Playing God

Have you ever played God?

I have.

I have manipulated situations, fretted and feared over things that were beyond my control, and fought to change any unhappy circumstances.  At times, I’ve thought myself pretty powerful and wise, but playing God ultimately results in failure.  There will always be situations, circumstances, and trials that are beyond our human control.

Recently I realized that in a certain area of my life, I have acted on behalf of God.  I’ve called the shots and my heart has not been open to discussion.  At first I blamed my desire for control on fear – fear from past similar situations and fear of the unknown, always the worst; however, I discovered that is not the heart of the issue.  The real problem is trust.

Do I trust God with my life, my health, my children, my family? It’s a list that stretches into eternity and back.  Do I trust God enough to allow Him to be God?

I realize that it is not God’s job to make me happy, to bless me, or to fix my problems.  He may choose to do any of those things, but He’s not my genie in a bottle waiting to grant me three wishes or three dozen wishes.  He is God. It is His purpose to bring glory to Himself through me.

He may choose to receive glory in my life by showering me with blessings or I may bring Him greater glory in the midst of trial and difficulty.  Either way, the glory is His.  When I assert my will over His and choose to have complete control of my life, I am saying that I know better than God.  I trust myself more than I trust the God who hangs the stars in the sky, who gives my baby breath, and who knows my wicked heart, yet chooses to forgive me.

Pretty stupid.  I would say ignorant, but I know better.  I’ve seen the hand of God at work in my life; I’ve experienced His forgiveness; I’ve known the depth of His love.  I know better.

Today I submit my control to the only one who is trustworthy.  I know that blessings or trials are His to decide and mine to accept.  It is my desire to bring Him glory in both the good and the bad.  I am officially quitting the job of playing God.  I wasn’t doing a very good job anyway and would be fired sooner than later.

Psalms 30:12

To the end that my glory may sing praise to thee, and not be silent.

O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever.

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26 thoughts on “Playing God

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  2. Jane

    Thank you for your beautiful confession that I and so many others can identify with. I especially appreciate your naming the sin, lack of faith in God’s character, because I too strugle with this and so often call it something other than what it really is. I’m going to share this with my Bible study gals tonight. You and your blog are a true blessing!

  3. Debra@Common Ground

    Hi Tricia, I came over from Debbie’s blog Talking Trash. Your post is so on target with what so many of us go through, and you said it so very well. I started a Bible Study Blog last October, and as of the first of the year posting mon-fri. I’d love to have you drop by. Deb has a link on her side bar. I’ll be coming back, you have a wonderful way of saying things!

  4. Dar

    You shoot from the hip girl. Thank You, thank you, thank you for opening my eyes and ears. Thank you for reminding me of what I already know but have been too stubborn to ‘get over my big bad self’. Thank you for sharing your heart. God Blessed You and Me. Please, please, please continue to inspire.

  5. Rebecca Ersfeld

    A very powerful post. turning over our minutes, hours, days to the Lord is what walking in the Kingdom is all about because we are in training to be joint heirs with Christ. How wonderful is that!

  6. Adrienne

    I am here from Debbie’s blog and I just wanted to say how much this post touched me today. I NEEDED to read this. I sit here with tears in my eyes because right now at this very moment I am going through something that I have been trying to manipulate and control because of fear. Thank you so much for your words.

  7. Lanette @ Cottage Elements

    Wow, timely is right. I’ve had such a heaviness on my heart today for not being perfect, burdens for people going through things out of my control, just the day to day struggles of life. This was another word from God to say rest in me. Thanks you for the further confirmation. Life is hard, but God is good.

  8. Lois Lane II

    Oh, I know how you feel. I have to watch myself soooo much because I APPARENTLY know better, lol. I’ve done better in the last few months, BUT then again, I haven’t been challenged with a situation I’m afraid I can’t handle.

    Though I did have an incident occur this weekend where I simply had to pray (and had my husband intercede for me), “God, take this burden away. Please. I can’t do anything about it.” It’s evidence of the power of prayer that this particular burden has been lifted.

  9. Jennifer York-Banda

    That was so true we all try to control God at one point or another in our life.. We can only strive to be able to give him all the control in our lives..God is great and can do anything when we believe he can, the little feet kicking my side right now is proof of his might power.. Great post and mom is right you should write more post like this..

  10. DJ

    You wrote, “I have manipulated situations, fretted and feared over things that were beyond my control, and fought to change any unhappy circumstances.”
    BAM! ~Right between the eyes…
    I’m gonna have to return to read this again when I try to fill in for you in your former position tomorrow…

    Maybe we can all hold hands & un-do this together…

  11. Cathy

    Ok girl. Are you watching my life today! Man did I need this. Thank you. I have hubby reading it right now. He needs it too. What a day this has been.

    Thank you. God bless.

  12. Patti Lacy

    Wonderful thoughts, Tricia. What a hook!!!!! Maybe you should teaching writing at a conference.

    Chris Tomlin produces spectacular, God-honoring music. Thanks for highlighting him…and Him.

    Blessings for the usual great post!


  13. David

    Good thoughts, Tricia. I’m reminded of some lyrics to a Tracy Lawrence song, “I just work like it’s all up to me and pray like it’s all up to Him.”

  14. Debra

    That’s a well written essay and full of truth. Why is it so hard to trust God and let Him have the control. You are right, trust is the issue. Thanks for this.

  15. Debbie York

    Tricia, You have wrote some fine posts in the past, but this is powerful stuff. You’ve opened my eyes to some “truths” about myself I didn’t even know and answered many questions. I am speechless and that doesn’t happen often. I think you may be missing your real calling in writing.

  16. Jill

    Thank you for calling it what it is. I often say I have “control issues” when what I really mean is I have “God issues”. In that I want to do His job for Him. Congratulations on quitting the job.

  17. hibby

    Oh my.

    My blog wants to be your blog when it grows up.

    This was insanely timely. Thanks for articulating just what I needed to hear. No ignorance here either, but sometimes it’s difficult not to take the reigns…


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