Retirement Destination

Today I received my yearly overview letter of Social Security Benefits.  They let me know what I’d be receiving if I decided to retire at age 62; however, they also included what I like to call the “just in-case” clause.  Like, just in-case we run out of money, a scenario that is not only possible, but also probable.  The big date they gave for the storehouse of wealth to run dry is 2037.

It’s a waste of stamps to send me these letters every year.  They may as well save their stamp money, pay some poor old person with it, and send my kids one notice in about 30 years saying their parents need money.  Problems solved.

Anyway, I decided that I may as well take my retirement early before the well runs dry and my skin gets so baggy that I have to fold it into my swimsuit.  So see you all in Tahiti.  The second hut is mine!

Oh, wait.

I just checked on airfare and I think I’ll only make it to Florida.

That’ll do!

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11 thoughts on “Retirement Destination

  1. Jill

    You’ll meet at my place, of course! I knew social security wouldn’t have any funds when I retire, so I went ahead and moved to Florida before then! See you soon!

  2. Nina in Portugal

    Oh my..oh my…

    my heart is aching…

    I had to move up a category this year….

    in your poll…I had to click the 35-49 dot…

    Thank you for reminding me that I’m old. Guess that’s what I get for thinking your last post was hilarious!

    (Where are we meeting in Florida?)

  3. David

    I agree that the government is extremely wasteful of our tax dollars. But I’m going to refrain from stepping up on the soapbox because I want to go to bed soon and elevated blood pressure is not conducive to sleep.

  4. Cathy

    I’d be happy with Florida! Actually, I could retire now. I have over 30 years in my retirement system. Unfortunately, my kids are too young, so I need to keep working. yuck!

  5. Joye

    Florida is right next door : )

    I’ve laughed so hard since I’ve been lurking on your page–the tree named Phyliss! What a wonder!

    And I personally think you look MUCH younger and MUCH more beautiful than that lady in the Office. Truly.


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