Frosty’s Budget Cuts

This holiday season I feel like I’m a cross between Scrooge, the Grinch, and Frosty the Snowman.  I love Christmas.  I love giving gifts.  If I had the means, I’d spend the entire month finding the perfect gift for everyone I know; however, my pot of gold is nearly empty and it’s only December third.  That is why I’ve made an executive holiday decision.

I am not sending out Christmas cards this year.

I’ve been married for twelve years and I’ve probably sent out Christmas cards for at least nine of those years.  I doubt I sent any cards the year I sat perched on the edge of my couch waiting for my daughter to be birthed, and I’ve thrown a few bonus years into my calculation due to possible social failure.

I love receiving photo-cards, because I enjoy seeing how distant friends and family have grown throughout the year.  My only problem with sending cards this year is budget.  I spend at least $60 on cards and stamps, mostly on stamps.  Sixty extra dollars in my pot would be nice this month.  It’s not that my friends and family aren’t worth sixty dollars, because they are so much more important than a handful of gold.  There’s just this little thing called a bank account.  The fine men and women who run banks don’t like you to spend more money than you have in your account.  They can be such grumps.

This year, I’m trying to be creative.  I thought that maybe I could record a ‘live’ message from our family, upload it to YouTube, email it around and post it here.  Problem solved, right?

Not quite.  I mentioned this on facebook the other day and it seemed to hit a nerve.  So I ask you, am I stirring social conflict by not sticking a card in the mail?

Are you sending out your own cards?

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19 thoughts on “Frosty’s Budget Cuts

  1. Rachel

    OK well I don’t know what the FB haters were on about, but I love the idea of a YouTube video. We’re not sending cards this year because of money and time. Last year we had a super-nice card with a long letter and everything. Not this year. Too much going on.

  2. caprik

    Oh, and my GOAL is to send Christmas cards this year. Especially since The Boy’s girlfriend, LMNOP, said she would take our family picture!!!! How can I pass that up?

  3. caprik

    I like the youtube idea, it sounds so FUN!

    I have sent cards on some years and not on others, for some reason I couldn’t let it go for more than 2 years, I was afraid we would be written off.
    Some years I had good reasons, and some years not so good.

    My only concern for you would be because you moved this year and people will not have your new address. That could significantly reduce the number of cards you receive! Unless you took care of that already. Maybe you can do that on your FaceBook thingy.

    I say RELEASE YOURSELF. There is always next year.

  4. Alyson (New England Living)

    Don’t sweat it and do whatever feels right to you. I haven’t decided about cards this year yet. My main problem is the time it takes to do those and I just don’t know if I’ll find that time this year.

    You shouldn’t feel guilt about whatever you decide. There is no law about sending out cards. I think everyone misses years here or there where they don’t send them out. I never think any less of them.

  5. Jenn Calling Home

    I say, go for it. I haven’t done cards for a few years because we can never seem to get our act together for a nice family picture, and I don’t want to just send out a signature-only card. Seems pointless to spend the money on that. The UTube thing is a great idea, and maybe you can do a card for those who are not “hip” to the internet (i.e., grandparents and such).

  6. Mom

    I am with you—food on the table or cards that get thrown away. To me it is a no-brainer.
    I stopped sending cards years ago because of the cost. Do the Utube because with you it will be better than a card with lots of laughs and good memories.

  7. Amber

    I am sending out cards but fortunately I am financially able to do so. Who cares if facebook people don’t agree. I think the youtube greeting would be grand!@!!! 😀

  8. Mindy

    Here’s what I’m saying. While tradition is deeply embedded in my Southern Heart. Doing what is in your heart, with your heart is what matters. However you do it. If it is done with your heart, and it doesn’t involve sin, then I don’t think you can go wrong. YouTube is not a sin from what I’ve read in the Bible. So, I say, go for it. As for me? I do cards when the wind blows in the direction that gives me time. ~Mindy

  9. Jenn

    When was the last time you received a card from me??? Maybe last year?? Then you were one of the few that received them last year. I haven’t sent cards in about 7-8 years, so don’t sweat it. No one came and made a stink that I didn’t send cards…..hmmmmmmmmm, maybe that’s saying something too???? 😉 Everyone loves you, Christmas cards or not. Don’t sweat it.

  10. robinaltman

    I like the You Tube idea! I think it’s fine not to send Christmas cards. Just think Christmas wishes at people.

  11. Debbie York

    I don’t send many cards…just out of state or town. I try to limit it to just people I don’t see as much as I would like. I have to be up front and say that some years, I just run out of time and don’t send any. What’s wrong with You Tube…I think it’s a great idea and cheery! Until the eyebrow raisers are paying your bills…don’t sweat the small stuff!
    Anything that is regarded as a chore should never be performed during the Christmas season. This is a time to be as happy as possible.

  12. Patti Lacy

    You have jiggled my coin purse on this one.

    I still have not decided.

    Our daughter fell ill on Thanksgiving Day, when tradition has us snapping a crazy Christmas picture. Tentatively, we will “shoot for” a tinsel and ornament pose and mail out New Year’s cards. But at nearly 50 cents a whack, we may reconsider.

    Would love to have you step into my new blog. It’s free!


  13. Cathy

    Some years I send cards and some I don’t. I plan to this year and I even had photo cards done for the first time. I heard about the offer on someone’s blog where I got them for free. I only had to pay for shipping. Now, if I could just get someone to address them and pay for the postage I’d be all set.

    I don’t think you should feel any guilt for not sending cards. After all, you should do what you want or can afford. Going into debt sure wouldn’t make anyone happy (except the creditors)lol

    And personally I liked the idea of a video on youtube. I would look forward to seeing it. I can’t imagine why anyone would have a problem with that.

  14. Elyse

    I think the youtube video sounds like a GREAT idea!!! Don’t feel bad about the cards, if you cant do them, you cant do them.

    Have a wonderful weekend!! 🙂

  15. red.neck Chic

    Tragic comment from your local redneck, be warned…

    I have never sent Christmas cards.

    I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I did issue a warning!!!

    I HAVE the cards each year, I just hand them to whomever needs them!!! I’m hanging my head in shame…

    Seriously though, I call everybody on Christmas Eve (and if it’s somebody I know will talk forever, I call when I know they are in an evening service and just leave a message… I’m hangin’ my head in shame at admitting that…).

    But, I have to tell ya – the YouTube video sounds like a blast!!! AND! Knowing what I know ’bout you, it’s guaranteed to be a hit!!!

    Okay, don’t tell anybody about what I admitted to. LOLOLOL


  16. Jill

    Most years I sent cards because I wanted to get them. I collected and hoarded them as though they were actual expressions of love and fondness as opposed to a social obligation that everyone resents. (I am optimistic that way.)

    This year I haven’t yet been able to squeeze the money out of the budget. If it doesn’t appear in another week, I won’t do cards and the social network that I know and love will break down never to be quite the same again. (I’m also dramatic that way.)

  17. misscaron

    Oh honey … I’m right there with ya! I seriously am stretched so thin it’s pathetic. No holiday party this year, no Christmas cards, probably no gifts for my family members either. I’m feeling so Grinchy and I hate it! Heres to hoping next year is a better one! God bless!


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