New York City Museum Event

Virtual Universe: The Farthest Reaches of the Cosmic Ocean with Jason Kendall

Tuesday, February 2, 6:30 pm

Hayden Planetarium Space Theater

The American Museum of Natural History


$15 Adults $13.50 Members, students, seniors

Step inside the world’s largest cosmic atlas, cruise through intergalactic space, and explore the immense distances between galaxies. Explore the cosmos while learning about the universe and how it has changed with time.

On the first Tuesday of each month, Virtual Universe offerings take visitors on trips through our solar system and beyond in live, interactive programs that include question-and-answer. The American Museum of Natural History invites all to take the journey of a lifetime.

For a quick glimpse of a Virtual Universe program, visit

**  The people at the Museum of Natural History asked me to share this upcoming event with you.  Wish I could attend.  I was privelaged to blog live from the Museum this past Spring.  Listed below are my previous Museum blog posts.

Extreme Mating Behaviors in Mammals

Extreme Museum Exhibit

Enjoy your night!



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