Betrayed by my Campadre

Notice my high-tech television set-up?  We just upgraded from black and white last year.  Maybe we’ll have a flat screen before I need Depends.

Moving on.

My two girls, the two-legged and four-legged ones are my companions.  We have this female bond that centers around potato chips, pop-corn, and chocolate.  FringePup perks right up when she hears the crinkle of a chip bag and she’s becoming quite efficient at plucking flying pop corn kernels from the air.  She really impressed me the other day.  I won’t even mention the half pan of brownies she stole from the stovetop.

But tonight, one of my female compadres betrayed me.

It wasn’t the beast.

Looking into her bowl of spaghetti, FringeKid turned to me and asked, “Is this the kind that sticks together and has hard spots?”

Al dente.

It’s quite fashionable to serve al dente pasta.  I’m sure I saw that on the Food Network.

All I know is that it is a good thing I am not Italian, I’d bring shame to the boot.


16 thoughts on “Betrayed by my Campadre

  1. Jenn

    If you throw a strand of spaghetti against the wall and it sticks, it’s ready. And that wasn’t even a Snapple fact. 😉

  2. Carissa

    Crap. I’m like 1/8 Italian and I dont’ even know what you are talkin’ bout!

    but that part about shame to the boot made me gufaw, no lyin.

  3. DJ

    Girlfriend, Let me make you feel better: The other day, I wanted to cook something. I opened my lower cabinets to get out a sauce pan. No sauce pan. Any sauce pan. Anywhere.
    I could only surmise that my cooking has hit an all-time low, and my husband has hidden the cooking utensils to avoid disaster!
    Now, don’t you feel better?
    I knew you would.

  4. Debbie York

    I happen to like the strands that stick together…makes me feel like I’m getting more for my money. In fact, I didn’t know there were two kinds!
    I betcha FringePup wouldn’t say woof to spaghetti that had hard spots.


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