Of Mice & Minimalism

The teenager within me was well on her way to being a hoarder, but I experienced an internal change about five years ago after many months of illness and a mass sell-off of all things once sacred.  Finally the repressed minimalist emerged fresh and free of materialistic baggage.  I now thrive on clear surfaces and peaceful rooms.

Unfortunately my children are still in their junk collecting stage, especially FringeBoy who hoards everything from rubber-bands to rocks.  (I refuse to mention FringePup in this post.)  If it weren’t for a good combination of nagging and bribery, he would still have his baby rattle tucked away in a dark corner of his closet.  To avoid my being institutionalized for obsessively trashing my children’s treasures, I only require they reorganize their clutter on a weekly basis; however, they must free our ‘common space’ of their junk every night.  I cannot relax in front of the television with a crowd of plastic women staring blanking in my direction, and I don’t enjoy having a Lego spaceship imprinted on the sole of my foot.  My children manage to clean-up approximately half their junk daily.  I consider that success.

The mouse on my mantle officially became a permanent piece of home decor when he was dusted in place.

Just because I enjoy clear surfaces does not mean I like to dust.  The mouse previously sat on this book, leaving a semi-slimy imprint.  Believe me, I’d rather he lounge on my mantle than IN my book.  As I sank into my chair the other evening, picking up my book on the way down, my fingers curled around a mushy object.  At first glance, only the tail was visibly hanging between the pages and my heart skipped a few beats.  It’s a medical fact that my heart beats to a slightly irregular rhythm; however, after the mouse shock it now pumps to the beat of a young drummer, FringeBoy.

After noticing the mouse print, I realized it was time to dust.  I also decided to junk-up my bedroom a little.  I want clean, but I really don’t want sterile.  If I keep my dresser top excessively clear, FringeMan may forget he has a wife.  For this reason, I pulled my jewels from the wall safe and threw them into some glassware.

What do think, should I keep the dresser bling?

I even balanced some junk on the other side, but I did clear some of it off since the picture.

I don’t want to give you the wrong  impression, I’m really not that clean.  My floors are usually a mess and I’ve give up on keeping order in the ‘construction’ zones of the house until all the plaster dust has finally settled, but there are a few rooms I like to stay neat.

I also added this Tweety-Bird cage to my room.  FringeMan found it in a trash pile and thought I might like it.  Isn’t he a sweet tweet?

I think it needs a retro looking handmade bird hanging from inside the cage, but that may be too corny.  I’ll need to wait for a corny flux in my hormones before I add the bird.

Now I’ll apologize for causing you to read an entire post of nothing but plastic jewelry and mushy mice.

I’m Sorry.

Thank you for all the participation in yesterday’s post.  It was fun and FringePup smells better…slightly.


15 thoughts on “Of Mice & Minimalism

  1. robinaltman

    Everything looks wonderful! I think it’s good that you’re so neat, because the cool retro finds look purposefully decorative, whereas with me they would look like more clutter. It works!

  2. Debbie York

    See now I don’t see the jewelry display as messy…for me, that’s the way I like it. I don’t want to think about what to put with what…I want it all out so I can make a decision…no muss, no fuss!
    I read your previous post on the Febreze issue and after careful consideration I see no problem as long as it’s not sprayed on her head. We douse our dogs with Skin-So-Soft, don’t we?
    What do you mean your friends never heard of Romper Room? I guess they were Don’tBees!

  3. Gabriela

    Can you keep a secret? I own that exact same mouse. Ours came in a pack of like 30 and Minime brought them out and placed them in strategic locations throughout the house at Halloween. I still have the one on my dreser mirror. Ours are slimy sticky. I just KNEW you and I were birds of a feather!

  4. Castal

    My mother had smaller birdcage with two fake but incredibly realistic yellow finches in it. People always asked her how they stayed so quiet and clean… She told them that she threatened to cook them for dinner and it scared them stiff!

    Moral is, birdcage + fake bird = best pet ever (no mess, no screeching, all the pretty!)

  5. David

    At least you don’t file your trash. I knew a lady who did that. Seriously. She was afraid there might be some offer that she would miss out on because she didn’t have a UPC barcode or something. So she filed away… in a file cabinet… every carefully flattened box, bag or wrapper from every consumed product “just in case.” Now THAT is a hoarder!

  6. Jenn

    Don’t let her fool you, People! She is EXTREMELY NEAT!! Even when FringeBoy and FringeKid were little, she was NEAT!!!!! She was a NEAT Teenager!!!!
    The birdcage is really cool!

  7. Mindy

    I like what you did with your jewelry. I’m thinking you could hook your necklaces through the bottom portion of the birdcage and bling it up. Whatcha think?

    I missed the FringePup thing…heading there now.



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