Reconsidering my Facelift

Every so often an overwhelming desire for change surges through my bloodstream, raising my blood pressure and squelching my good sense.  The results are seen in my living room’s reconfigured furniture, my hair’s uneven locks, and now my blog’s facelift.

Everyday I see blogs sporting seasonal wallpaper, blinking bling, and eye-catching fonts; however, I’ve determined that these flashy looks are not suitable for the domestic fringe.  It’s simple; I use too many words, but you already knew that.   If my words had to compete with sparkly pink wallpaper, I would need to include a warning from the surgeon general.

WARNING:  Migraines, Blurred Vision, and Strokes possible

Recently I found myself twiddling my thumbs while waiting for my dog to chew her way through my kid’s toybox, so I took a fashion quiz.  My personal style results were ‘Urban Classic’.

Translation:  I live in a city and wear other people’s old clothes.

I’d like to think I dress my blog a little like I dress my bod – clean and classic with a few embellishments to keep reader’s from falling asleep.

Giving my blog a facelift is something I have considered for as long as I’ve contemplated having liposuction on my thighs; however, liposuction requires oodles of cash and anesthesia, whereas a new layout is only a click away.  I like the three columns because I can post three items in one day (not that I will) and you can see them all at once.

The big question – Do YOU like it?

Is it still easy on your eyes or does it make your brains cells scramble, sending signals of impending doom to your pupils?

Here are a few navigation tips for the one confused blog reader (me).

*  Click on the post title to enlarge the column into a full size page.

*  Click on the small ‘thedomesticfringe’ title or the large ‘the domestic fringe’ title at the top of the page to return to the main, three column page.

*  Comments are left by clicking on the red ‘comment’ button at the bottom of each column.  Comments are always welcome and appreciated.  In other words, SPEAK!

*  The archives are listed by month at the bottom of the main page, so you can read my entire life story.  (That’s for the one person who has no access to the library and real writing.)

*  Other blog links are located at the bottom of the first column.

I think that about covers everything.  Feel free to ask any questions or leave comments and suggestions.  If you hate the new look, tell me.  You do read and I want to keep you happy, or else I’ll only be writing for my mother.

In other news, the ‘reader survey’ page will be disappearing later today and my baby story will magically appear in its place.  My baby story is like the Reader’s Digest condensed version of my second pregnancy; however, I used more words than Mr. President will probably use in his State of the Union address.  This story will only be accessible for one week and then it goes into a nine month gestation.  If you are compelled to read, creative criticism is welcome.

Blogger, the evil tool practically every blogger in the universe uses, hates me.  For the past two days, I cannot make ANY comments on any blog that uses Blogger. So when you decide that you hate me too for not reading your blog, know that it’s blogger’s fault.

Why do you hate my words Blogger?  I only leave kind comments.  Is it because I love WordPress?

Enjoy your day!

Sadly I am looking out my window into a wild snow squall.  Send me your warm thoughts, rays of sunshine, and pictures of green grass.


22 thoughts on “Reconsidering my Facelift

  1. freerangenurse

    I actually had this theme until about three days ago, when I changed it to the one it’s on now. I love the three column look, but I wanted the archives and search bar to be higher up on the page, which is why I switched.

  2. MissCaron

    Hey love. Not so much am I a fan but I find it hard to read the small columns in newspapers even! I do like that you are embracing change though … maybe just two columns would make it better? Or maybe colors? No clue. I use the pre-formatted layouts as well. But I’ll follow you always even if you get squirrelly on me 😉

  3. rebecca d

    At first I didn’t like it… I’m originally from Maine… we are allergic to change, but it is growing on me. I hate it when I miss a day or wo of a favorite blog and have to search for what I missed… that being said, I am now very self-conscious of my blog with the flowery background… I thought the pretty setting would soften my sarcastic edge, but now I’m wondering…

  4. robinaltman

    I like it once I can click on the post and make it show one page at a time. For those of us becoming prematurely demented, namely moi, the sight of other blog posts glimmering in my peripheral vision totally throws me off. Guess the newspaper’s out, huh?

  5. Castal

    While I generally like three column setups, I think it would help if the backgrounds were slightly different, or someway of knowing which topic is the newest in the stream (like having one colored and two not or some such).

    It is a good idea, but I think that there is room for tweaking to make it even better!

    1. thedomesticfringe Post author

      Unfortunately I know nothing about web design. I’m using pre-made layouts, so what you see is what you get. I can’t really customize this, but I like your color coded idea.

  6. Soliloquy

    WordPress is the BOMB. Love the clean, crisp look – but I think you should RUN with your embellishment idea. A few colorful, vintage-y doo-dahs would be FABULOUS.

  7. Cathy

    Well, to be honest I didn’t like it too much at first, but after reading your post and finding out that if I click on the title it goes to a 1 page post, now I really like it. Very nice and clean and easy to read. Just had to know how to do it. Now I need to go back and check some of those links. Have a great day.

  8. Mindy

    Very smart! I had, indeed, missed the groundhog/FringeBoy, birds chirping post. He’s so cute. This was easier than going through posts I may have missed. And I can leave one encompassing comment, huh? All that wall paper and fancy stuff is pretty, but it slows down my dial up and I, sometimes, don’t have time to wait for the page to open while all that fancy stuff loads. So, on behalf my time and dial-up issues, I say thumbs up. Can’t give any feedback on the hair, since you haven’t gotten brave enough to post that! ~Mindy

  9. Hat Chick

    I would have said I hate it until I read far enough to see how to get one post/page. I am going to check out the links, which I have never noticed before. Are those new? I like the “less is more” look. It works for you.

  10. jenn

    Oooh, fancy! I like it. I’ve been flirting with the idea of switching to WordPress, although my inherent laziness usually stalls the idea right there.

    A few months ago, I was having trouble leaving comments, too. Switching to a new internet browser is what finally solved it for me.

  11. Gabriela

    The three column format is alright, but since I prefer focusing on a single post at a time, I simply click on the post title to open up the individual post and hide the other two. I know what you mean about Blogger not allowing readers to post comments. The problem seems to be intermittent. I’ll tell youwhat I do love and that’s the row of links below your blog title. Way cool.

  12. David

    I love it, you trend setter! The bottom of the “g” in “fringe” is cut off in your banner. Was that intentional? It fell off the fringe? I’m bummed about the blogger comment thing. I definitely look forward to your comments. Oh well, there’s always facebook. The new look… FANTASTIC!

  13. red.neck Chic

    I LIKE it!!! And now I see I have missed a few days!!! It could be ’cause I was outside playing in the sunshiny 72 degree weather… wanna come visit?

    Stay warm!!! Now I’m moving to column no. 2…

    😉 robelyn

  14. Debbie York

    I dig it the most. I’d have to give it a ten! Honestly, I love the three column thingy. Sometimes at my age, I tend to miss things and if I happen to miss a post…there it is side by side.
    Blogger can be such a little booger sometimes. A couple of weeks ago, it wouldn’t let me leave a comment anywhere…nada! I’m sure a lot of folks thought I was ignoring them, but I wasn’t…just busy screaming at the screen!

  15. Jenn

    Hey there! Well, it is definitely a change!! I kind of like the three-column look of it. And change is always good. Even the slightest change is good. Just to break up the monotony, I would take a slightly different route to work. Change the color of my hair. So change is definitely a good thing. I do miss the scenic picture at the top of the page, but I can get past that. 😉 So, I vote that the change was good. Where was that fashion quiz? Love ya!


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