My Weekend Just Got Longer

in the fire

On this Monday, I am left to wonder whose life I lived this weekend.  I lost both my mind and my self-esteem in a game of Chutes & Ladders, and subsequently forgot my children had today off from school.   A few short days ago, FringeKid made Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. proud with her star performance.  She mastered the climactic line, “And now water fountains are for everybody!”  Yet I still forgot  – NO SCHOOL.

In FringeKid’s mind, her one short line embodied the full spirit of equal rights and may as well have been greeted with a standing ovation and roses being thrown at her feet.  She thrives on the sparkle of the stage.  I am pushing her to allow her brain to catapult her into a career in the spotlight and FringeMan is merely begging God to keep her from becoming a burlesque dancer.

FringeBoy scoffed at the idea that this holiday celebrates equal rights and memorializes a dynamic leader of civil liberties.  He insists that “Everybody always uses the same water fountain and nobody really thinks about that anyway.  It’s all about an extra day off from school!”

We are a family divided.

Despite the allure of the stage, Hollywood was far from my mind last night and the Golden Globes seem to have gone on without me.  I’m convinced that FringeMan controlling the remote control and the kids running around the dog like she was a MayPole made me forget that shiny, frilly dresses were swanking down the red carpet.  I must admit that I care little about who won a Golden Globe, mainly because I’m focused on who won local spelling bee; however, spelling bee winners never wear dresses that cost more than my house.  There’s just something attractive about the idea of dressing in ridiculously high heals and dresses than require spray-on Spanx, so I had to catch the highlights on the morning news.  I did, however, learn how to rescue eight thousand dollars logs out of a Louisiana bayou by watching yet another episode of Ax Men, so all was not lost in the world of television.

Now don’t get me wrong, watching Ax Men was great, but the real highlight of my weekend came on Saturday afternoon.  My town decided to throw a community party at the ice-skating rink they made in the park.  Not much is more exciting than four hours of swapping skates, listen to music from a boombox, and sharing snacks; however, when we arrived with Oreo cookies, a notice stapled to a picnic table rescheduled the event for next weekend due to excessive heat.  If you can imagine, the temperature rose to a melting 36 degrees.  It’s a regular heat wave and no-one wants to spend four hours outside at a skate party when it’s just slightly above freezing.  I, for one, am thrilled we are gonna do this again when the temperature is only 2 degrees Fahrenheit, but while I wait for my toes to turn into popsicles, I’m enjoying the sudden heat wave.

How was your weekend?


10 thoughts on “My Weekend Just Got Longer

  1. Mama Belle

    Funny. It was in the ’50s today down here.

    “Ax Men”? Never heard of it.

    But, I did watch the Golden Globes mainly to see if Sandra Bullock would win best actress for “The Blind Side.” She did. Yay!

  2. robinaltman

    That’s a hilarious weekend. Isn’t it lovely that race relations have gotten to the point where kids think it’s ubiquitous? That makes me so happy!

  3. Mindy

    I’ve seen frozen ponds, but never skated on them. Maybe I should put that on my bucket list.

    Robelyn’s son is going to push her into a pond one day. I’m sure of it. ~Mindy

  4. red.neck Chic

    LOLOL I love it!!! You have wise kids… and don’t burlesque dancers wear sparkley dresses? I knew that school was out ’cause the resident teen scoured down his nose at me last night as he was repeating for the 19th time, “you better not wake me up in the morning.”… just for the fun of it I ran into his room, turned on the light and yelled, “oh my gosh!!! you’re late for school!!!” this morning – then laughed hysterically all the way out to my car because he fell for it as he RAN for the shower…

    ah – pure bliss in the form of revenge… It’s SU-weet bein’ the Mama!!!

    Is Texas part of the community? I wanna go get some Popsicle toes! And I missed the sparklin’ dresses too!!!! augh!


  5. David

    “Everybody always uses the same water fountain and nobody really thinks about that anyway.”

    Awesome, FringeBoy! It’s great that kids these days don’t give much thought to race. That’s what Dr. King’s dream was all about.

  6. Gabriela

    Well you’re not alone. I made my child shower last night and pack her backpack, make her lunch and wash her hair AND lights out by 9:00 p.m. It was only after she’d accomplished all her school night tasks that she meekly reminded me that today was a holiday. God will get me for this.


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