Celebrity Doubles

I’ve never been stopped in the street and asked for an autograph; however, back in the ice-age, before global warming turned our nation into a tropical paradise, complete strangers and friends told me that I look like someone on television.


Thankfully I’ve only been told that I look like Phyllis on The Office once, but I’ve forgiven that oversight.  Forgetting is a much more difficult task.  Since I was a teenager, I have been told that I look like Mary Calvi, an anchor woman who got her start on Cablevision.  She’s slightly older than I am and I must admit that her fresh out of college look was very similar to my own; however, she has aged well and I have simply aged.  I think it may have something to do with moving her career from Cablevision to CBS.  I haven’t seen a make-up artist since FringeKid gave my look a complete overhaul last Spring.

CBS does a slightly better job at accentuating a woman’s best features.

Mary Calvi


I know you cannot see the resemblance.  Me either, but it sure feels better to be called Mary than to be called Phyllis.  I tried to find an old photo of Mary, but she must have rid the internet of all unflattering pictures.  I would do the same, but when I am eighty, I think any photo free of false teeth and wrinkles will be flattering.

I’m not the only one in the FringeFamily with a celebrity look-alike.  FringeMan shares a face with a famous foodie.  Before we ever watched Bizzare Foods, our neighbor’s children told us tales of FringeMan’s twin.

Andrew Zimmern


If FringeMan starts eating locusts, I will worry.  I think these men look very much alike.

FringeMan would do a great job hosting Bizzare Foods.  After all, he is slightly famous for fried squirrel and Bear-rittos.

Who do people say you look like?


16 thoughts on “Celebrity Doubles

  1. rebecca d

    Grimmius… I have an old purple polar fleece I love and my girlies say I look like that large purple McD character… and yet I still feed them….

    I do think you look just like that news anchor though…

  2. Lisa

    You look a LOT like Mary Calvi! and good comparison with FM and Andrew Z:)

    I don’t think I resemble anyone famous…just have one of those faces that looks like so-and-so….

  3. red.neck Chic

    LOLOL I vote for your pig-tailed photo… but you do resemble the news anchor and what’s this about fried squirrel? I think there’s a touch of redneck in your resident foodie. LOLOLOL

    I have never been told I look like anyone…

    😉 robelyn

  4. Debbie York

    There was a girl on the PBS telethon answering phones that was a dead “ringer” for me and I’ve been told I look like the girl in the mailbox commercial (you know the one where’s she’s eating an apple and it’s raining…yeah, big deal!). Back in the day I was compared to Samantha Eggar by a teacher (eeewww! He also asked me out the day after graduation! EEEWWW!) In my mind when there isn’t a mirror near, I think I look just like Kristin Chenoweth…oh and sound just like her too…but then I wake up and realize I look like my daddy!
    I think you look a lot like the news girl…same beautiful smile!

  5. Mama Belle

    Remember Beverly Hills 90210 (the old version)? People always said I looked like Andrea (Gabrielle Carteris). But, I like when I was told I looked like Andie McDowell better.

  6. robinaltman

    You do look like Mary Calvi! You do!

    I’ve been told Janine Garafalo or a dark haired Pink (when my hair was short).

  7. caprik

    Nowdays, I just look liike someone else they know.
    But back in the day? I heard Carol Burnett, Molly Ringwald, and Jamie Lee Curtis. It was probably because we all have big teeth.

  8. Marytoo

    I don’t look like anyone famous that anyone has ever told me. But I once lived in a small town (pop.5,000) where I had four lookalikes (all but one of us in the same church!)! We were mistaken for each other all the time. One of them was the local doctor’s wife, and her own father-in-law used to call me by her name all the time.

  9. Gabriela

    Ok, you did a bang up job on your new blog layout. It’s easy to read. I like it a lot. You get a gold star to wear home on your shirt lapel today. Love your new “do” too. Wow! And look at your perfect smile! back in the old country, when I was much younger, I was frequently told I looked like Linda Carter (Wonder Woman). Go figure.

  10. David

    Wow, I definitely see those similarities! There is a guy I know in business who swears I look like Nicolas Cage. No, I don’t see it either. Mindy looks a little like Sarah Palin if her head is turned just right and she’s wearing her glasses. Except, of course, that Mindy is way prettier! 😉

  11. Janna Qualman

    I do like your new look here!

    I’ve never seen the CBS woman before, but you could be twins! I don’t think there’s anyone who looks like me. But sometimes my daughter will look a certain way, and we think of the young actress Dakota Fanning.

  12. Jill

    I often hear that I remind people of someone, but no one ever seems to remember who that someone is. I guess that would be a blessing. Unless I actually remind them of me, but I made such a small impression that they don’t remember that it’s me that I remind them of.

  13. Debra

    You DO look like that other girl. Amazing! I, however, look like no one else and I’m sure everyone is relieved! Your hubby looks like that chef guy too. (I’m totally bad at remembering names) Could Fringe Kid do a makeover on me sometime? 😉


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