Happy 101

Don't worry. Be happy.

Jill from Jill Boyd’s Place gave me this smiley face, Happy 101 award, because she says that I make her smile.


Thank you Jill.

I make my mommy cringe, my husband get a headache, and my kids grumpy, so I’m glad that I make someone smile.  The point of this award is not to focus on the fact that I ruined my son’s day by making him pick up the pile of dirty clothes he left in our front entryway; it is to focus on ten things that have recently made me happy.  Then I’ll pass it along to ten bloggers who make me smile.

Easy peasy.

1.  Flavored coffee creamers make me happy.  I love white chocolate raspberry, pumpkin spice, and crème brûlée.  I’d like to try Italian sweet cream.

2.  Plaid makes me happy.  Finally it’s back in vogue to wear plaid and I don’t look like I stole my clothes from a Salvation Army in Maine or Alaska.

3.  My woodstove makes me happy.  This is shocking since it also causes me to sweep the floor four hundred times a day and dust layers of ash off everything in the room.  I’m just glad it keeps me warm.

4. Sunshine.  John Denver said it best.

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy

Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry

Sunshine in the water looks so lovely

Sunshine almost always makes me high

5.  My children make me happy.  They also make me angry and semi-psychotic, but most often, they make me smile, especially when they latch on in a bear grip hug or make faces like THIS.

6.  FringeMan makes me happy.  Somehow I feel the need for an exception clause.  I am happy with FringeMan until he does something like THIS.  Then FringeMan makes me want to rush out for a trip to Target.

7.  Snapple facts make me happy.  It’s the joy of useless information.

8.  Yard sales make me happy.  I think it’s the thrill of beating the ninety year-old man to the box of discarded ironstone.

9.  Painting things white makes me happy.  I recently painted a couple of tables black (THESE), but they’ll be white as soon as it warms up enough for paint to stick.  Spray paint cans have minor explosions in the cold and stop spraying.  I know this from experience.  Painting outdoors in the winter just doesn’t work.

10.  Blog comments make me happy.  It’s more than your kind works.  When you leave me a comment, I can follow the link to your blog and get to know you a little bit.  I’ve even been able to email people who don’t have a blog.  I’m amazed by the some of the relationships cultivated in blogland.  They make me want to plan a trip around to the world to come visit you.  Unfortunately so few ever leave a comment.  You get to know both me and my family everyday, but I can only get to know you if you leave a comment or send me an email.

Now to name the ten blogs that make me smile.  This is hard, because there are so many wonderful blogs.  So today, I’ll choose a few that I may not have mentioned before, but I’d love to list many more.

1.  Red Neck Chick – Robelyn is a clever and sassy woman who is sure to make you smile.  I’m new to her blog and just getting to know her a little, but I love her already.

2.  The City Sage – I don’t know this blogger at all; however, looking through her blog is like picking up your favorite catalog and being inspired at what you see.

3.  Mylestones – Jo has a special gift for expressing emotion in her writing.  I’m sure you’ll love her and her sweet kids.

4.  Life in the Parsonage – Sarah is very real and I love her style.

5.  Talking Trash – There is no one sweeter than Debbie.  I can only hope that when I grow-up, I will have as big a heart as she has.

6.  My Sweet Savannah – Don’t know how I stumbled across this blog and I don’t know the author, but I think her blog is just lovely.

7.  A Country Farmhouse – I JUST found this blog and I’m including it because she has the exact kitchen I want to create.  Seriously, I’ve had this idea in my head that I’ve been working towards, but this is like seeing my imagination in print.  If you want to see what my kitchen is going to look like, click HERE.

8.  Flower Patch Farm Girl – I don’t know the blog author, but she has two adorable kids and she just seems fun.

9.  My Disgruntled Life – Amber’s honesty is refreshing and she puts her heart in her posts.

10.  a.k. palmer – Aaron is an old friend of my brother’s from college who recently launched his own blog.  He has a beautiful family and is very entertaining.

I said nothing in this post and it took me forever to write.  Lots of links, just incase you’re snowed in this weekend.

Happy Friday!


16 thoughts on “Happy 101

  1. red.neck Chic

    Ah – THANK YOU!!! You make ME smile too!!! You’re so fun!!! I have a few days to catch up on, so I’m gonna lurk for awhile…LOLOL

    Have a wonderful Monday!!!
    😉 robelyn

  2. robinaltman

    Your blog makes me happy! Sometimes I feel like we’re from those books “Separated by Birth”, where they show you that Mick Jagger looks suspiciously like Barbara Streisand. If I were to list things that make me happy, they would be very similar – even plaid! I love plaid being back! I hope it never goes away again!

  3. Kristen

    This is my first visit here – and what a great way to start to get to know you! I love your list and the humor and humility you brought to composing it.

  4. Jo@Mylestones

    Would you believe I’ve stopped by here at least three times, started to comment, and then been interrupted? Children, can’t you see Mommy is doing something VERY important here? Okay, well maybe not very important….but at least very appreciated. 🙂
    Comments make me happy too. And getting to know you in this weird bloggy world of ours has also made me happy!

  5. Mom

    Go for the kitchen! You already started the wall with the first shelf across the top; keep adding on and display the fun red dishes from Jenn and the white milk glass collection!

  6. Debbie York

    As much as I would love to be the wiseacre…you’ve left me speechless and that ain’t easy! If I have a big heart, it’s only because people like you fill it. I am so blessed and thankful to have “met” you through blogging. You make me smile, cry, laugh out loud…sometimes in the same post! I was just telling Gloria at W&T’s about you today and how you remind me of Erma. She was so excited and was going to come by for a read.
    If you really love plaid…go visit Debra at Common Ground…she is mad for plaid…even her wedding was in plaid!
    P.S. I’d pay good money to see that race at the yard sales…I’m giving odds on you!

  7. Cathy

    Congrats on your post and it was fun to read the things that make you happy. Feels like I’m getting to know you better all the time. Oh and I like your kitchen to be!

  8. Patti Lacy

    Love hearing what makes you tick–er, smile!!

    Oh, as I enjoy the Phoenix sun, the John Denver song was apropos.

    Thank you, and blessings for a great weekend.

  9. Jill

    I love the look of your future kitchen! I took a look at what FringeMan does to make you head to Target. My husband is also a Big Time Hunter, but I think you have a lot of grace to let yours butcher his deer in your kitchen. Come to think of it, mine might be doing that when I’m not home. Hey!


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