Some things in life leave me completely baffled.  Today is one of those days where I’m just not sure WHY…

– I woke up to a house full of smoke and the fire alarms going off.

– The wind blew my back door open sometime in the middle of the night, thus filling my laundry room with snow.

– The dog’s crate is littered with an old bag of once shredded cheese, various pieces of plastic, and part of FringeBoy’s snow boot.

– My daughter is cock-a-doodle-doing.

– It is necessary to have caution tape wrapped around the side of my house.

– The drain on my kitchen sink mysteriously came apart leaking water all over the floor.

– I am not living in the South, because southern laundry rooms rarely fill with snow.

– Santa Claus is way behind in his game.  He’d better whip his elves into shape if he expects to deliver toys to the FringeKid’s this year.

– FringePup insists on drinking out of the toilet when she has a full water bowl.

It’s not yet ten o’clock in the morning and I fear what awaits me today.  I knew something was askew this week when Monday passed without incident.  Apparently the Monday mongrels are getting me on Wednesday.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


16 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Ferree

    And in the midst of all that you have the grace to put the cinnamon roll link on FB–you ARE a saint!
    Can’t wait to see what’s next! (And if you’d only move to Ohio I’d be right over to rescue you. But for now I’m praying for you–smoke alarms aren’t meant to be wake up calls).

  2. caprik

    Our cat, Halle Berry, is a pot drinker as well. Someone suggested to me that maybe the water is colder. I’m going with that.

    After today, TOMORROW will seem like a piece of cake!

  3. Life with Kaishon

    I am popping over from Pioneer Woman tonight : ) I read your comment about not having photoshop! Sometimes my computer won’t let me use mine and it just stresses me out! I hope you get it soon : ) Also hope your doggy starts drinking her water from the right place : )

  4. Debra

    Oh my! Another fun filled day in the fringe household! But enquiring minds want to know about the smoke alarm! 😉

  5. red.neck Chic

    let’s try this. Go crawl back into bed and try your morning all again – but following a whole different script. I feel for you on the smoke/fire alarms – I would bring my clean-up kit in a heartbeat if you weren’t snowed in!!!

    Since the previous two are not really an option… drop the rice cakes, dodge the yellow snow and eat some of those cookies you’ve been making…

    Sending you my laundry room,
    😉 Robelyn

    I DO SO HOPE your day gets better!!!

  6. Jill

    In the Pollyanna mode, try this:

    the snow and the leaking pipes were somehow necessary to fix the smoke and the fire alarms. Plus, with all that terrible stuff happening, you are now free of actually having to accomplish anything today. No matter what is demanded of you, you can always reply that you didn’t get it done because of the smoke, snow and water leakage. And you can even tell them the day was so horrible that it drove your daughter over the edge and she started cock-a-doodle-doodling (!) because of a mental breakdown. Now go eat chocolate and lose yourself in a favorite book or movie. Anyone can see you deseerve it. : )

  7. Debbie York

    OK, take a deep breath and let’s see if I can talk you down off the ledge.
    a. Smoke alarms….let’s come back to this one, ‘kay?
    b. Laundry room….Now all your whites are as clean as the driven snow.
    c. Dog’s crate………Hey, better IN her crate than OUT her butt.
    d. daughter………… I’m guessing today is a “snow” day and she anxious to get started. All things considered…it could be worse…she could be yodeling.
    e. Caution tape…….Good way to keep out those pesky door to door peddlers. Try adding a quarantine sign for good measure.
    f. In Re: Smoke……Is a. the reason for e.?
    g. leaking pipes…….Weren’t you planning on scrubbing the floor at this point? No…well, then turn it into a indoor pool.
    h. Santa Claus……….I got nothing!
    i. FringePup’s drinking problems….Consider it a refillable water bowl. Think of the time you’ll save. Maybe you should look at patenting the idea!
    As far as the MM’s are concerned…perhaps their GPS is screwy due to all the snow! Hey, maybe Santa has the same problem.
    Feel Better?

  8. Cathy

    Yeah, my dog likes to drink out of the toilet too. I always figured the porcelin toilet keeps the water cooler. Plus I think she knows it bugs me. It’s probably a conspiracy of all dogs to drive their humans crazy!! lol

  9. Jenn

    Aaaaah!! FringeKid, a child after my own heart!!!! More importantly….how’s the hair today??? ;-)~ All those other things are minor in comparison! My boss actually called me this morning and told me to wait a couple of hours before trying to come in to work because of the roads – how cool was that?!!!
    Don’t worry, the worst is over once the flood waters have been cleaned up. (Remember, the power of positive thinking, or rather, the power of totally lying to yourself – whichever floats your boat today. The pun was possibly intended.)


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