Tropical Jerk Chicken

This is a repost from October of 2008, but I just made this recipe last week and it really was good.  I thought I’d share it again, since you probably haven’t seen it anyway.  I apologize for the lack of pictures.

Either I’m a good cook or a bad cook, but never anything in between.  Tracking my cooking cycles is almost as difficult as tracking my hormonal cycles, maybe worse.  Unfortunately for our guests, I never know in advance whether I’ll be a good cook on any given day.

Eating at my house is much like playing Russian roulette with slightly less risk.  No one has died from my cooking, yet.  Another factor aiding in bad cooking is my lack of organization and planning.  Being a positive person, I view myself as spontaneous.  Spontaneity doesn’t work in a kitchen unless your kitchen happens to be right smack in the center of a grocery store.

I often find myself scrounging through my kitchen cabinets around 4 in the afternoon wondering what in the world I’m going to create for dinner.  By now my kids have been feigning starvation and grumbling so loudly I think the Lord may send manna from heaven and rescue me from this endless kitchen battle.

What does a person make with 3 cans of varied beans, pasta with no sauce, and salad dressing?  I always have salad dressing and not a person in my family uses it.  Other people tend to bless me with rather large bottles of Italian, Caesar, and if we’re all lucky, Ranch.

At times, I peruse cook books, gather delicious looking recipes (only ones with pictures) and make indulgent grocery lists; however, 3 aisles into shopping realty strikes and I realize my budget is blown and I only have food for one meal.  It’s then I abandon any ideas of feeding my family fancy meals and reapply my lip-gloss just in-case the Take Home Chef happens to be in my store.

If I ever happen to be in the same supermarket as the Take Home Chef, there’s no way he’s going home with anyone else.  My daughter thinks “he’s cute and may marry him when she grows up.”  As his potential future mother-in-law, he’d have to pick me!

Anyway, the whole point is that I’ve created a great recipe and yes, of course, I want to share it.  Don’t be scared, I already told you I’ve been having a few good cooking days.  Ok, here goes, get a paper and pen!


1 can papayas (don’t ask me what size cans, I have no idea)

1 can Libby’s tropical papaya mix

3 large chicken breasts (you can cut in half to make 6 or use 6 individually frozen cutlets)

Jamaican Jerk Rub (I used a bottle from The Pampered Chef)

In an oven safe fry pan (I used a square griddle that’s oven safe), place chicken breasts, sprinkle with Jamaican Jerk rub, and sear.  After you have nice brown marks on either side of chicken, dump both cans of fruit (with liquid) over chicken and bake in oven at 375 degrees for about an hour or until your chicken is cooked.  Leave uncovered.  It was great!

I promise I made this up.  It was an epiphany between defrosting cutlets and emptying the dishwasher.

Part of 2nd Cup of Coffee’s Fall Into Flavor – Go visit for more recipes!  Click HERE.



4 thoughts on “Tropical Jerk Chicken

  1. momstheword

    It does sound good and I am always on the lookout for a yummy recipe, particularly one that doesn’t seem to difficult!

    Believe me, I’ve had my share of culinary disasters. Last week I made something so scary looking it prompted my youngest to say “It probably tastes better than it looks……” (It did, by the way).

    ~ Nan

  2. Kim

    hahaha, I can’t even get canned peaches here. There’s no way I’m finding canned mangos. It does sounds yummy but I’m just going to have to take your word for it.


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