your question around in my head all day trying to come up with an answer that made sense to me, but it’s hard to do when viewing such senseless killing. A conflict of interest, yes, but so is the practice of hiring non-citizens in Federal government jobs. Why are green card carrying individuals allowed in sensitive positions such as the US Postal Service for example? Shouldn’t these jobs be only for American citizens? How easy would it be to shut this country down through the mail service.
    I do know this is going to accelerate (sp?) what is already a volatile point within our country. Do I have an answer…no. I’m not an isolationist, but I have to admit, it’s something worth thinking about. I hate that information is given by the news media to the general public before all the facts are in as this only serves to generate even more hate. The only thing I am sure of is he had to take an oath upon entering the military…an oath to defend the constitution…not just take the education that came with it. One has to wonder what he was thinking? Am I making sense or just making noise?

  9. col~

    Timothy McVeigh was not Muslim. His accomplices were not Muslim. The guy who shoots up a convenience store probably isn’t Muslim. I have no doubt that there are many Muslims in the military and other law enforcement and civil service agencies who have devoted their lives to the United States and to helping others. Because of one horrific act, must we condemn them all? Eradicate them from the USA? Practice ethnic cleansing? I do not watch many news programs but have seen a few segments about how the US military has been known to not practice the religious freedom for which they fight for.
    Maybe we need to step back and look at the individual who committed this act and see what went wrong instead of being discriminatory to a religion whom MOST of its followers are peace loving and honorable.

  10. Jo@Mylestones

    You are brave to ask the question. It does seem like a conflict of interest. I shy away from all the controversy, but if I’m honest, I’d say I’m really baffled by how a guy the Army gave 10 years of training to (and invested $200k+ easy) turned around and shot his fellow soldiers. It makes zero sense outside the context of his religion.

  11. Sie

    Apparently it IS a conflict of interest for Muslims!
    I do not understand why slights, insults or injustices–real or perceived–must be addressed by murder, which seems to be the response of choice for too many of those who are adherents of Islam. Is there a moderate, laid-back version of Islam?

  12. Rachel

    At first I tried to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. But then reports from wounded soldiers started coming out that before he opened fire he jumped on a table and cried out, “Allah Akbar” which translates to God is good. Then he started murdering his fellow soldiers. Why would you cry out that God is good before taking innocent lives UNLESS you believed the lives you were about to take would fulfill a religious responsibility?

    Could he be deranged? Possibly. But that seems hard to believe considering he’s a psychiatrist.

    I think it’s a HUGE conflict of interest. There are now reports that this guy’s name is coming up on radical websites. WHY didn’t the army look into this? Call it profiling, call it what you will – when we are in a war – physical and spiritual – and homework should have been done on this guy.

    But you know what? It will probably never happen. A few years back the LAPD tried to put in surveillance in a predominately Muslim neighborhood because there were suspected terror cells and some group (probably the ACLU but I’m not 100% certain) sued the LAPD for racial profiling, so no surveillance was done.

    All this political correctness nauseates me. If you have nothing to hide, then you shouldn’t get offended. If young, pudgy, blonde haired white women were blowing buildings up and opening fire on innocent civilians, I’d deal with being questioned. It comes with the territory. If you know you are innocent, then why do you care?

    I will support rights of the individual to the fullest extent UNTIL the rights of that individual trump the rights of a whole group. The responsibility of the military is to protect the nation, not the pride of an individual.

    Hope you don’t get any hate mail from this. 🙂

  13. Army Mom

    There is so much to say…

    America needs to wake up! The DC sniper was a terrorist just like the ones that flew planes into buildings/the ground on 9/11, just like this jihadist. He is not a victim of post traumatic stress, he is not an American and he most certainly is not a soldier. He is a terrorist. I am delighted that a Woman, hero-cop took him down and I am thrilled he lived. No 72-virgins for him – only pain, shame and hopefully a death that is not on his terms.

    My father was a soldier, and an officer. My son is a Ranger. I am an America who loves her country. That man is a terrorist and must be called one!

    Those afraid to look into the eye of who this man is are just as dangerous as he is!

    I urge you to read here:

    Opening our eyes is the only thing that will save all of us.

    God Bless America and those willing to defend her.

  14. David

    That’s a tough question to answer. I believe in rights of the individual, but I don’t think all rights are of equal priority. I believe that the God given unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that are outlined in the Declaration of Independence take priority over other “lessor” rights. While I do believe strongly in the freedom of religion, I believe that right must end at the point where it infringes on the aforementioned higher priority rights of others.

  15. Cherie O

    Tricia, my husband and I, having both served in the military — me in the USAF and he in the USMC — were discussing this last night. The military has many restrictions for joining like age, height, weight, health conditions, sexual orientation (don’t ask don’t tell) and even limitations for certain jobs based on gender or other strict health, age, height/weight/physical restrictions. I don’t see why religion could not also be a restriction since there is ageism, sexism, etc being practiced today. In the case of the Ft Hood shooter, from researching it, he asked to get out of the military because of his disagreement about the war after 9/11 and was denied. That poses a larger question about why a completely volunteer armed forces would deny someone who objected to their actions to stay in. I have seen others get out as conscientious objectors for less personal conflict then that.

  16. Jill

    I think there’s a big difference between not employing them in the armed forces and locking them in camps. We don’t put convicted “reformed” felons on our police department forces or in the secret service. Why would we put muslims in our armed forces where their duty is to protect our nation when the stated purpose in their religion is to wipe out the infidels?
    I admit I might be biased. We were chased out of Uganda by Muslim terrorists.
    On the other hand, it’s not the peaceful religion it’s made out to be. Don’t believe the marketing campaign.

  17. Debra

    That thought crossed my mind as well when I saw that news story. I don’t know the answer and I feel sorry for innocent muslims who are discriminated against, but you have to wonder about that coincidence don’t you. Here in Canada we locked up all the Japanese during the 2nd world war, that seemed shocking to me but what can we do to keep everyone safe? I don’t think there are any easy answers.


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